Best Casual Shorts For Women Reviews 2017

Shorts have been a part of any ladies’ wardrobe for several years. They do not just offer comfort to girls, but also give them attractiveness as they get to expose their legs while keeping them cool. Shorts are especially extremely popular during summer season or in places such as tropical countries. As it merely covers the upper legs, it offers the wearer enough air to be refreshed.

Shorts can be worn in formal occasions, but they are typically worn in casual days. Furthermore, there are also several kinds of shorts such as athletic shorts, short shorts, Bermuda shorts, low-rise shorts, knee-length shorts and a lot more. There are certainly hundreds of shorts to choose from that it will be quite hard to choose which one will fit you the most.

Shorts come with several uses and it’s not a huge secret if you are interested in buying new shorts that you can add in your wardrobe. If you want to know the leading casual shorts in the market, then you must definitely read the list we gathered below. While we’re on that topic, we also encourage you to tackle some history about shorts and how they were developed. To know more, read on and enjoy!

Simplicity Women Summer Shorts

Simplicity Women Solid Colored Elastic Drawstring Waistband Summer Shorts Blue S

The Simplicity Women Summer Shorts is definitely among the best casual shorts for women. This product is made out of polyester and rayon, to guarantee you an ideal kind of shorts because it is soft and breathable. Furthermore, this short is also available in 14 different colors and patterns such as multi tribal, pink, blue and olive.

It comes with a mid-rise elastic waistband, so it can fit your figure perfectly. Moreover, it is also equipped with 2 side pockets where you can place some things such as keys or mobile phone. It is fashionable enough to wear outside, but also good enough to be worn inside your home. In conclusion, if you want a new casual short for sale then go for the Simplicity Women Summer Shorts.

HDE Women’s Denim Booty Shorts

HDE Women's Solid Color Ultra Stretch Fitted Low Rise Moleton Denim Booty Shorts (Black, X-Small)

Want the cheapest casual shorts for women? Then we recommend getting the HDE Women’s Denim Booty Shorts. This product is made out of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, so you can have a wonderful experience wearing this one. Moreover, it is also available in different colors such as sky blue, hot pink, light purple and dark blue.

This one comes with a button closure, as well as a button-fly with zipper. Additionally, because of its materials, this denim is able to be stretchable so it can fit you better. Planning to buy this? This one can be set on low tumble dry and can also be ironed. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a cheap casual short deal then go for the HDE Women’s Denim Booty Shorts.

Chic Classic Collection Women’s Bermuda Short

Chic Classic Collection Women's Relaxed Fit Flat Front Elastic Waist Bermuda Short, Black Denim, 6

Planning to buy casual shorts for women? Then we are positive that you’d love getting the Chic Classic Collection Women’s Bermuda Short. This product is available in 3 colors such as black denim, mid shade and dark shade. Additionally, this product is also made out of cotton, polyester and spandex, the percentage only differs depending on the product.

Because of its outstanding materials, this one comes with a flat elastic waist that is comfortable and easy to wear. It also comes with a lerner leg opening and a slash front pocket. All in all, if you want a good casual short then getting the Chic Classic Collection Women’s Bermuda Short is certainly a great and wonderful choice.

Jag Jeans Women’s Ainsley Pull On Bermuda Short

Jag Jeans Women's Ainsley Pull On Classic Bermuda Bay Twill, Stone, 0

Want something from the top casual short brand? Then go for the Jag Jeans Women’s Ainsley Pull On Bermuda Short! This product is made out of different materials such as 25% rayon, 3% spandex and 72% cotton. This one is also available in different colors such as stone, citrus orange, sweet lemon and garden olive.

This one comes with a double welt back pockets to add a simplistic style in your overall look. Furthermore, this one is also comes with a pull-on waist band so it stays flat all throughout the day. In a nutshell, the Jag Jeans Women’s Ainsley Pull On Bermuda Short may not sound like an inexpensive casual short, but it is certainly worth giving a try.

DKNY Jeans Women’s Bermuda Walking Shorts

DKNY Jeans Ladies' Bermuda Short, Coral, 2

Want an affordable casual short? Then go for the DKNY Jeans Women’s Bermuda Walking Shorts. This product is made out of comfortable materials that are 98% cotton and 2% spandex. It comes with a side cargo pocket along with a snap closure and a zipper closure, which gives you the liberty to easily wear it for days.

Additionally, it comes with 5 belt loops, so your shorts don’t slip easily. Also, the company offers this casual short in 5 different colors such as military green, olive, khaki, coral and black. It comes with a YKK zip fly along with the brand DKNY. In conclusion, if you want something from a reputable brand then you must certainly go for the DKNY Jeans Women’s Bermuda Walking Shorts.

What is a casual short?

Shorts weren’t invented on their own. The truth is, the way it was developed seem like an evolution. Around 1890s, pants were extremely popular wear, but for aesthetic reasons, knee pants rose to the surface. Later on, around 1900s, knickerbockers or knickers were also developed although it was only primarily marketed for young boys.

Around 1930s, women also began wearing shorts as a fashion statement. The industry for shorts really boomed out when service men wore shorts during their military service. Profanity in the public such as showing of the legs was strongly loathed before, especially for women, but when men started wearing it for service, tradition or casual events; it began being okay for women too.

Ever since then, wearing shorts became a norm not just for men, but also for women. Today, there are several kinds of casual shorts such as board shorts, Bermuda shorts, daisy dukes, boxer shorts, cargo shorts, hot pants, gym shorts and culottes. These are just some of the shorts anyone can choose from, so it’s no secret that you have variety of choices.

What to look for in a casual short?

Obviously, there are several kinds of casual shorts that it is almost hard to keep up. Casual shorts are the kind of clothing that you can wear comfortably and easily. Before even engaging into buying a short, it is important to take some important factors into consideration. Factors such as the right size, the right materials as well as other important features like embroidered details and pockets.

We certainly believe that every woman must have a short, whether for outings or for home use. These products can be bought in nearby stores, but can also be bought online. Fortunately, the products we included in this list are 100% trustworthy and most of them gives a money back guarantee in case the product disappoints you.

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