Best Cat Leash Reviews 2017

Walking your cat may not be often heard as “walking your dog”, but it’s truly a cool thing to do with your kitty pet. It’s a great activity for cats as they get to see a broader world around them. But to do this thing, you must first get the best cat leash that will help you get a hold of your cat.

PetsLovers Premium Leash

The PetsLovers Premium Leash is a lightweight leash for small pets such as cats and small puppies. This item is made from soft webbing that’s durable yet comfortable. It also features a special metal hook that’s tough yet lighter than other brands, which means that it won’t be heavy on your cat’s neck. This one has a length of 6 feet made from nylon along with a soft padded handle to make sure that your hands won’t hurt and you’re as relaxed as your pet.

Currently, this leash is being sold in variety of colors such as black, red, blue, reflective red and reflective blue. The PetsLovers Premium Leash offers a 100% money back guarantee and offers cash refund if the leash somehow disappointed you. As the top cat leash in the industry, we’re confident that you won’t waste your money in this one.

URPOWER CatLeash Harness

The URPOWER CatLeash Harness is made from heavy construction materials. It’s made from 2 layers of thick red nylon and blue jeans for longevity and durability while giving you control and offering your pet comfort. The orange nylon stitching makes it possible for the leash to be tear and wear resistant.

It’s perfectly sized and is equipped with a heavy duty hardware that securely holds the leash securely. The metal parts are also rust resistant, so it won’t wear out even for a long time. With its soft texture with no edges on buckles as well as the buckles, it will surely not cause any chaffing over your pet’s skin. Lastly, the URPOWER CatLeash Harness is considerably stylish yet simple to look at, so it definitely is a great product to buy.

LED Dog Leash by Illumiseen

The LED Dog Leash by Illumiseen is probably one of the most unique and modernized type of cat leash. It’s available in 4 and 6 feet and features a glowing and bright construction. If you’re prone to getting out during night hours with your cat, then having this one will benefit you as it features a glowing LED leash. It’s user-friendly and fully adjustable as it features light modes to steady, rapid flashing and slow flashing with just one click.

Additionally, since this item uses LED, it will have to need electricity. Good thing it’s rechargeable and lasts for 5 hours every time it’s charged for 1 hour. No hassle for constant replacement for battering and leaves you to save more. The LED Dog Leash by Illumiseen, you and your cat will certainly be safer wherever you go.

Chai’s Choice Pet Leash

The Chai’s Choice Pet Leash is available in variety of colors and sizes, so it’s certain that you’ll be able to find one that fits your taste. It’s made with padded soft mesh, nylon webiing and ergonomic design. Additionally, with the 3M reflective material, it’s ensured that you’d have better visibility during day and night.

This item is being sold in black, blue, pink, orange and green. Moreover, it’s also offered in 44” medium, 78” medium, 44” large and 78” large. Furthermore, with the duraflex leash attachment that’s made from a lightweight zinc alloy, this leash is securely attached to your pet, despite their size and weight. As a summary, the Chai’s Choice Pet Leash is a wonderful choice for your cat.

Nyacorp LED Pet Leash

The Nyacorp LED Pet Leash is a 24 inch LED strip that’s available in green, blue, pink, orange, red and yellow. This item increases your cat’s visibility, making it easier to be found and noticed by vehicles. This item is light weight, comfortable and user friendly as it runs on battery that can be changed once it’s dried out. The LED strip can change modes from rapid flashing, slow flashing to steady mode, all in one click.

On top of that, it’s sturdily built and well-constructed so it will surely last for a long time. This leash has a size of 48 x 1 x 0.1 inches and is ideal for light and nice ambient walking. It offers an ultimate visibility which results to better safety because it can be seen from all angles.

Soft Mesh Pet Harness by EXPAWLORER

The Soft Mesh Pet Harness by EXPAWLORER is a cute yet safe design for you cat. This item is being offered in XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. Additionally, it’s also being sold in blue, black, red and pink. The leash has a length of 120 cm and is made with 100% cotton shell that’s lightweight and breathable. For safer use and proper convenience, this item is equipped with a padded fit adjustable belt along with a quick release buckle.

If you want to get the best leash for your pet then we suggest measuring the neck girth as well as the chest size of your cat. The unique and back hook design of this one will guarantee that the problem with “tugging” will be reduced as it’s a popular problem among leashes.

Rope Pet Leash by Yellow Dog Design

The Rope Pet Leash by Yellow Dog Design is available in variety of colors such as red, light blue, purple, royal blue and spring green. It’s made from tough polyester that’s better than nylon because it’s stretch-resistant and shrink-resistant. Because of this, it works well even when wet. It’s built for active cats that are willing to travel by the beach or go for a hike.

The Yellow Dog Design offers a 100% guarantee in case the item shows defects, fraying and even fading after 365 days. On the other hand, the hardware is a weather nickel plated alloy that allows you to have an easy on and off access. The loop handle is also stitched to the leash for maximum strength.

Mighty Paw Reflective Pet Leash

The Mighty Paw Reflective Pet Leash is available in black/orange and grey/green color. This one has a size of 6 foot and is made with high quality and weather proof materials for long lasting use. It uses nylon webbing to give you a lightweight yet tough leash. Additionally, for improved comfort, this one’s handle is lined with neoprene padding that’s also odor-resistant.

The reflective stitching on this leash makes it possible for you and your cat to be seen even during dark hours. The Mighty Paw Reflective Pet Leash offers a money back guarantee within the first 90 days after the purchase.

Retractable Dog Leash by COMSUN

The Retractable Dog Leash by COMSUN is a retractable leash that can extend up to 10 feet. It’s made from tangle free nylon leash, which makes it easier to control. The handle and the rope are incredibly durable and easy to use. Simply pull up the brake button using your thumb and it will remain locked until you press the button again.

Additionally, this one is applicable for all types of cats as it can handle weights up to 25 pounds, giving you them maximum freedom yet still under your control. With the Retractable Dog Leash by COMSUN, we’re pretty content that you’d be able to love the idea of this.


A good kind of cat leash will not only benefit your cat, but also you. A well-fitting cat leash will make sure that your cat is comfortable, safe and relaxed while running or hiking outdoors. It’s not a secret that walking outside is fun and soothing, so there’s absolutely no reason for you to leave your feline out of it.

Note that not every cat will appreciate going outside, much less walk on a leash, but they still need have an opportunity to do so. Instead of being stuck between four walls, cats that go outside will be able to use their brain more often as they discover more from the outside world such as smelling new scents and playing around real leaves.

Once you fully decide that you want a harness for your cat, we suggest having a lot of patience getting them to do it. If this is your first time letting your cat do it, then train them inside your home first. Reward them a treat or two to get them interested wearing it, after a few days, practice by bringing them outside.

Having a cat leash will significantly develop your relationship with your cat a lot better. It creates a brand new connection that you and your fellow feline will surely appreciate. We believe that we already did our part by collecting the leading cat leash in the market, so choosing one wouldn’t that be difficult.

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