Best Camping Grills Reviews 2017

Camping, trekking, and other outdoor activities can be extremely tiring. In such times, the two most comforting things your body needs are food and rest. Camping grills are one of the vital camping equipment that makes sure you are always well-fed no matter how far you are from home. Camping grills are absolutely essential for you to get your daily supply of delicious food. They can also be used for patio or lawn cooking, tailgates, picnics, beach outings, etc.

While there are various other substitutes for cooking food at outdoor places such as stoves, nothing matches the simplicity and effectiveness of a camping grill. If you’ve always wanted to buy a camping grill, but never bought one because you didn’t have much idea about them, you can relax now. In this post, we will tell you everything you should know about camping grills. We will walk you through some of the top camping grills on the market, and understand their features. You will also know the things that you must give special importance to, when buying a camping grill for yourself.

Let’s first begin with the discussion of top grills along with the highlights of their features and their advantages.

Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE

This is truly one of the best camping grills that you could lay your hands on, brought to you by the prominent camping grill brand Coleman. It is powered by propane and gives you up to 20,000 BTUs of cooking power. This portable grill is easy to set up and gives you an authentic grilling taste. It is designed specially with the Perfectflow pressure system which facilitates steady heat irrespective of the weather conditions. With its Instastart technology, foldable design, large handles and wheels, this camping grill has everything you would ever need.

Camp Chef Lumberjack Over-the-Fire Grill with Sturdy Legs

Camp Chef’s over-the-fire grill is made simplistically without much ado, to suffice your urge for grilled foods when camping. All you have to do is build a bed of campfire coals, light the fire, and place this grill over it. This top camping grill will hold up against long and rough use due to the highly durable steel plating. Standing firmly on its foldable sturdy legs, this affordable camping grill is a great blend of the sophisticated patio grill and traditional camp stove but with less complexity. It also comes with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Camping Grill – Portable Compact Scout Outdoor Grill (16.5″ X 10.5″) – Weighs Just 2.5 Lbs and Includes Carrying Bag

This inexpensive camping grill from Camerons Products offers you everything you expect from a grill at an excellent price. Just place the grill over the fire and throw in the raw vegetables or meat. Your grilled food will be ready while you spend your time relaxing. Providing you with a grilling surface of 16.5” x 10.5”, this grill can hold over 6 pounds of food. The sturdy standing grill can be easily folded and comes with a carry bag which makes for convenient carrying. If you’re looking a quality product with a decent price, do check this out.

Coghlan, one of the famous camping accessories brand, brings to you this great camping grill which is also one of the cheap camping grills on the market. The nickel plated steel construction makes it durable and the spread-out legs ensure it stands firmly over the fire. Offering you a cooking area of 12” x 24”, this camping grill is apt for cooking for a group of 4-5 people. You could also place your cooking vessels on top of this foldable camping grill to cook, boil, or heat any type of food.

Iwatani furnace Bata Gen. Abuie (ABURIYA) W [cassette Gas dedicated grilled-skewers] CB-RBT-W

This is one of the new camping grills launched a couple of years ago by the Japanese manufacturers, Iwatani. Providing you with 280mm x 180mm cooking area, this lightweight grill is easy to carry especially when you go for long camps and treks. Made from powder-coated steel, this robust and durable is perfect for outdoor use. It is capable of providing steady heat even when the gas level is low. Thermal and ignition settings can be adjusted with the knob. Although this camping grills costs more than some of its counterparts, its unique features conveniently make up for it.

Portable Grill – Non-stick Collapsible Stainless Steel 12″ Outdoor Grill with Carrying Bag

This is yet another portable camping grill by Camerons Products that is made for uncomplicated use. It comes with a heat-resistant carbon steel firebox that allows optimum usage of coal. It provides non-stick surface of about 12” diameter and can support up to 8 pounds of food. It won’t take you more than 30 second to set up the whole thing and get started with the cooking. The two legs provide excellent support to the grill and they can be easily folded down to three inches height when not in use. It comes with a carry bag for convenient carrying.

What are Camping Grills?

As we saw above, camping grills are made to ensure that you never run of cooked food when you are out there in the open forests, mountains, or just about anywhere outside. With some coal and a camping grill, you could cook steaks, and your other favorite grilled food while you’re camping, trekking, swimming, hanging out with friends, tailgating, etc.

What these grills are made of, different types of camping grills, and what to look for when buying a camping grill – we’ll discuss all this in more detail in the next section.

What to Look For

While some camping grills are usually designed as a simple grill with legs to be placed directly over the fire, there are some that take a slightly sophisticated approach with in-built heat adjustments and having fireboxes for coal. A few camping grills are gas powered as well. Choose the design that best works for your needs.

A good camping grill is made of a strong and durable material so as to resist heat and have a long-lasting life. Usually they are made of steel frame. As the legs are often in contact with the fire, the material used should be able to withstand high heat and prevent melting.

The next important factor is the price. As mentioned above, the designs in camping grills vary considerably which have a direct impact on price. This means if your budget is high or low, you are sure to find a camping grill within your budget. The simple camping grills cost lesser than the ones that are electrically run or gas-powered. If you want to travel light and do not wish to carry fuel like the propane gas, you could go for these grills that are cheap and straightforward to use. If you think the prices of the propane grills are more, then you could check out various camping grills for sales options where you are bound to find grills at great prices.

Spend some time finding about your expectations from a camping grill and then check out some of the grills available on the market along with their prices. You will certainly find irresistible camping grill deals which are also easy on the pocket.

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