Best Carports Reviews 2017

One of the many problems that anyone who has a car faces almost on a daily basis, is looking for a place to park. This problem is not only experienced in the office, in malls, in schools, but also in your very own home.

At home, most people have garages for their cars, but what if you don’t have a garage? What will you do? Most people rent out a parking space while the more practical ones buy a carport.

There are many affordable carports you can buy in the market. The real problem is knowing which one to buy. To help you, here are some of the best carports that you can choose from.

Abba Patio 10 x 20-Feet Domain Outdoor Carport with Steel Legs, White

Best Carports

Among the many carport brands, the Abba Patio carport is one of the top carports sold today. It has a triple-layer of UV polyethylene top that is woven to be water-resistant. It also has a coated 1.5 inch in diameter steel frame, which is resistant to chipping and rusting. Just the right dimension to support the entire system along with the foot pads that comes with it.

The tarp cover is fastened with heavy-duty bungees that secure the top of the steel frames. The UV resistance feature also makes it ideal not just a carport, but other uses, especially when used to shade you or your family.

One downside to the product though is its thin steel frames or stakes which is not ideal to be used on hard soil since they will most probably thin. You should be careful in buying carports of this style.

King Canopy 18 x 20 ft. Hercules Canopy Carport

Best Carports

The King Canopy carport stands at a height of 11.5 feet at its tallest and can shelter two cars utmost or a large patio. The eight 1.9 inch in diameter poles with the powder-coated frames and steel bars keeps the thing upright and firm when used. The tarp cover is made of polyethylene which makes the tarp sturdy against daily use.

However, although the carport for sale is known to be sturdy, it is not advised to use against hard soil types and rocky soil beds. This is because using the product in this type of environment may cause the bars to bend or break.

Arrow Free Standing Car Port, 10 by 20-Feet

Best Carports

The Arrow Free Standing carport is one of the new carports today that is slowly becoming more and more popular in the market. One feature that makes it popular is the galvanized steel that is fashioned to be rust and corrosion resistant. The carport also has a coverage of 1507 cubic feet, which makes it ideal for use as a single car protection as well as for other uses such as gazebo, patio, etc.

The parts and pieces of the product are all pre-cut and pre-drilled for easier assembly. Because of this, you can easily dismantle and assemble the product where you want it to be.

One important thing to note about this carport deal is that the roof material has interlocking channels that people who do not know how to do may find rather difficult to do. If you will follow the instructions properly and do it effectively, this will not be a problem.

Garden Winds Universal Replacement Canopy for 10′ x 20′, Carport

Best Carports

The Garden Winds Replacement Canopy is one of those inexpensive carports that is a perfect alternative for universal 10’ x 20’ carport canopy. The product has a heavy duty polyethylene make with grommet rings installed all over the item at every 18 inch interval. It also comes with bungee ball cords for easier and more secure installation.

A downside to this product though is that it only comes in white color. If you are someone who is looking for something with a darker color, this item is not for you. Also, the product does not come with frames and bars because it serves as a replacement canopy only.

What are Carports?

For those of you who are wondering what a carport is, it is actually a covered structure that is used as an alternative for a garage. It is used to provide protection for vehicles against natural elements like rain, heavy wind, etc.

Most carport structures are installed through metal frames and bars, but there are also those that are installed through attaching to the wall. Most people may think that carports are a waste of time and the garage is better, but there actually many things that a good carport can have a use for.

Carports are used mainly as protection for cars. It is easier to install and dismantle so it is very easy to carry along with you, especially when you transfer or move house. It also allows additional space for owners and is less likely to be burglarized because of its open nature. Not to mention, it is also cheaper.

Aside as a mini-garage, carports can also be used an entertaining center outdoors or a mini-tent during picnics. It can also be used as agricultural storage and nursery or greenhouse, especially for those who love to plant. It can also be used as utility storage if you do not want it to house your car. For a further stretch, it can even be used as a shelter for your patio or a relaxing area beside your pool.

There are still many creative ways on how you can use your carport. So when you think about it, if you buy one, it will actually serve as an investment for you.

What to Look For

If you are going to buy quality carports, you must not buy immediately. You must consider some very important factors first.

The first factor that you should look into is the type of carport you need. There are many types of carports. You have to identify which type best suits your needs.

You must also consider the type of material used. There are carports that are made of polycarbonate, timber, metal, and fiberglass. You must consider which one you prefer. Metal carports are the most popular purchase.

Next, check the price. If you want to buy cheap carports, you have to make sure that the price is not too cheap but not too expensive as well. This goes along with the quality of the product as well. When you purchase carports, make sure that carport cost equates with the quality of the item. There are products that are sold with too high prices, but poor quality. You have to check this one thoroughly.

Next is the size. You must consider the size of the carport that you will need. Your carport size must be wider and higher than that of your car. This is to make sure that you will not have difficulty moving around as well as pulling your car in and out.

After you check all of those, you have to make sure that you also install a drainage system of some sort to collect the water after cleaning or rainwater. You must also examine these factors in a carport and if you find two or more that suit you, compare them again until you are left with the carport that suits you best.

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