Best Bustiers Reviews 2017

A bustier is a must-have for every woman. They can be used in so many different occasions and even if there weren’t any occasion, you should buy one only for yourself. Bustiers make you feel great about your body and look amazing.

If you have never worn them before or do not have any idea about them, worry not. In this post, we will introduce you to some of the best bustiers available on the market. You will also know the things you must look for, when selecting a good bustier. All that, and much more coming your way right now.

YIANNA Women’s Latex Waist Training Corset

YIANNA Women's 25 Steel Boned Fat Burning Workout Waist Hourglass Cincher Trainer, YA1210-Black-XS

Yianna brings to you this women’s latex underbust bustier to get that perfect shape to your torso. They have over 10 different bustiers to choose from depending on the material used, the hook or the zipper closures, and the length of the corset. This is one of the best bustiers out there which gives you a great support, flexibility, and durability.

The high elastic latex can be easily adjusted to shrink the midsection. You can wear it when practicing yoga or even for postpartum belly. Though this bustier costs more than others, you won’t regret buying it.

Camellias Sweetheart Overbust Bustier

Camellias Sweetheart Overbust Satin Lace Boned Corset Bustier w. G-string, SZ1070-Black-S

One of the popular bustier brands, Camellias Corsets presents to you this sweetheart overbust bustier. This corset comes in various colors and patterns to give you 18 distinct corsets including the ones with the leopard print and denim. This is one of the top bustiers present on the market.

They have steel busks in the front and the ribbon criss-cross lacing at the back which can be adjusted to obtain the required fitting. It’s made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex and has plastic boning. The decent price and great quality make it an amazing bustier deal.

Chicastic Satin Bustier Top

Chicastic Beige Gold Satin Sexy Strong Boned Corset Lace Up Bustier Top - Small

For those of you looking to buy a bustier for waist training, look no further. This exciting collection of satin bustiers brought to you is perfect for you. With a strong plastic boning and lace-up closure, you can be sure about the fitting and comfort level offered by this affordable bustier.

The fabric used is polyester and spandex, which makes the bustier highly stretchable and breathable. They come with thongs. This bustier is available in as many as 15 different colors. There is a modesty panel which you can fold and unfold as and when you like.

Frawirshau Women’s Overbust Corset

Women 2550 Gothic Witch Halloween Corset Outfit MoulinRouge Costume Black Red S

Frawirshau brings to you this inexpensive bustier with boned lace-up design. With over 22 patterns to choose from, you will definitely find the design and pattern that is in-line with your style and taste. Get that perfect hourglass figure with the adjustable lacing system at the back. The fabric used to make this two-layered corset is polyester and spandex.

Whether you want to wear it to a party, as bedroom lingerie, or just to feel amazing, this bustier does all that, and much more for you. The quality offered for such a low price is marvelous.

Tonight Corset Women’s Plus Size Overbust Bustier

Tonight_Corset Women Sexy Plus Size Corset Overbust Bustier G-string&Stocking,Black S

This plus size bustier is brought to you by Tonight Corset, from its latest collection of new bustiers. This stylish overbust corset is excellent for waist training. They come in three solid colors, Black, White, and Red. The lace-up adjustment at the back makes sure they fit you perfectly giving you the right amount of support and comfort.

This bustier is a fantastic gift idea for your friends. It’s a rather cheap bustier for the quality and style on offer. It is accompanied with the matching G-string and the fishnet stocking. Flatter your body with this incredible corset.

What are Bustiers?

Bustiers or corsets, as they are called, are primarily used to shrink your torso to give it the perfect hourglass shape. Whether your size is small or large, a bustier can do wonders for your look.

They come in two types, overbust and underbust. The overbust corset covers your bust and extends up to the waist while the underbust starts from just under your bust up to your waist. Bustiers enhance your look by giving you the right shape with the help of its boned structure.

Whether you want to go to a party, or want to spice up your romantic moments, bustier is perfect for the sexy look that you’ll simply love. You can also wear the bustier underneath your outfit, so as to shrink the midsection and get a perfect shape.

Bustiers come in a variety of designs and patterns, leaving you with hundreds of options to choose from. You can choose from the different fabrics that are used to make them. Then, you can select the design and pattern that you like.

In the previous section, we listed down some of the top bustiers available on the market. We will now see what some of the important factors are that you must consider at the time of buying a bustier.

What to Look For

The first thing you must decide when buying a bustier is whether you want an overbust or an underbust bustier. Overbust bustiers cover your bust and extends up to your waist, whereas an underbust sits below your bust, as the name suggests. When buying an underbust corset, all you need to know is your correct waist size. But, buying an overbust bustier, you should know the correct waist as well as your bust size.

The next thing is whether you’d prefer the plastic boned or the steel bones bustier. Plastic boned bustier is cheaper than the steel boned corset, and is used when you’re looking for something sexy and beautiful. The steel boned corset is good for waist training and last longer than the plastic boned ones.

Next, you take a look at the design of the bustiers, so you can shortlist the ones you like. There are hundreds of patterns when it comes to bustiers and it could be a little difficult to select the ones you should go for. In order to make your job easier, we suggest that you take into consideration factors such as the fabric used, the closure of the corset, the length, and also the color and design.

Corsets are made from polyester and spandex which keeps the fabric breathable and allows it to stretch a little if required. The closure is also an important factor that you must consider. Most bustiers have hooks lined throughout its length and come in 3-4 fittings. Some of them have criss-cross lacing system as a closure for your corset.

Now, that you have a fair idea about the above mentioned factors, we can move on to comparing the prices. Most bustiers are reasonably priced and they are not very expensive. However, if you want to pay the best price for a bustier, it would be a good idea to go through the different bustiers for sales options that are going on at the moment.

Finally, if you’re giving bustier as a gift to someone, please make sure that you know the correct waist and bust size of the person. An ill-fitting bustier doesn’t serve any purpose.


This article spoke at length about bustiers, also known as corsets. We are confident that even if you did not know much about bustiers before, you now have a fair idea about its uses, different designs, and most importantly, what you must look for when buying them.

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