Best Butane Torch Reviews 2017

The best butane torch is one that generates enough hot flame using flammable gas to heat up food or anything that requires a bit of burning on the top. More often, they are used for styles of cooking or jewelry, and to manipulate metal. This kind of portable hand burner requires refill cartridges if the fuel is spent.

Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch

Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch is the premium torch for you torching needs. Are you looking for that definitive product among many options? Well, this it and look no further and see how it’s features are the best you can find. After this, it will be your go-to option forever. What you get is features for high performance that will make you rave about it.

The many features that will make it a superior product is theanti-flare, brass framenozzle and all these is about keeping any accident at bay. If you need it stationary, an attachable tabletop base for keeping hands free while using it. If you want a certain length of flame, just turn a dial to control it for precision. It starts with piezoelectric mechanism without theneed of electricity. If you want heat, it can go up to 2500-F that is required for most jewelry work.

This is a prime product from many options, with features that will allow any user to perform well whatever the use of it! Just realizing how a good option is what a butane torch should be. The all-around performance with overall quality that’s all you need to know and how to get it too. Click it now, and get the good stuff!

Culinary Butane Torch – Professional Quality for Home Chefs

Culinary Butane Torch – Professional Quality for Home Chefs is what you need for the best crèmeBrulee. This is a great option in a seaof products that do the same thing. The reasons why you should it is because of the features that’ll make you one good chef, possibly the last one you’ll ever need. Torching is not easy but with the rightproduct, it can be perfected.

The features that make this fine option perform well is the controls that allow adjustments like an anti-flareflame to the desired setting perfectly, and it’ll heat it up to 1300 centigrade. There is an option for a continualflame that can be done with ease. No leaks with a safety lock and removable base and non-slip grip for hand control. Using it is easy and refilling is done withease and can be used for other purposes like DIY crafts and projects. If you know anyone who cooks, this will be a good gift! Last but not the least, if you’re not satisfied then you’ve got a money back guarantee! This one product you can avail from many options and it won’t let you down, with all these prime features that’ll make you want it!

Iwatani CB-TC-PRO2 – Professional Butane Cooking Torch, Piezo electric ignition (With Stabilizing Plate)

watani CB-TC-PRO2 – Professional Butane Cooking Torch, Piezo electric ignition (With Stabilizing Plate) is the one you need for pro cooking in the kitchen. Are you someone who works as a pro-chef or any foodie who just loves trying out new things? If you say yes, then here is the option of all options for your superb skill. Just using this will make you want to go after that perfected burning method!

If that’s what you want, then these features like a built-in pistol type piezo ignitionisthe bomb and one excellent addition in its design. Most professionals will prefer this option over others. The fuel for the burner is Iwatani gas cylinder, Bu-5and Bu-6, but for ease of use; a Push’n Twist gas cylinder attachment is included. A control knob that’s for flame size and air regulation to improve flame control. Of course, not to forget Made in Japan.

If you need a torch for pro-cooking this the one to beat with the good stuff crammed into one product and Japan-made too! Plus, features that will make it safe for use and can make thatBruleereally good! It’s just a click away and sees what it does for your pro-cooking needs!

SE MT3001 Deluxe Butane Power Torch with Built-In Ignition System

SE MT3001 Deluxe Butane Power Torch with Built-In Ignition System is the versatile torch and is all-purpose. This is prime offering has a built-in ignition system that is one good feature of this product. It can be used for many purposes like hobbies, culinaryartiste, and jewelry maker that make it a multi-purpose product. When full the torch can light up for one hour, and a safety device will prevent accidents. It can generate heat up to 2400 Fahrenheit, which is perfect for working with metal, and a continuous flame function with safety mechanism included in the design. This can be used for other purposes too, but it will excel as aculinary tool very well.

This is one well-designed butane torch that will perform with its excellent features, and it’ll not let you down. An option like this will give anyone a confidence boost, knowing they’ve got it backing them! Now, click it and get it now. A no regrets purchaseisabout to be done!

GStar® TorchZilla Series 4.5″ Palm Size Windproof Jet Flames Butane Torch Lighter

GStar® TorchZilla Series 4.5" Palm Size Windproof Jet Flames Butane Torch Lighter (Random Color)

GStar® TorchZilla Series 4.5″ Palm Size Windproof Jet Flames Butane Torch Lighter is the portable pocket torch for your needs. Are you in need of a pocket torch that canbe usedfor any purpose? Besides for culinary magic and for the usual kitchen applications, perhaps you want to burn glass, lighting fireworks, or any other purpose that it will do. This is unlike otheroptions because its windproof and waterproof that is a realadvantage. If you like more than one color, it can be had with blue, silver, purple, and stainless steel too. Refilling it is very simple. Orient it downward and insert at the butt end then push! But don’t forget to put the replace the white safety plug, while refilling it. It must be noted to fill it up 80% for the first time use, that will be a safety in changing volumes in the containing canister. Over pressure for first-time use is avoided using this method.

To make sure that the torch is safely used at all times, this is important to remember! If the lighter is on, never adjust flame size but do this when it’s off! Overturning the flame dial should not be doneunless needed for a task! Using the lock slide is not a safety method but for maintaining flame size. This is aquality product that has themost concernforsafety in useand making it windproof and water for more convenience. If you this kind of product, it’ll be perfect for you!

JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Torch

JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Torch is the all-purpose to have in hand! This is another offering that is about product excellence and pure satisfaction. Is cooking for anyone your passion? Have other torches failed you? Is dessert making your fave hobby?

Say yes to the TORCH, then we’ve got a deal! Whatever your level of cooking excellence, this tool will be your ticket to the good chef award, and that will happen if you use this. You can make thebruleesand other sugar melting desserts that will make any sweet tooth happy and content! If BBQ and other meat burning delight then use it and enjoy the results.

The last test is to hold the torch and see how well it’s made to make your dessert dreams come true!

Feelthe ergonomicsof the product that will ensure, no sliding out of your grip and burning anyone accidentally. The torch is easily refillable and done in seconds only!

Now, what’s taking you long to make your mind? Just click it and get it now, that simple and you’ve got oneprimotorch soon. Just let it sink in, how good it will feel in your hands while cooking and burning those delicious desserts.

ProTorch Micro Butane Torch

ProTorch Micro Butane Torch is the perfect one for soldering, plumbing, jewelry, and culinary torch with tough self-ignition and1-yearguarantee! Is the multi-use torch for many uses for anyone who needs it in crafts, cooking and other ways it can be applied! If need a portable torch this will do very fine and will do just as well as similar sized torches.

The features give it the edge in features and design is a redesigned copper fuel tank and high-precision fuel valve. The copper tank will give reinforcement to the fuel tank that will enhance the safetyof the unit. The fuel valve gives precise control over the amount of flame needed for use, without wasting any fuel unnecessarily. This will be used by most artists, tradesmen, DIY, jewelry making, BBQ, brazing, hookah, kitchen use and this makes a high versatile product. The tank can hold enough fuel for 80-120 minutes; it has a sure grip, and focused temperature at 2450 degree-Fahrenheit! Includes the electric piezo self-ignition, and a tablestandthat’ll be used for keeping hands free. If you don’t like the purchase, just return it with a money back guarantee!

Dremel 2200-01 Versa Flame Multi-Function Butane Torch

Dremel 2200-01 Versa Flame Multi-Function Butane Torch is the better multifunctional torch for any use. This product is applicable and usable for more than one purpose. To allow multi-use it has controls that regulate the heat and how big the flame is for precise control. Size-wise it’s very portable and can be applied to culinary burning, pipe fitting, soldering work too. Extras on the option are safety lock and flame lock-on, self-igniting button, and this will allow a hands-free function without any difficulty. This is one product for longer use because of a larger tank and a 75-minute run time! Included in the package is the torch, case, blower,deflector, diffuser, soldering tip, solder, sponge,tins, and wrenches.

This good option from many products because it is a versatile torch with features that’ll make it a good buy any day. If you are a cook or anyone needing a torch that emphasizesmulti-useand flexibility, then this will be perfect for you! Now, just click it and get it now. When you get this amazing set, it’ll be the one you need for many uses.


The best butane torch is an essential for burning or heating up anything short of a blowtorch, and because of the need for a focused heat at a pinpoint target that is why it’s needed. There are many options out there in the market that have various features and functions that will complement any need. Usually, the points of concern will be several, and it will decide whether it’s the preference of the particular individual.

Now, what to look at is how much safety controls, flame control, casing integrity, and other relevant functions that are present in the option. This is important because the safetyof use must be addressed, if not accidents like getting burned will be painful, and should it happen to anyone then it’ll be a serious injury indeed! If it does happen, then medical care and bills will be incurred, and this will be very unwanted on the part of the manufacturer if them product proves to be defective.

Next, to consider is how long do you want to use the torch and for what purpose. There are several options with differing burn time, and they can be considered if you think what activity will it be used for. It’ll be ahassle to change tanks all the time, but if you got a high capacity tank, then it’ll be lesser tank changes formoreburning time. A table stand must be considered if you have to work hands-free, some options will have this and some will not!

Now, this is a simple guide to getting the option or product that will be just for you. Information about choices is vital to know what you’re getting. The choice is yours and may it be the perfect one for you!

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