Best Camera Straps Reviews 2017

These days everybody own high-end expensive cameras and they need special care, especially during the times we hold them in our hands. That’s when our cameras are exposed to the highest amount of risk. Something as small as slipping off from your hands can cause severe damage to your cameras.

One of the ways to prevent this is to use camera straps. There are various types of straps that you’d find on the market. In this post, we will see some of the top ones. We will also see the factors that you must consider when buying a good camera strap.

Nordic Flash Waterproof Floating Camera Strap

Nordic Flash brings to you this waterproof camera strap which allows you to hold onto your cameras even when you’re in water. Whether you’re out there swimming, snorkeling, or just enjoying water sports, you do not have to think twice before taking your cameras along.

Each pack consists of two straps having different color combinations. They come in bright colors so that you can easily spot the strap from any distance. All you have to do is slip this strap onto your wrist and forget about your camera completely. It’s truly one of the best camera straps out there.

FloatPro Floating Waterproof Camera Strap

These floating camera straps are considered one of the top camera straps present on the market. With this high-quality strap, make sure your camera stays safe in the water. The secure and quick attachment of the strap makes it easy for you to wear them and it can be released quickly in no time.

They are available in 5 different colors. It is designed to fit all sizes of wrists and makes it easy for you to click pictures and shoot videos. Although this camera strap costs more than others, it is the best camera accessory you’ll own.

Vintage Rainbowimaging Dual-shoulder Camera Neck Strap

Rainbowimaging Quick Release Dual-shoulder Camera Neck Strap for Canon Nikon Olympus Pentax Panasonic Sony Dslr + Lens - Black

Vintage brings to you this dual-shoulder camera neck strap perfect for you to carry both two cameras without worrying about them. The quick release design allows you to remove the strap almost instantly. This strap is extremely comfortable for use. It fits all cameras from major brands.

This inexpensive camera strap makes it easy for you to switch between two cameras. The cameras can be brought to eye level without releasing the strap. If you want to buy a camera strap that makes your job of clicking pictures completely hassle-free, then this is the product for you.

TETHYS Waterproof Float Strap for Underwater Camera

Thethys, one of the leading camera strap brands, brings to you this waterproof floating camera strap which protects your cameras from sinking. It can support cameras weighing up to 7 ounces/200 grams. This strap is compatible with most cameras manufactured by the top brands.

The brightly colored straps make sure you never lose sight of your cameras once you attach them to these straps. This is a rather cheap camera strap for the quality and durability it offers. You won’t ever regret buying this amazing camera accessory. It also makes your job of clicking pictures extremely easy.

Altura Photo Camera Hand Strap

This new camera strap is brought to you by Altura Photo. This wrist strap comes with two alternate connection heads; one for the heavy and large cameras and your DSLRs, while the other for point and shoot cameras. The strap is made of premium quality reinforced neoprene and is one of the strongest straps on the market.

This affordable camera strap is compatible with all major cameras. The manufacturers give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re looking for a great camera strap deal, then you must definitely check this out.

What are Camera Straps?

Camera straps are loops made of a strong material so as to be able to withstand the weight of your camera. They can either be worn on wrists, called the wrist straps, or around the neck called the neck straps. Some people prefer to hang the neck straps on their shoulders like a bag.

While there are different types of camera straps available on the market, their primary objective is to secure your cameras, especially from falling. If you have any experience in clicking pictures, then you would also know that how often cameras tend to slip out of our hands. When you dash into something or if you simply lose balance of your camera, it will fall instantly and in no time your camera will get damaged.

Some cameras such as the DSLR are too valuable to take chances. That’s where camera straps come into picture. Straps are the best accessory ever made for cameras, no matter how expensive or cheap your camera is. They give your cameras the much-needed protection against any unforeseen accidents. Whether you want to use a wrist strap or a neck strap, always make sure there is a safety net in the form of camera straps.

In the previous section, we walked you through some of the top camera straps present on the market. We saw what their different types are and their features which make them stand apart from the hundreds of other straps out there.

The next section will discuss some factors that you should consider when buying camera straps. You will know what qualities will make sure that the camera strap you purchase will give complete protection to your cameras.

What to Look For

At the time of buying a camera strap, it would be good to know whether you want a wrist or a neck strap. Both have their own set of advantages. If you’re going for the neck strap, make sure the strap is long enough to easily bring the camera to the eye-level while you’re still wearing the strap. Otherwise, it just deletes the entire purpose if you must remove the strap every time you have to click a picture.

Also, there are dual straps available on the market. These straps are especially used by professional photographers who usually use two cameras. These straps pass through your neck, shoulders, and chest, giving you that added protection.

The next point you must see before buying a camera strap is the weight of your camera. Most manufacturers clearly specify the maximum weight that the strap is capable of withstanding; anything more than that could be an unwarranted risk. In order to avoid these risks, it would be best to know the weight of your camera and the weight the strap in question, can support.

Next, we’d talk about the floating straps. You know every time you take your cameras in and around water, you have to be doubly careful. First of all, you do not want them to get wet and secondly, you do not want them to sink. The floating camera straps are the best to offer protection to your camera. These straps make sure that your cameras stay afloat at all times.

Most of the floating water straps have bright colors so you can spot them even from a greater distance. This gives you increased protection when you are in water swimming, snorkeling, or simply enjoying the waves.

The final point that you need to check is the price factor. Many straps are reasonably priced; however, there are some that cost a lot more than others. It would be beneficial if you glance through the different camera straps for sale before making your purchase. This is because you get a clear idea of all the ongoing prices and discounts and compare among the best prices.

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