Best Camping Chair & Folding Chairs Reviews 2017

Did you think staying away from home also means staying from comfort? Think again! There’s a wide range of camping furniture available on the market that aim at providing you the same level of comfort you get at home no matter where you are. One of them is a camping chair. In this post, we’ll acquaint you with some of the top camping chairs and their features. We’ll also see the different occasions where a camping chair or folding chair can be used. Finally, we’ll look at the things that a good camping chair must possess.

By the end of this post, you will have every bit of information on camp chairs, which would help you get a great camping chair deal when you’re buying one for yourself.

Coleman Camping Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

Being one of the best camping chairs, this amazing chair by Coleman is built with your needs in mind. The arm rest cooler that can hold up to 4 cans, the mesh cup holder, and the storage pockets for magazines, and adjustable arm rest heights are just some of its highlights. This durable chair has steel frames which makes it strong enough to support up to 300 pounds of weight. Coming in three solid colors, black, blue, and red, this foldable multi-purpose chair is an extremely cheap camping chair.

Quik Chair Heavy Duty 1/4 Ton Capacity Folding Chair with Carrying Bag

Quik Shade brings to you one of the top camping chairs, having oversized seat and back rest for your comfort. Built with steel frames, this sturdy chair will literally hold its ground at all times and can support weight of up to 500 pounds. With its dual cup holders, you can relax and enjoy that hot cup of coffee or your favorite drink without bothering to hold the mugs in your hand. This inexpensive camping chair’s foldable and quickly opens and closes. It comes with a carry bag which makes it quite easy to store.

Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair

One of the leading camping chair brands, Alps Mountaineering brings to you this perfect chair that can be used in any type of outdoor location. This extra-large and comfortable chair has adjustable armrests with padded back and seat. It can support up to 800 pounds of weight. The two beverage holders and hanging pockets on each side, ensure you can have your drinks, magazines, and other valuable things such as wallets and phones with you, all the time. The steel frame with powder-coated finish gives this foldable chair a great look and tremendous strength.

Tommy Bahama 2015 Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch and Towel Bar

This is a fairly new camping chair launched by Tommy Bahama. Coming in various colorful designs and patterns, this attractive-looking piece of furniture will surely get you some lovely compliments. Although this backpacking chaircosts more than some others, you can check out various sales and offers to get the best deals on them. It can be adjusted to 5-positions including the most comfortable lay-flat position. Made of polyester fabric, this multi-faceted chair comes with a cell phone holder, cup folder, cargo pouches, folding towel bars, and an adjustable pillow. It supports up to 300 pounds of weight.

Coleman Portable Deck Chair with Side Table

This is yet another great camping chair by the trusted brand, Coleman. With its reinforced aluminum frame and oversized seat, this makes for a strong and comfortable, yet a lightweight chair. It can support up to 225 pounds of weight. With its side table, cup holder, polyester fabric with padded seat and arm rest, this chair has been designed for your ergonomic needs. It folds flat and has a handle which makes convenient to store and carry it around. Coming with a one-year limited warranty, this is a great chair at a reasonable price.

GCI Outdoor Quik-E-Seat

CGI Outdoor brings to you these top quality camping chairs that have been field-tested. It’s made of 600 denier polyester with padded backrest and seat and a beverage holder to ensure high level of comfort. This affordable camping chair uses the patented auto-fold technology with shoulder strap that allows easy opening, closing, and convenient carrying. Being able to support up to 250 pounds of weight, this sturdy chair makes for a great travel buddy. If you’re looking for a portable chair with great quality but at a decent price, this is the right choice for you.

What are Camping Chairs?

As the name suggests, a camping chair (also known as folding chair, portable chair, backpacking chair, outdoor chair or lawn chair)is basically used when you go camping. They let you relax, the way you would in your homes, and still be out there enjoying the greenery of the trees, ponds, lakes, hills, and mountains. However, the use of camping chairs is not restricted to campsites. They come in handy when you’re tailgating, picnicking, or when you go to the lake for fishing. These chairs can also be used when you’re at the beach and would like to take sun bath or just relax listening to the sound of the waves. Camping chairs can practically come to your rescue when you need to make your own seating arrangements such as for resting in between sports events and practices in playgrounds that have no seats.

With so many uses of camping chairs, it’s absolutely necessary to own one of these multi-purpose chairs. If you’re wondering about the things to look for when buying a camping chair, please go through the following section.

What to Look For

A good camping chair must be sturdy, strong, and able to withstand a good amount of weight. The last thing you would want is to fall off from a chair. That’s the reason why you must pay special attention to the material used to make these comfortable camping chairs. Most of them are made of steel or aluminum which gives them strength and also makes them lightweight. Another important thing which you can’t afford to miss is finding out the amount of weight your camping chair can support. Some chairs are built to withstand 800 pounds of weight while some have limits close to 250-300 pounds. Depending on your weight and the weight of the people who would be using your chair, you could decide which chair you should go for.

The next factor is to check the comfort level your camping chair can give you. You could gauge this by the type of fabric used to make it, whether the seats, back, and armrests are padded, and what adjustments the chair is capable of making. You must also check out the extra features a chair offers such as beverage holders, side tables, side pockets, etc. A camping chair requires to be carried around which makes it absolutely essential for any such chair to be foldable and portable. Go for the chair that’s easy to open and close, and the one that comes with a bag or is convenient to carry.

Finally, look at the prices of the camping chairs to see if they fall in-line with your budget. While most camping chairs are reasonably priced, some are more expensive than others. However, you could end up buying good chairs at cheap prices by looking up special camping chair sales and offers. There are many discounts and offers that different sellers provide; so you can easily grab a deal that’s most beneficial to you!

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