Best Car Wash Mitt Reviews 2017

In washing your car, you can’t wash it alone without using some washing tools to spread the car wash soap or detergent evenly and easily. You can’t use your bare hands in washing the entirety of your car, it’ll take forever! You’ll need to use the best car wash mitt in order to make your task of cleaning your car fast and efficient. There are a lot of car wash mitt available at the market. Here are some of the best car wash mitt we found.

Chemical Guys MIC_493 Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt

The first product on our list and the most popular car wash mitt to date is the Premium Scratch-free Mitt by Chemical Guys. You don’t have to worry about scratching your car when you do your own car washing. Some car wash mitts are made of hard materials. Don’t you just hate it when you notice scratches along the body of your car after a good, hard car wash? Your car won’t have any scratches with this one. It’s lint-free and also swirl-free. It won’t strip away the painting of your car which is a good thing. It also fits your hands well so you don’t have to worry about this falling off when you wash your car.

This mitt has an extra plush microfiber to its construction. This way, you can deliver a premium car wash all the time. The extra plush microfiber also ensures that you can make most of your car wash soap or detergent. This car wash mitt can absorb any car wash soap efficiently. It’s spread the soap evenly and easily while protecting your hands from the harmful chemicals of your car wash soap. Cleaning your car won’t be a tedious chore anymore since you can do it easily and fast. Cleaning this car wash mitt won’t be a problem either. You can actually wash this using your washing machine since this is 100% machine washable. This is a high-quality car wash mitt which can withstand long and multiple uses and the price is just right. You won’t regret purchasing this mitt, this is actually highly recommended.

Meguiar’s X3002 Microfiber Wash Mitt

The next item on our list of the best car wash mitt is the Meguiar’s X3002 Microfiber Wash Mitt. This is a bestselling car wash, and for a good reason. This is so affordable for such a high performing car wash mitt found in the store. It has a super absorbent microfiber material which can carry more soap suds than any other car wash mitt in store. You can have a faster car wash which is safe for your car. It’s safer since the microfiber material of this mitt is gentle to your car and won’t leave any scratches even if you scrub it vigorously. This is an incredibly soft mitt with its gentle and soft microfiber that can lift and trap dirt as well as grime for a scratch-free car washing experience.

You can use this car wash mitt with a regular car wash soap. You can also use the Meguiar’s Quik Detailer Mist and Wipe which is perfect for this car wash mitt. It’s the ultimate car wash mitt even used for car shows in order to achieve that perfect car finish. Your hand can perfectly fit the mitts and won’t fall unnecessarily when you wash your car. It measures 8″ x 10″ which is perfect for any hand size. Many people find this product very satisfactorily and it’s highly recommended. No matter where you look, this seems like most of the reviews about car wash mitt points to this product. You’ll be impressed by this mitt’s performance. You can use this to wash your car and you can even use this to remove wax off your car.

Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Wash

If you’re obsessed with your car and equally obsessed with keeping it clean then you know the feeling of achievement when you see your car shining clean and scratch-free. When you succumb your precious car to too much car wash, you can’t guarantee that there’ll be no scratches. That’s why most people do self-car wash to ensure their cars are absolutely taken care of. Here the best-selling and highly recommended car wash mitt that people are raving about. It’s amazing how good the reviews were and how high the rating for this product. No wonder since it’s definitely a high-performing car wash mitt for such an inexpensive price.

You can’t help but be particular about the car care products you purchase since your car is not something easy to come by. You can’t help but take great good care of it since it’s a huge investment that you want to use for a very long time. It’s pretty understandable why you would want to use the best car wash mitt in washing your car. This product can hold so much more car washing solution and it fits easily in your hands so you can wash your car with ease. It’s lint-free so you can guarantee a scratch-free car wash performance. This is made of double-sided chenille microfiber which is gentle on your car’s surface but can effectively wash your car. Its plush microfiber is also safe to use on your car paint and other delicate car surfaces.

BlueCare Automotive Premium Microfiber Car Wash Mitt

Here’s another great car wash mitt we found which has insanely high ratings from satisfied people who were able to use this. There’s little or almost none negative comments about this, it’s that good. You don’t want to use a car wash maintenance tool that’s low grade for your precious car, won’t you? Don’t limit yourself with some cheap imitations out there, invest on a good car wash mitt. This car wash mitt is made of durable and high-density product that can last for such a long time. It’s made of high-fibre materials which can efficiently spread any car wash soap you’d use. You can also use this wet or dry.

You can have a more effective cleaning session for your car with this car wash mitt. It’s lint-free and scratch free so you don’t have to worry if you wanted to have you care washed multiple times a week. You can even use this car wash mitt indoors or outside, it’ll dry really quickly and cleaning this mitt is super easy and hassle-free. The plush chenille microfiber material used in this car wash mitt is able to hold dust and other grime your car might have without releasing the nasty particles into the air. When you purchase this product, you can also get a free bonus microfiber cloth with this. You can give this mitt a good rinse after each time you use it and it won’t fray easily.

Griot’s Garage 10268 Micro Fiber Wash Mitt

Here’s another car wash mitt you can check out if you’re looking for a high-quality product that can last for quite a long time and will give you your money’s worth. This mitt is made of soft microfiber material which is not only gentle for your car’s paint but is also safe for your overall vehicle. Even though you use this multiple times to your car, it won’t leave any marks or scratches that might aggravate you. You’ll just get the right clean and efficient output you desire for your car.

Cleaning this car wash mitt is super easy and quick. You can wash then in your washing machine and it won’t be damaged in any way. This car wash mitt can hold so much water and soap suds it can even carry more than an expensive sheepskin mitt. The design for this car wash mitt was made without a thumb area so you can use both sides of this mitt whenever you wanted or needed to. This is very absorbent and quick to soak car wash soap suds. You can utilize as much of your soap as possible and spread and clean your car efficiently and fast. You can move from one area of your car to another so fast that you can finish your car washing quickly.

Mothers Genuine Lambswool Wash Mitt

Another product we’d like to introduce to you is the Mothers Genuine Lambswool Wash Mitt. This car wash mitt is made of thick wool which can pile and trap dirt and debris on your car efficiently. It won’t release the tiny particles trapped in this car wash mitt unlike other mitts in the market. If you like your car wash mitt with a thumb design then you might like this product. It has a thumb design and a knitted cuff for your comfort and ease. You can also control the fit of this mitt unlike other products in the market.

This product can efficiently hold car soap suds very well and you can also rinse this quickly and easily. This won’t catch any lint at all and is made of the softest and most genuine natural wool there is. You can rest assured your car won’t suffer any scratches or marks when you use this in cleaning your car. This won’t damage your car’s paint as well as your car’s coat even how many times you use this to wash your vehicle. If you’re concerned about your car’s maintenance then this is one great product you can use. When you wash or even wax your car, this is the product most people recommend. You can even use the two bucket style of washing your car, one for the soap and one for the clean water. This car wash mitt can withstand multiple uses under different conditions.

CarCovers Car Wash Mitt

Another car wash mitt we encountered in the market that you might be interested in is the CarCovers Car Wash Mitts. This is a double-sided mitt with a microfiber material which isn’t only durable, it’s also very efficient in cleaning your car. This microfiber fabric is thick and can absorb water as well as any car soap suds very effectively. You can use this car wash mitt multiple times and it won’t fray or get damaged easily. A lot of people are actually pretty satisfied with this product even though how many times they used it. This is a great value mitt you can find in the store. Using this wet or dry is no problem at all.

Anyone can fit this car wash mitt. It fits different hand sizes and securing it to your hand isn’t a problem at all. You can have a scratch-free and mark free car even though you wash it how many times a week. If you’re such a clean freak and you keep on washing your car, vigorously at that, you need not worry since this product is lint free and won’t scratch your car paint and even its finish. You can also use this product for any cleaning chore you have at home. Some people even use this in cleaning their boat, some parts of the house as well as other vehicles. This is eco-friendly too. You don’t need to buy a lot of car wash mitt, you simply wash this up and you can reuse this over and over and it won’t be damaged easily.

Dynamitt Microfiber Dual-sided, Car Wash, and Car Wax Mitt

Last on our list of the best car wash mitt in the market is the Dynamitt Microfiber Car Wash and Wax Mitt. You can use this dual-side car wash mitt for your car washing as well as for car waxing. This is made to fit any hand in car washing. This’ll serve as a perfect partner in your car wash chores. The microfiber material in this car wash mitt is paired with a dual-sided chenille sponge which can make your task of cleaning your car efficient and easy. It also has a towel polishing pad so after you’re done applying and scrubbing your car with car soap suds, you can easily clean up the soap with the clean towel side of the mitt.

This can trap and retain any dirt and debris your car might have. You don’t have to push this around your car needlessly. This can absorb liquids especially oils very well so that you can have a smooth and fast car washing. This mitt doesn’t leave any lint at all. You won’t experience any form of streaking and smearing to your car so you’ll have a peace of mind that your car will be safe with this gentle yet efficient car wash mitt. One thing different about this car wash mitt compared to other products in the market is the elevated side-panel of this mitt which is designed to stop chenille from dragging onto the towel polishing side of the mitt. For different corners of your car, the towel “toe” is specially designed to reach those hard nooks and crannies other car wash mitts can’t reach.


In washing your car, you want to prevent any scratches and markings. You’d want to do a fast and efficient car wash that’ll keep your car clean and good-looking too. You’ll need to use the best car wash mitt to do that. We hope you’re able to find the best one for your car.

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