Best Calipers Reviews 2017

A caliper is a measuring device to get the distance or length between two sides. It basically allows you to determine an accurate measurement of which can’t be obtained by a scale or any other means. It’s widely used in industrial workplaces mostly by engineers or in metalworking, forestry, or science among many others. But calipers have since evolved and aside from the traditional ones we have, advanced versions with LED or LCD display for accurate and precise measurement are already available in the market. Now we’ve got a list of the best calipers for you to choose from.

Neiko Electronic Digital Caliper

Neiko Electronic Digital Caliper is probably one of the most advanced calipers in the market. It comes in a durable padded box where the caliper is neatly placed into the molded groove. The caliper itself has a black body where the calibration is in stand-out white and an LCD display as well.

This caliper allows you to measure in three units or modes which are inch, fractions, and millimeter depending on your need. You can do this by simply pushing the button located on the LCD display. Other push buttons you can find on the display are on or off button and default button which can bring the digits back to zero. When measuring, it can also give you such precision and accuracy of measurement with a range of 0 – 8 inches and 0 – 200 mm, resolution of 0.0005 inch, 1/128 inch, or 0.01 mm, and accuracy of 0.001 inches or 0.02 mm. The overall material of this caliper guarantees durability as it’s built with sturdy, high-tensile stainless steel which is finely polished to attain its rugged look. Its frame also has knurled thumb roller and locking screw as well.

This caliper is also versatile in terms of the variety of what it can measure since it has two sets of jaws plus the probe. You can measure inside, outside, depth and step easily because this caliper is easy to figure out. Its large LCD screen is also easy to read with the accurate and precise digits with decimals if applicable are in large, bold numbers.

iGaging Electronic Digital Caliper

iGaging Electronic Digital Caliper also comes in a durable padded case. The caliper’s body itself has an elegant basic black shade while the calibration is white. Its digital display is very large as well that will show the measurement in large, bold digits for you to easily read.

The measurement will be shown in SAE mode or 1/128 inch fractional display of 4 digits with great precision and accuracy. This caliper can give you a measurement with the range of 0 – 6 inches, accuracy of 0.001 inch, repeatability of 0.0005 inch, and resolution of 0.0005 inch, 0.01 mm, or 1/128 inches. The sturdy stainless steel material of this caliper also ensures durability and long-lasting use that you can rely on for many years to come. All the more it’s reliable since it’s IP54-rated which means this caliper is resistant to water, oil, or dust. For the digital display to work, you’ll need 2 CR2 batteries (not included in the package), and it also has an automatic shut-off feature that initiates after approximately 5 minutes of inactivity or when not used. Surely with this caliper, you can enjoy working with measurements and all. You can place it back in its case after using where a groove is molded to accommodate its shape.

iGaging Absolute Origin DigitalCaliper

iGaging Absolute Origin Digital Caliper is an elegant caliper with a gray body while the calibration is yellow. From the rugged feature itself, you can already say that this caliper will last for many measuring years. With your convenience in mind, it’s built with very reliable sturdy, high-tensile stainless steel, and the overall quality of this caliper is IP54-rated as well which means it’s resistant to splash water and dust.

This digital caliper can also give you an accurate measurement of length or distance with such great precision of numbers in large, bold digits with decimals if applicable. It has an unlimited measuring speed as well with the measurements in a resolution of 0.0005 inches or 0.01 mm, accuracy of 0.001 inches or 0.02 mm, and range of 6 inches or 150 mm. The digital display is operated by 1 3V CR2032 battery (with spare included in the package) which can last for up to 2 years under normal use. It also comes with an SPC output with USB connection available, too. With its high-quality and smooth surface, the slider can easily glide on it without the unnecessary friction for an excellent measuring satisfaction. You can measure outside, inside, depth, and step with this advanced digital caliper.

SE Digital Caliper

SE Digital Caliper is another advanced caliper that has everything you need and more in terms of measuring and at a very reasonable price. It’s the perfect device for daily use at work for both professionals and casual workers. The overall body of this caliper is made of hardened, high-tensile stainless steel that guarantees durability and long-lasting reliability as it can withstand constant use without rusting easily. The material is also resistant to water, rain, or dust so the caliper can maintain its quality for a long time. The surface is made extra smooth as well for the slider to glide on efficiently to achieve a convenient measuring.

This digital caliper has an extra-large digital screen where you can see the measurements in such great precision and accuracy with the numbers in large, bold numbers plus the decimals if applicable. Its measuring capacity is between 0.001 inches to 6 inches (0.01 mm to 150 mm) with a resolution of 0.0005 inches or 0.01 mm. It has a wide versatility as well in terms of what it can measure such as inner, outer, depth, or step. Its thumb roller is smooth, too, for easy adjustment without the hassle. You can also choose to show the measurement in either SAE or Metric mode. Efficiency and convenience come hand in hand in this digital caliper to ensure a quality solution to your measuring demands.

VINCA Electronic Digital Caliper

The next caliper in our list has an innovative and slightly stylish edge in terms of look. VINCA Electronic Digital Caliper is truly outstanding in design but surely it’s more than that. Its body comes in a shade of elegant basic black while the calibration is in red. At the tip of the caliper is the manufacturer’s name in red as well. The LCD display (13 mm by 38 mm) is extra large and is easy to read with the measurements in big, bold digits with decimals, too, if applicable. The push buttons on the screen itself are also in red with their functions printed on their sides in white letters so it’ll be easy for you to figure out.

You can also choose to have or convert the measurements according to what you need which are inch, metric, or fraction. These adjustments can be easily done by pushing the control buttons on the display screen. This advanced digital caliper can give you the measurements with both great accuracy and precision including decimals if applicable. Its measuring capacity has a range of 0 -8 inches or 200 mm, accuracy of 0.001 inches or 0.03 mm, and resolution of 0.0005 inches or 0.01 mm or 1/128 inches. The whole package includes the digital caliper itself with an installed 1.5V LR44 battery and another spare one, a red box, and the user guide. You can get so much and more at a very reasonable price, too.

Mitutoyo AOS Absolute Digital Caliper

Mitutoyo AOS Absolute Digital Caliper is probably the pricey pick among the bunch but always remember that paying more means you’re getting more, too. The body of this caliper is basic black while the calibration is light yellow so that it stands out and it’ll be easy for you to read the numbers. Overall it has an elegant design and somehow gives off a vibe that this advanced digital caliper can last for many years.

This digital caliper has a measuring capacity of 0 to 6 inches (0 to 150 mm) in 0.0005 inch (0.01 mm) increments for great precision and accuracy as well. The extra-large LCD display will show you the measurement in either inch or metric units according to your desired unit which also allows versatility when measuring. What’s unique about this LCD digital display is it’s AOS feature. Advanced Onsite Sensor (AOS) is an electromagnetic inductive sensor for resistance to dirt, oil, and water in addition to its material’s reliable durability. The whole body of this caliper is constructed with a rugged, high-tensile stainless steel that ensures not to rust easily for long-lasting use, and its surface is made extra smooth as well so the slider can glide on without the unnecessary friction. It can measure inside, outside, depth, and step values. The set includes a protective padded case and a SR44 silver oxide battery, too.

EAGems Electronic Digital Caliper

EAGems Electronic Digital Caliper is a sleek, slightly shiny type of caliper in a red case. The body of this caliper is a polished steel with the calibration engraved into the surface itself. It’s also built with hardened and high-tensile stainless steel (without any plastic) to ensure durability for long-lasting use. Its material allows the slider to glide easily on the surface and is even resistant to water, oil, or rust.

The LCD screen is extra large and easy to read as well with the numbers in large, bold numbers. This digital caliper can give you a very accurate and precise measurement with an accuracy of 5 ten-thousandths of an inch (0.0005 inch) or 1 hundredth of a millimeter (0.01 mm). You can also choose between the three measurement modes to get your desired unit: SAE, metric, or fractions for up to 6 inches or 150 mm. You can easily do this by pushing the buttons on the LCD display where functions are printed right on the sides. This digital caliper also features an automatic shut-off technology where it turns off on its own when inactive for a few minutes, and is capable of measuring inside or outside dimensions and step or depth measurements as well.

Anytime Tools Dial Caliper

Anytime Tools Dial Caliper is a twist from the digital types of calipers we’ve mentioned beforehand. This caliper utilizes a dial for measurement along the calibration on the body itself. Its dial face can read both inch and metric with specific markings: black lines for inch and red lines for metric. You’re ensured with durability and long-lasting use courtesy of its sturdy, high-tensile stainless steel material that this whole caliper is built with.

The surface of this digital caliper’s body has a raised sliding area that can prevent wear and defacement of graduations. It has a wide versatility in terms of what it can measure which are inside, outside, step, and length measurement. Its measuring capacity has a range of 0 to 6 inches or 150 mm and a graduation of 0.001 inch or 0.02 mm. This unique dial caliper also comes in a durable padded case for you to place and store the caliper in after using. It’s a silver change from the previous basic black ones we’re previously listed but nevertheless a standout on its own as well.


Calipers are very important in the professional fields where measuring is a great part of the job. It’s also necessary that the measurements must be as accurate and precise as possible because mere estimations can affect the quality of any project outcome. When traditional calipers first came out, they changed the lives of most professionals by giving them an easy and convenient way of obtaining the length or distance between objects. But calipers have been improved since and now we have more advanced ones in the form of digital calipers where LCD display is integrated to show measurements in excellent precision and accuracy.

The market is sprawled with an array of caliper options, ranging from simple to intricate ones in terms of design and advancements. If you need one for work or casual use, it’s important to know exactly what you want from a caliper so you can choose the right one for you while taking into consideration its quality, convenience, and price.

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