Best Camera Stabilizer Reviews 2017

When taking pictures or making a video, you’ll need a camera stabilizer in order to have a perfect, still shot without any shakiness you usually get when you use your own hands in keeping it still. With the lifestyle and technology today, many are into taking self-pictures called “selfies”. When you use a hand-held recording device such as a GoPro or a smartphone, you need to mount it with a specific camera stabilizer to take a steady shot. There are a lot of camera stabilizers in the market. Here’s a list of the best camera stabilizer you can check out.

The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO video camera stabilizer

The most popular camera stabilizer is this product right here. The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO is a camera stabilizer you can use for your GoPro, Canon, Nikon and even smartphones. You can also use this for cameras weighing up to 2.1 pounds. They recently released a limited edition midnight black model which is very chic and durable to use. The price can be a little bit high but you get a high-performing camera stabilizer that’s incomparable to other brands in the market.

This product has a superior design which can provide you professional stabilization without any motion and shakiness you get from other handheld stabilizers. Its lower arm has a no slip grip in order to eliminate a lower arm swing which usually happens when you use handheld camera stabilizers. You can also attach this to your DSLSs for a better shot minus the blurriness of a moving camera. The handle is so comfortable to use with its state-of-the-art balance and high-end construction. It has a lower center of an easier and better balance. If you’re looking for a high-end camera stabilizer then this is the one for you. You can make your own indie films or have a photo-shoot on your own and you’ll get a professional output with this tool.

Opteka X-GRIP Professional Camera

The next item on our list of the best camera stabilizer is the Opteka X-GRIP Professional Camera. This device has a camcorder action handle for better stability that you can use when you are making and independent video or if you’re taking some photo shoot somewhere with a movie object. This product can fit with most of the compact cameras as well as camcorders that have a standard size of 1/4-20 thread. Its handle is designed with a cushioned and padded NBR which can help you lessen the stress of making a lengthy film. The materials used for this camera stabilizer is high-grade ABS plastic that which is impact-absorbent. You don’t usually see that in other products.

What’s even more amazing about this tool is its price. You don’t usually see a high-performing camera stabilizer with good reviews that only costs this much. This is so affordable you won’t ever regret buying this one. This also has a removable shoe mount you can use in case you need to use flashes, lights or microphones when filming. Each item you purchase has a 1-year warranty from its purchasers. Even if you’re taking shots of a moving object such as when you take videos or pictures of skating, you’d have an easy and decent shot each time. The camera can be slid backward and forward with this camera stabilizer so you can adjust this the way you wanted the shot to be taken. Even if you slid this way back the stick, you’d still have plenty of room to move it forward and backward.

Opteka SteadyVid SV-HD Camera Stabilizer

f you needed a device to keep your camera stabilized when you take your shot, you’ll benefit from this product. Opteka SteadyVid SV-HD Camera Stabilizer is a camera stabilizer for DSLR and video cameras that weigh up to 6 pounds. This can give you a steady grip with a quick release action unlike any other product in the market. You can achieve high and low angle shooting with this tool in hand. It has high precision bearings with low friction joints that you can manipulate to achieve the perfect shot for your project. You can adjust this camera stabilizer easily and conveniently which you don’t normally get from other cheap ones in the market.

This has a height adjustment you can manipulate to achieve what you wanted. This will improve the weight ratio of your shot and reduces the need for you to use base weights. The construction of this device is made of aluminum materials with a black powder coating. It’s very durable since it’s made of high-quality materials. Many people gave testimonies about this product. It has given them quite good performance for such a reasonably priced tool. Any camera stabilizer will wobble if not balanced properly. Its strong construction will give you long lasting performance.

Steadicam CURVE-BK Handheld Video Stabilizer

This tool right here is specifically designed to stabilize the miniature GoPro camera. Almost all of the GoPro hero models specifically the GoPro Hero 2, Hero 3 as well as Hero 3+, Hero 4 Black and the Hero 5 can be used for this camera stabilizer. You can also achieve dynamic balance when you use the LCD Bacpac combo when you use this for your Hero 3 and Hero 4. You can achieve a professional-like footage with your GoPro with just a little practice using this device. If having a shake-free and high-quality video footage with smooth visuals is what you’re aiming for, you should pair this with your GoPro device.

This camera stabilizer features a 2 in 1 mechanism where a hand grip facility is made available as well as a lockable handle for your convenience. This has the same smoothness you get from using Steadicam technology. Its frame is built with a durable and high-quality aluminum. You can bring this anywhere you travel and capture precious memories with a clear and smooth video footage. This only weighs 0.5 lbs, very lightweight for such a durable camera stabilizer. You can carry it anywhere with ease and best when paired with your GoPro camera.

ForeGrip Professional Camera

If you’re using an action camera for your adventures, you’ll need a camera stabilizer to capture the landscape and create memories with your camera. You’d want to have a smooth, shake-free capture which can only be achieved if you have the best device to stabilize your camera. This is the perfect camera stabilizer you can use, and at an affordable price at that. Many people find this product satisfactory, giving it a high rating even though the price is very affordable in comparison to other expensive camera stabilizers which had low and bad ratings.

This tool can fit almost all camcorders and DSLRs which have a standard of 1/4-20 thread. What makes this camera stabilizer different is it has a Universal Hot Shoe where you can attach your Flash, LED, Mic or Video light. Its handle has a cushioned NBR material for a comfortable experience when you do long recordings. It also has non-slip rubber rails you can use. A removable shoe mount is also included in your purchase for your use whenever the need arises. Even though this is one of the cheapest camera stabilizers in the market, it delivers its job well enough.

IMORDEN Carbon fiber S-40c Handheld Camera Stabilizer

The next item on our list of the best camera stabilizers in the market is the IMORDEN Carbon fiber S-40c Handheld Camera Stabilizer. You can use this tool for your GoPro, Sony and Panasonic DSLR which weighs 0.5-3lbs. It can carry a lot of weight, something other cheap camera stabilizers in the market can’t do. This also has a 50 mm quick release plate you can use whenever you need to. The height of this camera stabilizer can be adjusted from 26 to 38.5cm. Its height depends on the different weights of the camera you intend to use. If you wanted to capture shots from different angles, you can achieve that with this tool. It’s very versatile and easy to manipulate to suit your needs.

This is very easy to use and one of the easiest tool to set-up. You can use the quick release plate in order to have a quick and easy setup for your camera. Its handle is so comfortable to use. It has an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to use and agile enough to follow your wishes. The handle is specifically built to suit the needs of anyone in the market. It also has a light shaft made of carbon fiber which is very durable and long lasting. The price of this tool is reasonable for such a high-performing device.

Cam Caddie Scorpion Jr. Video Camera Stabilizing

Here’s another camera stabilizer we found in the market you might be interested in. This device has a universal design which works with almost any smartphone, GoPro, camcorders and video recorders out there. This is specially designed to balance the weight of your camera and any gear you might have in your photo shoot or video footage taking. You can have a shake-free footage as well as capture with this tool. Even action shots will be near perfect when you have this on hand.

It has a shoe adapter where you can easily connect your favorite LED light or any microphone you might need to use for your video footage. You can easily operate this camera stabilizer with only one hand. The single hand operation feature allows you to do the most dynamic and versatile video and camera options following your own direction and vision. When you purchase this camera stabilizer, you have optional accessories you can have for free. You can choose between flashes, microphones, LED lights and even monitors, among others. Filming will be made easier with the right camera stabilizers you use.

Movo Photo Heavy Duty Super Sturdy Action Stabilizing Video Handle Grip

Last on our list of the best camera stabilizer in the market is this product right here. You can attach your camera to the 1/4″ Tripod Mount easily and conveniently. This has a mounting platform where you can use for many positions that’ll make your filming and photo shooting easier. You’ll achieve the perfect shot each time even if you are capturing action shots. You’ll notice that you’ll feel less fatigued even if you shoot for hours on end. The work you do will be made easier and faster if you have a stable mount for your camera in order to capture still, clean and smooth shots.

The shoe mount also included in this camera stabilizers design allows you to attach lights or microphone that you’ll need for your project. This has a sturdy and durable construction for such an affordable camera stabilizer. You can achieve smoother pans and swoop low and high shots when you use this device. It’s very helpful and handy tool for your smartphone, camcorder, GoPro, and DSRL. For practically any shot you intend to have, you can guarantee to have the best shot ever.


When shooting for a film whether you’re doing an indie one for your school project or for your own production, you can make the filming process easier and achieve a professional-looking output with the right tool in hand. Whenever you do action shots, you can’t help but have some kind of shaky footage especially when you and your subject is on the move. That’s why even professional video jockeys use some kind of camera stabilizing tool in order to keep their cameras from moving too much in order to capture a video footage that won’t hurt the viewer’s eyes. You’ll need the best camera stabilizer for that. You can also use the camera stabilizer for your other cameras. There are camera stabilizers that can fit GoPro cameras, smartphone and even DSLR camera with specific weights as we’ve presented in this list. Even if you’re not a professional photographer or a videographer, you can capture those precious moments with your own camera beautifully. With the right camera in hand and with the best camera stabilizer, you can treasure each moment in your life.

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