Best Car Air Fresheners Reviews 2017

In the long run, the smell inside our car becomes inconveniently off. With a great deal of different things we can find in the car plus the people coming in and out of it on a daily use, it isn’t a surprise that we often hate how it smells especially since we mostly have the windows up, too, and air can’t pass through. At some point we need to freshen it up with a little twist of artificial scent that we can choose from the list of best air car fresheners we have for you.

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

It isn’t a surprise that we have Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag as our number one bestseller in the market. We usually have air fresheners in spray bottles or small plastic cans but this one is something you can hang like an ornament inside your car. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag is probably the easiest way to freshen up your car and keep it odor-free with its charcoal content.

This air freshener comes as a beautifully stitched linen bag with bamboo charcoal inside and is only 90 sq. ft. in size. It also has a metal ring right on its top portion so you can hang it easily anywhere you want. Not only is it effective in giving you a fresh and odor-free environment but also prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from forming by absorbing excess moisture. Amazingly enough, you can reuse this air freshener for up to two years and simply rejuvenate its effect by placing it out in the sun once a month for about an hour. No fragrance, chemicals, and other toxic materials, it’s incredibly safe to use in your or anywhere else such as in closets, bathrooms, or even pet areas. It’s a great change from the traditional spray bottles and small plastic cans for a conveniently easy way to freshen up.

Blue Magic Citrus Orange Air Freshener

Now let’s go back a bit to the old ways with our next one. Blue Magic Citrus Orange Air Freshener is one of your traditional spray away solutions to your freshening demands. It basically comes in an orange spray bottle of 6.25 oz in weight with a white plastic cover.

This car air freshener is made from 100% pure and natural food grade citrus oils with no artificial perfumes, chemicals, or odor eliminators so it’s guaranteed environmental-friendly and biodegradable as well. You can safely spray it inside your car or anywhere else you want to freshen up without worrying about any harmful effect to anyone nearby. The smell can last for a long time but you can always spray up when you feel like it has faded away. It’s also guaranteed to be non-aerosol so it’s safe for your airway, too. It’s an amazingly classic way of freshening up your environment at a very reasonable price. You can go as many sprays all you want for a long-lasting freshness that you deserve. Safe and very effective, this car air freshener is perfect for you if want to go basic without the hanging or placing small can fresheners anywhere and all.

Chemical Guys Premium Car Air Freshener

Chemical Guys Premium Car Air Freshener is your old school spray up air freshener contemporized with more advanced formulation. This premium air freshener comes in a plastic lever spray bottle of green and white combination. What’s unique with this one is that instead of giving your car a fruit scent or a sea breeze freshness, its unique fragrances will make your car smell just like a new one again.

The solution of this exclusive car air freshener is so concentrated and you can dilute it with up to 2 gallons of distilled water. Now that’s maximizing one bottle to the extreme. And not only will it give you a new car as long as only the smell is concerned but it also has purifying effect to the air in the environment. It has a strong deodorizing capabilities that can last for weeks and a natural enzymatic air freshener that works by eliminating odors and reducing new orders. You will only need one spray to bring back the great smell of your car and let it be “good as new”. This 16-oz spray bottle can last for a long-time for you to enjoy a refreshing and clean surrounding as you drive away. It’s a unique, revolutionary, and exclusive way of freshening up your car’s old smell.

Auto Expressions Ozium Gel Air Freshener

Auto Expressions Ozium Gel Air Freshener uses one of the traditional technologies of air freshening solutions. It comes in a small plastic bottle with ventilated caps to let its content make its wait into the air and create a more conveniently refreshing surrounding. It has a unique and patented fragrance formula as well in the form of gel. That’s one of the few things that make this one stand out from the others as it utilizes gel.

You can use this air freshener by twisting its top cover but not removing it entirely. The clockwise movement will allow the holes to expose the gel inside into the air in the surrounding and create a beautiful fragrance while eliminating odors at the same time. You can twist the top further or back for scent level control to get your desired strength. You can choose to have anywhere in your car or place it in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, or even in the kitchen to make them fragrant and free from the inconvenient smell. No sprays, no hanging. All you need is a small space to accommodate this small air freshener and let it work on freshening your surrounding in the most convenient and no hassle way. You can never go wrong with basics and traditional ways.

Little Trees Black Ice Air Freshener

From the name itself, you can expect this air freshener to look like a little tree and sure enough, yes, they do. Little Trees Black Ice Air Freshener is a type of car air freshener that you can hang anywhere in your car (usually upfront by the front window) and it’ll look like a cute ornament. But this stylish air freshener is more than just its look because as an actual air freshener, it actually delivers with flying colors. The set conveniently comes in a pack of 24 so you can enjoy a whole bunch of little trees for a long time.

This tiny car air freshener is extremely thin as well and gives off a masculine fragrance with a fusion of sandalwood, bergamot, and lemon with an air of mystery. That’s the “black ice” effect right there. It’s also available in a variety of fresh fragrances for you to choose from to suit your taste (or preferred smell for this matter). The fragrance of one can already last for a long time but with the whole bunch, surely you’ll enjoy it more. This is exclusively made as an automotive air freshener but you can also choose to use it at home or anywhere else you may want to smell its unique scent for a more relaxing freshness all over.

Little Trees New Car Scent Air Freshener

Little Trees New Car Scent Air Freshener is another one from the Little Trees and of course, yes, it still looks like a cute little pine tree. This one is also as small as the previous one we’ve mentioned and will look as great as an ornament as well if you hang it anywhere in your car. What’s great with the Little Trees air freshener is that it’s subtle as it can easily pass a mere decoration while giving your car a refreshing scent at the same time. This set also comes in a pack of 24 pieces so you can enjoy its specific fragrance this time for a long with use after use.

This unique car air freshener has the rich scent of a brand new car this time. It blends into the air or surrounding and creates a beautiful smell of unused car interior that’s yet to worn off in the long run of use. You can also choose to hang one anywhere in your car or at home such as in the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, or living rooms. This is just another of the variety of fragrances from Little Trees and there are a lot more for you to choose from. It’s a subtle way of freshening up where your family or guests will never know right away that the freshness comes from the tiny little pine trees hanging right there.

Chemical Guys Leather Scent Premium Air Freshener

Chemical Guys is back on the list with Chemical Guys Leather Scent Premium Air Freshener. This exclusive and premium car air freshener comes in a plastic bottle with lever spray and wrapped with gold and yellow label. The bottle weighs 16 oz of concentrated fluid which you can dilute with up to 2 gallons of distilled water for maximum use.

This premium car air freshener is mainly intended for automotive. It has a unique and patented formulation that can bring back the fresh smell of your car like it’s new again. It also has a revolutionary technology as well where biological enzymes are involved. This utilizes a natural enzymatic air freshening technology which works by eliminating odors and reducing new odors for a refreshing smell that can last for a long time. Aside from its refreshing ability, it also provides a strong air deodorizing capability that can ensure not only freshness but a clean air as well. Coming from a brand that focuses on making innovative and revolutionary products for automotive, this car air freshener is truly a standout on its own, too. Bring back the fresh leather scent of your car interior with just one spray.

Eco Breeze Car Air Purifier

Now we’ve saved the most innovative one for last. Eco Breeze Car Air Purifier is definitely a unique way of not only freshening up our car but also clean or purify the air and a lot more. This outstanding car air freshener doesn’t come in a spray bottle, small plastic can, and isn’t like an ornament that you can hang anywhere in the car. It has a fashionable design with body built with stainless steel with negative ion integrated inside.

This car air purifier has a lot more to offer including air ionizer, cleaner, freshener, and order eliminator to bad smells. The car ionizer and ozone generator is initiate by an electrical charge to produce a stream of negative ions into the surrounding then remove microscopic particles from your air; thus, improving the quality of air in your car. It can also eliminate unwanted smells that have been accumulated in the car in the long run such as cigarette smoke and other odors, or even pollen, dust, and many more. It’s a very useful thing for anyone who has respiratory problems as the air inside the car becomes more health-friendly. This incredible multipurpose car air freshener is safe to use and guarantees to provide a refreshing and clean air for you and your family.


Maybe it’s time to give your car a little freshening up with the help of a handy-dandy car air freshener. Fresheners come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. Some of the traditional ones come in a spray bottle where you have to manually work some mists into the air while others come in a small plastic can with ventilated caps for you to place anywhere you like and let the scent seep into the air itself. The new versions are now smaller and can be hang in the car, and they usually look stylish to make freshening more subtle. In whatever you buy, remember that it’s always a game of choosing wisely and you need to win a satisfaction for yourselves. With the plenty of car air freshener options we have in the market, choosing becomes a little overwhelming for you. One key is knowing your exact needs then sprout your decision from that.

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