Best Casual Skirts Reviews 2017

A skirt is typically worn around the hip or waist area to cover half or most of the legs. For most women, skirts are a huge part in their everyday fashion whether it is for a formal occasion or casual days. These skirts may either reach the ankles, knees or above the knees, depending on the user’s taste or preference.

There are definitely different kinds of skirts, but in this article, we’d like to tackle the type of skirt that you can use every day as well as pair it with any kind of clothing. Introducing, casual skirts! The ultimate problem solver when women hate wearing shorts or pants. In simplest terms, because they are extremely easy to put on, a lot of people prefer wearing this instead.

If you are planning to check and see the latest casual skirts in the market then you have found the right page! In this article, we are planning to give you the leading products and brands that are worth giving a try. Furthermore, if you want to know more about this item’s history and certain things to look for before buying one then read what we gathered below.

Thanth Women’s Elastic Waist Band Pencil Skirt

Thanth Womens Elastic Waist Band Scuba Fabric Pencil Skirt, ROYALBLUE, XS

Interested to get something from the top casual skirt brand? Then go for the Thanth Women’s Elastic Waist Band Pencil Skirt! This product is made out of imported materials because they used 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Furthermore, with this casual skirt, you can have variety of options with 40 different colors such as: royal blue, hot pink, fuchsia and beige.

Additionally, with this one, you don’t have to worry picking the right size as it is available in 9 sizes ranging from x-small to 4X that will be suitable for plus sized women. This skirt can be tumble dried and machine washed just never try to bleach it. To put it briefly, as one of the most affordable casual skirts in the market, we certainly recommend buying the Thanth Women’s Elastic Waist Band Pencil Skirt.

LL Womens Solid Flare Midi Skirt

LL WB1105 Womens Lightweight Fold Over Flared Midi Skirt M BLACK

As one of the cheapest casual skirts for sale, we certainly believe that you’d love getting to know the LL Womens Solid Flare Midi Skirt. This skirt is made out of 5% spandex and 95% rayon, which means that it is extremely comfortable yet lightweight to use. This one is a flare midi skirt that is available in 16 different colors such as: dark purple, royal brite, teal, pink and lilac.

If you are planning to get this one, it can be machine wash cold and be on gentle cycle; however, we recommend not bleaching it to maintain its outstanding color. As an inexpensive casual skirt, we know that you’d love getting the LL Womens Solid Flare Midi Skirt. It comes with 6 available skirt sizes, so you can have different options to choose from.

MBJ Womens Stretchy Flared Skater Skirt

MBJ WB211 Womens Basic Versatile Stretchy Flared Skater Skirt S BLACK

The MBJ Womens Basic Versatile Stretchy Flared Skater Skirt is also among the best casual skirt deal you will ever find. This product is made out of 10% spandex and 90% polyester, to guarantee that it is sturdy and comfortable. Additionally, with this skater skirt, you can choose from 41 different colors such as: black, sea green, jade, neon lime and sea green.

Additionally, this one is also available in 5 different sizes from: small, medium , large, XL and XXL. It is an elastic skater skirt equipped with an elastic inner band so it doesn’t fall whenever you are using it. If you want a cheap casual skirt that is good enough to wear everyday then you must definitely go for the MBJ Womens Basic Versatile Stretchy Flared Skater Skirt.

TRENDY UNITED Women’s High Waist Maxi Skirt

TRENDY UNITED Women's Rayon Spandex High waist Shirring Maxi Skirt with Pockets (HPNK, Small)

Buying a casual skirt that is worth getting? Then go for the TRENDY UNITED Women’s High Waist Maxi Skirt. This product is a high-waist maxi skirt that you can use on formal gatherings and casual hangouts. Furthermore, this one also comes with a 16 different colors such as hot pink, teal, charcoal, heather grey and royal blue.

It uses a 5% spandex and 95% rayon, which makes it extremely soft, comfortable and comes with an easy flowing material. Additionally, this skirt also comes with a pocket, so you can easily place your phones or keys, something which most skirts do not have. In a nutshell, the TRENDY UNITED Women’s High Waist Maxi Skirt is a good casual skirt that is almost too hard to miss.

Hika Women’s Elastic Waist A-line Midi Skirt

Hika Women's High Elastic Waist Flare Pleated A-line Midi Skirt (S, Black)

Looking for a new casual skirt? Then try the Hika Women’s Elastic Waist A-line Midi Skirt. This product is made out of 100% polyester, which makes it soft and very comfortable. Additionally, this one, like most of our products in this list comes in 13 different patters such as swallow gird, red flower, black grid and yellow.

It is a high-waist skirt, which you can easily pair with other clothes and even mix and match. The manufacturer currently offers this in 6 different sizes from small to a plus-size measurement of 3X. To sum up, the Hika Women’s Elastic Waist A-line Midi Skirt may seem like an expensive casual skirt, but it is certainly one of the good ones that you must not miss.

What is a casual skirt?

In one snap, skirts can make any lady feel sassy, sexy and elegant. Ever since it was invented, it has been a part of humanity’s culture as well as our everyday lives. Did you know that back then, women as well as men can also wear skirts for traditional occasions? The culture still lives on, but only some Scotsmen get to wear their kilts.

As years pass however, skirts became more inclined and marketed for women. As a matter of fact, around 19th century, skirts were used to emphasize a woman’s hips, as seen on traditional paintings of the women before. They were incredibly long and huge that some women had a hard time wearing and carrying it.

Sometime in 20th century, as the culture moved on, skirts become more manageable and restructured according to women’s bodies and comfort. As years moved, the skirts became shorter and shorter from ankle length, to below the knees to knee length. The reason for this is to not sexualize women, but because there was a scarce for garment during those years.

Several kinds of skirts arrived such as pencil skirts, skater skirts and miniskirts that it is almost hard to keep up. Below we’d like to guide you further on how to find the right casual skirt for you.

What to look for in a casual skirt?

Before purchasing anything, it is important to mind what kind of material is being used to your skirt. You must be familiar with these kinds of materials and know which one is acceptable for you. There are several kinds of materials used for skirts, but the most common are cotton, spandex, nylon, polyester, wool, linen and silk.

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