Best Card Shuffler Reviews 2017

There are people who are great at card shuffling, but we’re not all pros, for some of us have clumsy hands, shuffling can get messy and take up too much time. And for people with arthritis, shuffling can be a tough and painful task. So the next time you plan on having a night of card games, impress your friends with the best card shuffler! Less time shuffling, and more time having fun!

Trademark Poker Casino 6-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

This incredible 6-Deck card shuffler is bound to not waste you and your friends any game time! This takes either standard sized poker cards or bridge sized cards. Just place two halves of your card deck on each side and press the button. The shuffled cards will then come out on a tray, all ready for you to deal again!

This card shuffler takes 4 C batteries and you’ll have to buy them separate. You might find that the sound of cards shuffling perfectly in this machine is quite satisfying. Shufflers like these can also jam on a rare occasion, but it’s easy to open and be adjusted, just slide the inside lever to the side, and the jams never hurt your card, it’s usually only caused by bad quality worn-out cards or uneven placement in the machine. Make sure to put them in at even heights!

If you like to tinker around with mechanical stuff and upgrade them, there are videos online that show you how to rewire this to make it a rechargeable shuffler with a USB power source. Make sure to buy some rechargeable batteries! This deck only takes around 6 seconds to shuffle a full deck and is such a great deal for such a low price!

Laser Sports Casino Deluxe Automatic 4 Deck Card Shuffler

Here we have an automatic card shuffler brought to you by Laser Sports! This is another card shuffler that shuffles at the press of a button! It also takes 4 C batteries or 2 AA batteries and can shuffle up to 4 decks at a time! This card shuffler is known for its durability and smoothness of the shuffling, it’s a lot quieter compared to a lot of other brands, but to silence it even more, you might find that placing it on a mat or a soft surface will help even further. Since this is an automatic card shuffler, you’ll see that sometimes a card will flip sideways, but no big deal,just flip it back.

Make sure you don’t only shuffle one time! Really make it an even and challenging round by pressing the shuffle button 3-6 times. This card shuffler won’t ruin your cards, even worn-out decks! This card can take all sorts of sized cards like UNO and even Cards Against Humanity!

Brybelly Casino 6 Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

Want a shuffler that can last you years? With proper use, of course, Brybelly brings you the Casino 6 Deck Automatic Card Shuffler that’ll last you a long time! You’ll love the look of this thing, too, super sleek and fancy, it’ll add a legit casino-like vibe to your card game sessions! Just like the previous automatic card shufflers mentioned, this takes 4 C batteries, and boy does it go easy on those batteries. It doesn’t take up much power to get this thing to shuffle, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the batteries too often.

This shuffler is really easy to fix if it does start to jam, you can open it up and adjust any screws that might have gone loose and it’ll shuffle just like new again! This one is a little loud, so place it on a soft surface to keep it quiet. This shuffler can shuffle 6 decks at a time so it’s perfect for long card game nights with plenty of people to keep the fun going and the shuffling to a minimum!

CHH 1 to 2 Deck Automatic Playing Card Shuffler

f you’re looking for something smaller and more portable, this card shuffler brought to you by CHH is the one for you! Takes up to 2 decks at a time to shuffle and is also automatic. This shuffler only requires 2 C batteries this time rather than 4, and is really gentle on your cards. Instead of a button, this one has a lever that you hold down for as long as you want it to shuffle, when you think the cards are good to play again, just let go of the lever and grab the freshly shuffled cards from the collection tray and you’re good to go!

Don’t be discouraged about how lightweight this product is, because it’s actually pretty durable.This card shuffler is perfect for on-the-go, I mean, who wants to shuffle cards on vacation? Certainly not me! This product is another fancy looking thing! It’s almost like a cuter version of the Casino 6 Deck Automatic Card Shuffler by Brybelly. Fun-sized and ready to go wherever you’re headed!

Classic Game Collection Manual Card Shuffler

This classy looking little card shuffler is all black and super suave! This is the first manual card shuffler we’ve mentioned in this article, and it definitely doesn’t let down against all the automatic card shufflers! Instead of a button, there is a crank on the side which you turn for as long as you’d like to shuffle. When you’re done just collect the shuffled cards from the tray and deal for another round! Since this is manual, it’ll help you save money as you won’t need batteries. This takes up to 2 decks at a time and is portable, you can easily remove the crank so it takes up less space, and attach it before uses. You won’t have to worry about losing the crank though, thank goodness, because there are little nooks underneath the machine that your crank can attach to when not in use.

This manual shuffler shuffles your cards quick and thoroughly and will never damage or bend your cards! A great thing about this product is that it is super quiet compared to automatic shufflers. If it starts to collect ink from cards that aren’t of the highest quality, after many uses, just clean it off with some rubbing alcohol or soap and water to make sure to keep it looking fabulous and clean!

Trademark Poker 4-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

This card shuffling product by Trademark Poker is all about being specific! It comes in four styles which are; Texas Holdem, Deck Automatic, Deck Deluxe, and Trademark Poker. Two different sizes; 2 deck shufflers which are cheaper, and one that takes 4 decks. You can also pick from two colors which are black and brown, and brown is a nice change when it comes to the color of card shufflers. Although if you’re planning on getting the Texas Holdem version, it only comes in black. Both the 2 deck and 4 deck shufflers require 4 AA batteries to ensure it lasts a good amount of time before having to replace the batteries.

It’s always best to use high quality cards on contraptions like these, to avoid jamming and flipping which can happen when it comes to automatic card shufflers. Just like it is harder to shuffle worn-out and bad quality cards with just your hands, the machine can sometimes find it a little harder as well. But it’s always easy to adjust the settings, like many other automatic shufflers it usually only takes a tightening of some screws to get it going again, or you could just make sure to use good cards, it’s not a bad investment compared to continuously having to buy a new deck just because the quality doesn’t come through as expected.

CHH Hand Cranked Card Shuffler (2-Deck)

Another manual shuffler! This Hand Cranked Card Shuffler by CHH can take up to 2 decks and is another lightweight and portable machine! This time we’re dealing with red! So if black isn’t really you’re style and you’d like to add a pop of color to the dealing table, this product is sure to do just that! You’ll find how reliable this thing is when you turn the crank- you can adjust the speed of the shuffling, unlike automatic shufflers, so as to steer clear of little jams. Won’t bend or hurt your cards and is a great product with great quality! Expect to save money on batteries because well, you already know why. It’s manual, of course. It’s easy to clean, just like Classic Game Collection’s Manual Card Shuffler, all it takes is a little rubbing alcohol to do the job, you don’t have to worry about the alcohol ruining anything because there is nothing electric in this

Super durable, will last you a long time without having to tinker with it to get it going again. And just like that previous manual shuffler, this product allows you to remove the crank when not in use and attach it to the underside of the contraption for easy storage. Make sure to use standard sized cards on this machine and you won’t regret purchasing this product, especially at a price like this!

CHH 6-Deck Card Shuffler

So sleek and jazzy! This automatic card shuffler also by CHH looks like it came fresh out of a Las Vegas casino! Shuffling up to 6 decks at a time, this shuffler will save you loads of time and effort during small get togethers or large card sessions! Takes 4 C batteries and is surely energy efficient.

The details on this machine are beautiful and will also make a nice addition as a table piece. Providing excellent display and an awesome purpose- it shuffles your cards just by pressing the button. Super sturdy and not exactly lightweight, it isn’t really meant for being portable. Just like other automatic card shufflers, this might be a little noisy for some, but for only a few seconds before each game, who really cares? No one because no one would rather shuffle instead of using this heaven-sent product!

What To Look For

When looking for a card shuffler, identify the main use, and I don’t mean just shuffling cards. What size cards will you be playing this with? And the material of the cards so as not to damage your playing cards or the card shuffler. Standard sized playing cards (which is about 5.5 at height and 4.25-4.5 at the width) work best on most card shufflers.

Another thing to consider before purchase is what kind of games you’ll be playing and how many decks you’ll be needing at a time. There are many card shufflers that take several decks so this is something to think about. There are also automatic shufflers that shuffle at the press of a button, and ones that have cranks for you to do manually, although it’s not very manual if you consider actually having to shuffle them with just your hands.

Pick a card shuffler that is good for the price, don’t just instantly go for the cheapest, thinking you’ll save money because if it’s of bad quality then that’s not really the best investment you can make. Also, don’t go buying the most expensive either, quality doesn’t always equal to expensive. Opt for something reasonable and durable, make sure to always read the reviews and check out the specs to find the perfect card shuffler for you!


Always opt for quality when it comes to these things. Durability and functionality are just some of the most important things to recognize when it comes to purchasing any product, but especially with card shufflers. Automatic shufflers look cool and are fun, if you get the right one, let it shine with amazing quality. However, manual shufflers are usually a little more reliable, but that all depends on the owner, and another great thing about manuals is that you don’t have to count on being battery-prepared.

Properly read on each product before making a choice to ensure that you pick the right one for you and get the best bang for your buck! Happy shuffling!

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