Best Candelabras Reviews 2017

Lighting is one of the most important aspects that should be considered when preparing for certain events that require one to do so. This is because proper lighting do not only add a response to necessity, but for aesthetic and beautification purposes as well.

One of the many elements that can add aesthetic to lighting for a dinner or a special get together, or even just at home, are some good candelabras. Here are some of the top candelabras in the market today.

10-Candle Metal Candelabra

Best Candelabras

One of the well-known candelabra deals now is the 10-candle metal candelabra by SEI. The said item is made of 2 separate rows, front and back, with 5 candle platforms each. The platforms are 3 inches in diameter each and are arranged in ascending level towards the center platform of each row.

The product is made of metal and is molded together so you will not have to worry about assembling the item yourself. The metal is also painted with black finish. The simplistic design and matte finish gives the product an overall glamorous look. Perfect for those that wants glamour and simplicity in one.

When cleaning the item, you have to avoid abrasive surfaces and cleaning materials. You also have to regularly wipe dust and spills to avoid accumulation that may lead to scraping that can scratch the product.

Godinger Silver Art Ribbed Nickel Plated 5 Light Candelabra with Hanging Crystal Drops

Best Candelabras

Another affordable candelabra is the Godinger Silver Art Ribbed Nickel Plated Candelabra. The item is plated with fine quality nickel and is adorned with hanging crystal drops. The crystals add elegance to the piece along with the ribbed stem and beautifully curved branches for the candle platforms or holders. There are 4 so-called branches with a candle holder each while the stem holds one candle holder.

The item is popular as a centerpiece for special dinners, wedding receptions, formal dinners, and many more. It can also be used as accent to side cabinets and tables.

Care must be taken when cleaning the candelabra. You should avoid using abrasive cleaners when cleaning and must be extra careful when cleaning the crystals to avoid scratching or hampering their natural shimmer.

Zion Judaica Hanukkah Menorah Silver-plated Full Size Non Tarnish – Classic Geometric Style Precision Die Casted

Best Candelabras

Another candelabra for sale is the Zion Judaica Hanukkah Silver-Plated Menorah. The piece is designed with a single base and the 9 candle platforms or holders are aligned linearly and in the same height with the exception of one at the center that is aligned higher than the rest, giving way to a design of a traditional Menorah. Each of the holders can accommodate one Chanukah candle.

The center of the stem is tear-shaped with a six-pointed star at the center. Each candle holder, although aligned linearly, is connected with a seemingly-branching metal tube.

The base of the piece can be screwed off for easy, safe keeping and storage. Because of this, you have to make sure that when you screw the base back it is screwed and attached to the stem properly so that the Menorah will stand firm and stable.

Complete Hanukkah Menorah Set! Menorah – Candles – Dreidels – Candle Magic Stick – Hanukkah Handbook

Best Candelabras

When you buy candelabras, you must also consider the Complete Hanukkah Menorah Set by Judaica Mega Mall. The piece is silver-plated and stands about 8 inches tall. The candle holders are aligned in a single pile with a protruding holder in the center, connected to the main stem and base.

When you buy the item, you will receive, along with it a box containing 44 colorful Chanukah candles, 3 colorful dreidels and a Hanukkah handbook that contains important and knowledgeable information on the Hanukkah celebration. These freebies are what draw patrons to the piece along with the elegant design and simplistic appeal. The set is a perfect must have to celebrate the Hanukkah holiday.

What are Candelabras?

One of the most popular devices used to hold candles upright, aside from glasses, are candelabras (multiple arms; candelabrum for single arms). These devices are basically used as candlesticks, but one with elegant and beautiful designs, and multiple arms.

The main purpose of the device is to hold candles upright and is a popular centerpiece for candlelight dinners, wedding receptions, special holidays, formal events, and many more. Some people even collect such items as a hobby.

The item is used for various reasons. First, when you buy candlesticks and candle holders, you can actually save space. Since these inexpensive candelabras have multiple arms for holding candles, you will not have to buy multiple single candle holders.

Next, they are easy to carry. It is easier to carry candles around on a candle holder rather than holding one by hand. Aside from protection against the hot spells, it is also easier to put down the candles when needed. These items are also safer since these pieces are sturdier and more difficult to get toppled over than just sticking your candle to the table.

They can be used as decoration. Many homes use candle holders and candles are used as decoration in the living room, bedrooms, kitchens, even in patios and pools. New candelabras can also be used as a gift for someone. They will surely appreciate it, especially those with scented candles that come along. Such pieces can also be used as wedding giveaways.

What to Look For

When you decide to buy candle holders or candelabras, you have to make sure that you consider the following factors carefully. This is so that you will only end up buying the candelabra brand with the best deal.

First, you have to consider the style. There are many styles to choose from. There are fountain droppers, those with crystal droplets, hanging ones, those with carvings, standing ones, as well as those used as decorations for food such as cake.

You should also determine the finish you want on your item. There are those with glass finish, meaning the color and surface appears much like glass. There are also metal like silver or gold as well as a softer cream or white. If you want dark tones, you can get black ones or those with antique varnish color.

Once you determine the finish you want, you can proceed to deciding how many arms you prefer your candle holder to have. There are those that can hold only one, there are those that can hold two or more to as many as 12 candles and even more. You must also decide whether you prefer those that can be detached or those that are welded together as one piece.

The next thing that you should consider is the candelabra cost. There are many items that are sold as cheap candelabras as well as those that are sold expensively. You have to make sure that the price of the item is reasonable with reference to the quality. It is better to buy one that is more expensive, but you can be sure of the quality.

Along that comes with the quality is the durability. Make sure that your item is durable and do not wear easily. It is better to purchase an item that is of high quality and durability. That way you will not have regrets and they are also more cost-efficient.

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