Best Cat Harness Reviews 2017

If you’re a cat or a pet owner, you know how difficult it is to get them to wear harnesses. This is mainly because they find them so uncomfortable. But, you also realize the importance of harnesses for their security and the control it gives you especially when walking them on the streets.

Guess what? This won’t be a concern for you anymore! In this post, we introduce you to some of the finest cat harnesses available on the market. Your pets would simply fall in love with them as they’re highly comfortable to wear and walk, without exerting any pressure on their delicate throat and neck areas.

PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash

Petsafe’s Come with me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash is the best gift you could give to your cat. This bungee leash design feature helps you secure your pet every time they reach the end if the leash. It stretches up to 6 feet. The carefully designed leash is made for perfect fit for your cat and also comes with additional adjustments for a snug, safe, and comfortable fit. They come with sternum slide adjustments for added comfort.

It is built to apply a gentle pressure on your cat’s shoulders and not in their delicate throat area. Made from 3/8 inch Nylon material, the leash is 100% safe and gentle on their soft body. They come in three sizes – Small (9-10 inch girth), Medium (10 1/2-14” girth), and Large (13-18” girth).

Your cat will love you for this fantastic gift which’ll truly make those walks you take with them much better not only for them, but for you as well!

OxGord Collar Harness

OxGord’s collar harness is loved by the pets and their owners alike. Designed with the comfort and care of the pets, these harnesses deliver on every aspect where most harnesses fail. The comfortable breathable padding around the neck makes sure that it doesn’t cause any sense of discomfort for your pet. You can be completely sure about the fitting as OxGord provides you with adjustable straps so the fitting to be adjusted to your liking.

This Airline Airport approved harnessed helps you get rid of the problems of tugging and pulling of traditional collars. Select the Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large size depending on the chest and neck dimensions of your per cat or dog. The fact that the harness is made of mesh lining makes it extremely comfortable and easy for your pet to get used to it as it allows good airflow. They come in exciting range of colors to choose from. Truly, one of the most used cat harnesses out there that you must definitely check out!

Kitty Holster Cat Harness

Want to give your pet literally an award-winning walking vest? This cat harness, brought to you by Kitty Holster, would be perfect for your cat no matter how big or small it is. They come in four different sizes such as XS, S/M, M/L, and XL.

Made from the soft, non-abrasive undyed cotton lining, this is 100% safe and comfortable for your cat. Cotton materials are breathable and suit all types of skin, leaving no gap for discomfort whatsoever. Additionally, the harness comes with secure hook, loop closures, and D-ring to help you attach the leash firmly so you get good grip and control over the movements of your beloved pet.

If that’s not enough, you’d be glad to know that Kitty Holster’s association with charitable work is sure to bring you some good will every time you buy a product from the. 10% of the profits earned through this cat harness are donated to Crazy K Farm Poultry animal rescue and sanctuary.

Puppia Authentic RiteFit Harness

Puppia brings to you this authentic pet harness having adjustable neck fittings so it’s not inconvenient for your pets. It comes in 4 sizes – Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large so you could easily select the size that’d fit your pet. The size is dependent on the neck and girth dimensions of the pet and could be easily figured from the size chart that Puppia provides.

This Soft Harness is made especially keeping in mind your pet’s comfort needs and their soft skin. The adjustable chest belt adds to their comfort as you always get to check the fit before you take your per out for a walk. The quick-release buckles around the neck are easy to manage.

The polyester mesh lining makes the harness breathable and easy on the skin. Plus, there’s piping on the edges so your pet doesn’t have to deal with the rough and sharp edges anymore. They come in about 10 different shades of color. Pick the one that best goes with your pet’s style!

Best Pet All Season Pet Harness

This affordable pet harness is brought to you by Best Pet Supplies. These vest-type harnesses make for a small comfortable dress for your pets making them look smart and pretty every time you take them out!

Well, that was just the icing on the cake. Why should you really for this harness? It is easy to wear and comes with great many adjustments so you can get the desired fitting. The adjustable Velcro strap fastener and buckle, makes it as easy to release as it is to wear this harness. Additionally, it has D-rings that allow leash attachment.

Thanks to the breathable mesh fabric, this harness can be used in all types of weather conditions without causing any inconvenience to your pet. Coming in five different sizes and a wide range of color options, you get the chance to pick the harness that’s perfect for your pet and let them walk in style!

Expawlorer No-Pull Harness

Brought to you by Expawlorer, these pet harnesses are stylish and come in a variety of cool colors combination. If your pet won’t appreciate the cool design of these harnesses, it’ll definitely be impressed with the comfort these harness provides it with.

Giving you the 5 different sizing options to choose from, the manufacturers have made sure that your pet doesn’t have to make any compromise when it comes to the size. In addition to looking great, the material used to make these cat/pet harnesses are highly durable and scratch-resistant.

The soft padding along with the mesh lining in the chest and the belly area make this a highly comfortable harness for your cat. The nylon ebbing with a reflective material helps you during the night by providing good visibility. It also comes with sturdy handles which makes it secure and easy to latch onto your car seatbelt.

Halti Training Harness

Haiti training harness for the pets is brought to you by Company of Animals. This inexpensive harness comes in 3 sizes for you to choose from – Small, Medium, and Large, based on the girth dimension of your pet.

The harness was especially created to solve the problems of pets pulling the harnesses that were fastened around the neck. The clever design allows you to attach the leash to the chest strap on the front, giving you complete control over your pet’s movements and the direction.

In addition to being highly convenient for pets, this harness also makes your life a lot easier. The harness simplifies the training process of your pets as they’re more likely to follow your directions. It also makes for a great accessory to convince your pet for behavioral therapy and at the same time, allows you to calm your aggressive or boisterous pets.

This also works well to take away the pressure from the delicate neck and throat region, which might lead to damage especially for the young pets. It comes in the fantastic color combination of black and red.


The use of a harness can never be undermined for a pet. Actually, it’s the pet owners that stand to benefit more from them. They make you more relaxed giving you a better control over your pets’ movements every time you take it out for a walk. You could read your newspapers while holding the far end of the leash in your hand fully trusting the fact that your pet won’t go anywhere.

While pets tend to not like harnesses as they chain them to their owners, they definitely like harnesses that are comfortable and easy to wear. That’s why it’s highly critical that you buy good quality harnesses for your pet, whether it’s a cat, dog, or even a bunny!

With that in mind, we walked you through some of the top-rated harnesses that are present on the market at the moment. We also discussed their features along with the buying options such as colors and size. We are hopeful now that you have a fair idea about the type of harness that would be perfect for your pet in all aspects.

Remember, your priority should always be the comfort of your pets and if you have to spend some time or money for it, we’d say it’ll be fully worth it!

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