Best Camping Pillow Reviews 2017

Do you like hiking and trekking in the mountains or spending nights under the open sky? Well, most of us do! It’s always fun to spend nights in the nature. But, what we don’t like some things associated with it such as uncomfortable sleep. However, camping pillows can pretty much put an end to all problems related to sleep when you’re traveling. Let’s talk a bit more about camping pillows in this post. Here’s the list of the best pillows available for purchase out there…

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow

This compressible pillow by Therm-a-Rest is perfect for traveling as well as campers. The foam used in the pillow can expand really big but packs small, which is great when you want your pillow to occupy the least amount of space in your baggage. When packed, it becomes almost 1/4th of its expanded size. Isn’t that amazing?

Who says you have to sacrifice on your comfort when traveling or camping? The brushed polyester used to cover this pillow and the soft urethane foam on the inside, give you the home-like comfort and sleep anywhere you go. That’s a guarantee! This camping-cum-traveler pillow comes in 4 different sizes – Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Available in 5 different color patterns/colors, you’ll definitely find the design that suits your taste. Some of the patterns are denim, mosaic, indigo dot, and more. Take care of your head and neck even when traveling or camping with this soft pillow.

Camping Pillow / Inflatable Air Pillow By ONWEGO

Brought to you by Onwego, this camping pillow is most certainly one of the most widely used pillows out there, and rightly so. Some of its best features include high level of comfort, adaptability and adjustability, compact size, and durability.

This compressing pillow speaks and delivers comfort right from the word go. The pillow is covered with the soft and smooth material and has plush foam on the inside. It never gives you the hollow feel and perfectly contours its shape to support your head and neck.

Just twist open the safety-lock air valve and let it self-inflate. For further firmness, just blow into the valve to get the desired level of firmness you want. Similarly, deflating involves opening the valve and rolling the pillow toward the valve. Simple, right?

The compact size of this pillow and its compressibility makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking to pack a pillow for their travel or camps. The pillow is fully capable of resisting slipping which means you could totally use it when camping on the slopes and hilly grounds. Despite being able to provide you with maximum comfort, the pillow is quite strong and has been tested to be highly durable.

Sea To Summit Aeros Pillow Premium

Sea to Summit, a well-known sports gear brand, brings to you this super compact camping pillow which is built for comfort and feasibility. Made from 50D brushed polyester material, this pillow manages to strike the right balance between softness and durability.

The pillow is constructed with a synthetic fill between the case and TPU bladder providing additional comfort to you. This filling also helps in wicking away perspiration leaving you with dry clean pillow ready for use anytime! This pillow comes in two sizes and different color choices to choose from.

The surface design includes internal baffles which offer a cushioning support to your head. The bottom edge is scalloped which is perfect to position the pillow in the center of your shoulders. This is a great pillow whether you’re sitting upright on a chair or sleeping on your back. The multi-functional valve allows you to inflate the pillow only with the help of a couple blows.

TETON Sports Camp Pillow

One of the leading sports and camping gear brands, Teton Sports, brings this perfect pillow that you should carry along on all your camping or hiking trips. The pillow is lightweight and can compress down to a size of 4x7x9 inches.

This soft camping pillow takes complete care of your rest and comfort when you may be away from the comfort of your home. This washable pillow case is made from 100% brushed flannel. The interesting patterns on the case match the lining of one of more Teton sleeping bags. They come in 4 different patterns with different base shades of color.

Teton gives you a limited lifetime warranty with this camping pillow. You also have their fantastic customer service at your disposal at any time during and after you make the purchase.

TETON Sports ComfortLite Self Inflating Pillow

Teton Sports presents to you yet another amazing product from their long and fantastic line of sports gear. Perfect for all your backpacking or hiking trips, this camping pillow can almost make you forget that you’re far away from home.

Made from organic cotton, this pillow is highly durable and soft, and extremely comfortable on the skin. Also, the cotton makes the pillow stay intact in its position even if your camp spot is on a slope. This non-slip feature ensures you get sound sleep each time you’re out in the nature.

Additionally, Teton also allows you to adjust the firmness of the pillow based on your preference. The rapid inflation-deflation valve enables you to easily and quickly get your pillow ready almost instantly, and just the way you want it to be. So, take advantage of the reasonable pricing of this high quality camping pillow and order one now!

Zaltana Inflatable Camping Pillow

This inflatable camping pillow is manufactured by Zaltana. The pillow is perfect for carrying with you on your holidays and trips when you don’t have the luxury of items that occupy more space. This pillow can be easily compressed to take up a very small area in your luggage.

Made from the soft material, you won’t have to sacrifice on your comfort whether you’re at home or away. The strong PVC construction gives the pillow the perfect amount of roughness required for an outdoor gear to withstand any type of condition. You’ll find using this pillow extremely convenient whether you’re traveling, hiking, taking a road trip, etc.

The inflation and deflation action take place very fast which means you hardly ever have to spend any time on it. And this is one of the cheapest camping pillow available on the market which doesn’t compromise on quality one bit.

Wenzel Camp Pillow

This inexpensive camping pillow is brought to you by Wenzel. The pillow is made especially keeping in mind the conditions and needs of a campsite. It comes with a top flannel to ensure you sleep comfortably on all your trips.

Carrying them in your luggage is a hassle-free task as it is lightweight and doesn’t occupy much space. Although, the pillow is large in size to give you maximum support and comfort, it could compress small enabling you to squeeze it in even the smallest of spaces.

It comes with a stuff sack allowing you to store it in a compact and systematic fashion. Next time you have a camp or a hike in the wild, do remember to pack this finest camping pillow in your bag if you hope to get some good sleep on the trip. This product by Wenzel won’t disappoint you!

ALPS Mountaineering MicroFiber Camp Pillow

Alps Mountaineering, the leading outdoor brand, is proud to bring to you this extra-soft and cozy camping pillow which will make you completely forget that you’re out in the nature. Giving you the home level of comfort, this pillow has a very soft fabric for the cover and an extremely comfortable fill.

The filling on the inside is a combination of Tech Loft and insulation. The outer fabric is made from a soft microfiber. This camping pillow comes in two sizes, the smaller and the larger sizes. Pick the one that best suits your preference.

Alps makes sure that you have no problem in carrying or storing this pillow by providing the stuff sack with every pillow you purchase. The drawstring stuff sack helps you organizing the pillow among your different luggage. This is a totally must-have product for you if you’re a regular traveler.

Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Camp & Travel Pillow

This uniquely designed camping pillow is brought to you by Klymit. This top-class pillow features a self-centering design which helps in holding your head in its perfect position even when the ground below you may be sloping or uneven. This ensures good and comfortable sleep in almost any kind of uneven terrain or other difficult conditions.

This camping pillow comes in three unique patterns for you to select from – King’s Cameo, Recon Coyote Sand, and Red/Gray. It is lightweight which means it doesn’t add to the overall weight of your luggage. And the fact that it compresses to a small size also means that it doesn’t need much space either!

It comes with a stuff sack which you could use to store it when not in use or also when traveling. Moreover, this camping pillow is backed by a limited lifetime warranty!


We just saw some of the best and top-selling camping pillows manufactured by some of the best brands on the market. We also learned the fantastic features of these pillows. Next time, when you’re out there buying a camping pillow, we hope you’d know exactly what you should be looking for!

Happy traveling!

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