Best Camping Table Reviews 2017

It’s always fun to spend the day out with your family and friends to have a camping or a picnic trip. A reliable camping or picnic table is always essential to provide you the best outdoor experience with your family. Only choose the best camping table for these activities so that the entire trip outdoors will be less stressful and easy. You can just focus on having a good time with the people you love. Here are some of the best camping tables that will give you the best outdoor experience. Read on so you can choose one for your trip!

White Granite Lifetime Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table

This is n0ot actually made as a camping table. It is actually a multi-purpose table that is getting a lot of positive reviews as a camping table because of its durability and portability. This folding table actually even comes with a handle so you can easily carry it around during trips and is made of steel–which makes it a very reliable table outdoors. This is a multi-purpose table that folds in half with a carrying handle so you can just stow it in the car whenever you on a trip.

The table top is made of durable plastic, which makes it lightweight. The foot stands are made of coated steel so it will give you a sturdy support for your tablewares. Actually, if you are a blogger type of camper, it is actually convenient for using it as a portable desk for your activities. You can also use it for other outdoor activity stuff like a portable dining table and a portable stand for your outdoor mini tv or what have you. TGhe height is perfect for activities such as using a laptop and reading a hook. You will love camping around with this sturdy table and you may end up eating more of this for all of your outdoor activities!

Table in a Bag Original Low Wood Portable Table with Carrying Bag

This is one of the most stylish and portable camping bags out in the market! It is fashionably made, and very easy to assemble! It comes with its own carrying bag that doesn’t even take much space. You can easily carry this table while yu are hiking! This camping table is perfect for mountaineers and hikers because of its high portability. It is also lightweight so having this around with yu while carrying your tent is not a bit of a hassle. Stay ahead of the game and be the envy of the group by having a fashionable, lightweight and useful camping table with you!

Although Brown Table in a Bag is very affordable, it is still durable and robust. The hardwood is of high quality and it has a coating built to resist water and moisture. This makes it perfect not just in the mountains, but also for picnics and days out in the beach. It has the perfect height and size for all your fun and exciting outdoor activities. Your group will always treasure you for bringing one reliable and fashionable camping table with you. It is easy to assemble– a fun way to do team-building activity as you set up your campsite.

Coleman Outdoor Compact Table

When it comes to all your outdoor needs, Coleman is a brand known to provide you with all the products of the best quality that will sure last a long time. Coleman Outdoor Compact Table holds up to the promise of the brand. It is a very durable family-sized camping table that you will love to have through the years. The design and engineering of this product make it very durable and not easy to collapse or break. The good thing is that is is also, lightweight and portable so you can easily fold it, store it, unpack it, and pack it back again. It also comes with its own carry case so you can easily carry it around with you when you are trailing or hiking.

One of the best features of this camping table is the super easy assembly. The frame and tops snap together so the assembly is quick and easy. The design of the table is also undeniably chic and fashionable. ts everything you need and want for your outdoor camping table. You can stack food and other stuff on the table without worrying that it may break and collapse. You know you will love this camping table a lot!

ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table

What makes this table perfect for mountaineering? It’s super lightweight! You wouldn’t honestly mind carrying one around for camping. It is just 4 lbs which come in a carrying bag of its own. It is very useful! It has a double top so it can accommodate more materials that you need, it also has pockets so you can store all your utilities and trinkets you might need during the camping trip. It seems like the manufacturers though about the lifestyles of the campers and mountaineers and answered all of their concerns and came up with this camping table to make their lives easier outdoors.

The table foot stands have buckles on each corner so you can easily unfold and set up the table without any stress. The buckles also allow you to adjust the tightness of the table to your preference and too much each usage of the product. With the beverage stand, strategically located on the table top, it is almost impossible for you to spill your drinks on the mountains. The side pockets are also convenient for utensils and other outdoor utilities you need. If you don’t need a solid top table, then this might be the table that answers all your camping dreams.

Outsunny Portable Folding Outdoor Camp Suitcase Picnic Table w/ 4 Seats

If you are the type who wants to get matchy-matchy with all your stuff, the Outsunny Portable Folding Outdoor Camp Suitcase Picnic Table w/ 4 Seats is perfect for you! Seriously, why waste time (and money) in purchasing separate items when you can get an entire set as a bargain deal! For a group of four people, this makes a very nice, sturdy and reliable camping table. The entire thing will give you that well-built and sturdy feel of the table. The table top feels solid, though lightweight as ever. It’s because it’s made of a light yet robust plastic material.

This set folds easily and quickly which makes it very easy to set up and store. The seats are surprisingly tough and support weight of average adults which is up to 265lbs. The table, including the chairs, weigh only around 15lbs and you can stow easily on top of your car, truck or van. This is perfect for friends and families who are on the road most of the time. They require a reliable camping table that would stay perfectly solid and functional even after repeated and frequent usage through time.

Wenzel portable event table

Wenzel Camp Table

With a price below 20 dollars, this table is a very popular camping table which offers a small sturdy table with two built-in cup holders. It is made of durable fabric which enables you to adjust the tautness to achieve your desired surface for each occasion or usage. it has the maximum capacity of 50 lbs, so you could already imagine how many items it can hold up for you with no problem. The quick and easy folding design makes it very easy and convenient to set up and carry around. It’s super lightweight! You can carry it easily outdoors on a visit to the beach, riverside, hiking to the mountains and other similar occasions!

If you are going to watch a concert, or just want to relax watching a scenic view, this table will hold your drinks, food, and gadget with ease. It’s not even a burden to consider comparing it to the weight of common camping tables. Setting it up is also the no-brainer. Just slide it out from the reusable carrying bag, pull it open, then stabilize the clasps by closing it. You will then choose and adjust the tautness of the table top by adjusting the straps.

ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table

This is one of the best outdoor camping tables that you can easily bring with each of your journeys outdoors. It weighs only 8 pounds! Pretty much around the weight of a newborn, so it is very easy to carry! The sleek and design is very fashionable and allows you to tuck chairs underneath just like a regular dining table. The flat surface is ideal for people who are not used to dining wth a fabric table. The tautness of the fabric mountaineering table is somehow not enough for some people. For them, the best table is a flat surface which allows you to rest your elbows and other food items without worrying about spillage.

ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table thought of a way to give you the traditional feel of dining tables outdoors while keeping the design portable and lightweight. It may be a tough combination for manufacturers, but the resulting product leaves us very impressed. The smooth and solid table-top is convenient for dining, playing cards, working on a laptop and other similar and related activities. Assembly is also very easy. Once you are able to unpack the entire thing, you will instinctively know what to do. Just try it.

Moon Lence Ultralight Folding Camping Picnic Roll Up Table with Carrying Bag

This camping table is absolutely fantastic for picnics, a trip to the beach, and other similar events. It’s perfect for everyone who wants a cozy feeling ambiance. You can just sit around it and play games or dine. The perfect table for a convenient camping! It’s a small table where you get to sleep in Japanese or Indian squat position around it. It makes you feel cozy around the table where you get to play board games, cards or eat! The assembling and storing of the product are easy–pull it open, snap all the corners, and attach the table top!

one of the great thing about it is that it is made of nothing but premium and robust materials. It can carry the weight of a little child climbing and seating on it. Also, you can pace a ball or a marble on top f the table and be amazed how the item just stays on there without rolling over to the middle–which is common among fabric table tops. Honestly, the table top is not 100% flat surface but it is not flimsy at all and does not have a curvature which makes it difficult for everyone to balance and place things on top of it.


Whenever you go camping outside, it is always important to have a reliable camping table for you. Where else will you keep your stuff and gadgets nowadays? Be it on the beach, a nice camping in a forest or park, a table suited for your need is always a must-have. The first consideration you need to put in mind is the size and weight. There is a difference when it comes to weight between normal camping tables vs mountaineering tables. Mountaineering tables are built so that it is easier for you to carry the lightest item around. every ounce of weight counts so you better watch out for the quality and toughness.

Another consideration is the table top. Fabric table top is now getting popular because of its lightweight-ness and easy assembly, however, flimsy construction will just leave you feeling sorry for the waste of your money. You should also consider how often you go on this camping trips. If you are an occasional or frequent traveler, better invest in a robust and durable one to get the most value out of your money. The height is also considered. Some table is short enough so you can use it in Japanese style where you just sit on the floor around it, while others require you to carry seats as well.

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