Best Cat Litter Box Reviews 2017

Cat owners will find that searching for the best cat litter box is not an easy feat. There are many cat litter boxes available in the market. How can anyone choose which is the right one for their pet cat? There are many factors you will encounter in choosing a cat litter box, but it all boils down to whether your cat will love your purchase, or just ignore it and continue spreading their excrements anywhere at your home. You don’t want that happening, nobody wants to clean after the mess of your cat. Searching for the best cat litter box will be narrowed down to these choices. Here’s a list of best cat litter box in the market as of today.

IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box Kit with Shield and Scoop

Who would’ve thought that the most popular and well-reviewed cat litter box to date is as affordable as this one? Not only does this product have a good rating, it also has good reviews from cat owners who were lucky and smart enough to purchase it for their cat.

The design is quite simple and convenient. It has a litter shield you can remove to prevent any spray from the inside. It also has a deep pan design which can keep the litter in and prevent the dirt from going out. Its top design is open which is very convenient since it provides easy access when you clean your cat litter. It also has a litter scoop to match, how cool is that?

This cat litter box measures 19.00″L x 15.00″W x 11.75″H. Its height is good enough to prevent litter spray reaching your flooring. It has a recessed bottom which can fit any space available at your home. The convenient dimensions of this cat litter box appeal to cats who seem to like doing the deed somewhere not cramped and has sufficient room to squat or claw their way down. The splash guard also is a huge feature, making cat owners happy because messy litter spray is prevented.

Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box

Some cats love their privacy, or so we think. This must be true since cats are pretty quiet and sneaky when they’re doing the deed, which is when they urinate or defecate. This product does just that, giving your pet cat their privacy while keeping the cat litter inside and not outside.

This cat litter box has a hood large and easy enough to be lifted in order for you to clean it with ease. It’s also built with a carbon filter that can prevent odors emanating from the litter box to spread on the outside. If you have many cats at home, this is a good litter box you can use since it has good dimensions of 22″L x 20″W x 18″H that is convenient for your cat. This is very roomy and if you have a huge cat, kitty won’t have a problem maneuvering inside the cat litter box. Also included in your purchase of this product is a Magic Blue Litter Box Filter you can try for your cat.

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Regular, Taupe

Another cat litter box we’d like to introduce to you is a self-cleaning litter box. You get that right, it’s a self-cleaning one, how convenient is that? This product garnered mixed reviews, though. But as long as you follow the instructions, and checking out the reviews given by satisfied owners of Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, then you’re good to go. Cleaning up after your cat would be hassle-free once you have this cat litter box, for sure.

After your cat has done what they need to do, you can immediately dispose of their excrement by collecting it. You’ll need to roll the cat litter box until the formed cat litter is caught with the disposing compartment, then you just throw the cat litter out. Make sure not to use too much cat litter, though. Just fill it enough for each session your cat needs.

Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, Litter Box Kit System, 1 Kit

Tidy Cat’s Cat Litter Box Kit has 1 box of cat litter, one scoop, 1 bag of specially made pellets and 4 pads which are very convenient for its price. This cat litter box and its cat litter have amazing odor control. This is made possible with it unique system and design of separating urine from top to bottom of the cat litter box. The pads included actually catches and absorb the urine which flows from above the litter box due to gravity. What’s even more amazing is the pads included in the kit can last up to one month before it needs to be replaced.

The special pellets included in the kit are actually dehydrating pellets. What it does is it maintains dryness of solid wastes in order to lessen tracking and make your life easier. This cat litter box boasts being 99.9% dust free. You can actually buy refills for the litter pellets and cat pads in the market if you find it agreeable for you and your cat.

Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome

Presenting to you this dome-shaped litter box which has a cleaning step design for your cat’s convenience. Although it is a little bit pricey, the reviews and ratings given by those who were able to purchase this product are beyond belief, you got to try this one for your kitty. This quality product is made of durable material, though, which is why the price is reasonable. So far, many good things are said about this product.

The specially designed steps of this cat litter box actually catches the extra cat litter your kitty might bring outside after doing their deed inside the litter box. You’ll find that this can accommodate a large cat and even though your cat might fling around cat litter all over the cat litter box’s inside, it is guaranteed there will be no mess due to its design. The cat litter box is also able to contain most of the nasty smell from your cat litter due to its carbon paper included in the package.

Merry Products Pet House and Litter Box

This cat litter box is a little bit pricey, but for a good reason. The cat litter box not only serves as your cat’s comfort room, it is also a nice decoration for your home and no one would think it’s actually a cat litter box. The design is so posh and you can actually place it in your living room and it would suit well with your living room decors thanks to its elegant design.

It has an attractive design measuring 18.5 x 16.5 x 18.5 inches. This cat litter box is multi-functional. You can use it as a small table top which is very deceiving since it is actually for your cats. You don’t need to do any tricky assembling. After purchasing this, it is good to use. The white color gives a clean and classic look to your litter box. It also has a fiberboard cabinet look, paneling and a stainless steel hardware on the side.

Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

Another multi-functional and attractive cat litter box is Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box. It looks like a large vase for your plant, but with a convenient hole on its body where the cat litter is placed. Actually, you can place a live plant above this cat litter box, and no one would think it is actually hiding a cat litter box inside.

Although this is a little bit pricey, but it is all worth it. Owners of this product swear their cats love to use this and there were no untoward problems they encountered when using this product. It can accommodate a large cat without any problems. The clay pot design is made of durable material polypropylene. It has a vent which filters the dust and odor which is a good feature indeed.

ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If you don’t like the tedious work of scooping cat urine or poo, or both, then you need this in your life. Introducing the Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box. You’ll never scoop a cat litter for the rest of your life thanks to this ingenious product. It comes with a price, though, and it’s very expensive for a cat litter box. Everything comes with a price after all. The convenience this cat litter box brings meant no cleaning, refilling of cat litter or scooping cat waste for one entire week.

It has special crystal litter which can absorb urine and dehydrates the waste of your cat, thus eliminating odor in an instant. It has a covered trap that locks away any solid waste so you won’t need to touch or view the nasty-smelling cat poo. A disposable leak-proof tray that has a lid on it allows an easy, fast and hygienic clean-up for you. You can use this with ScoopFree Anti-Tracking Litter Mat to prevent any mess around the cat litter box.

Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Last on our list of best cat litter box we’ve gathered is the Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box. Self-cleaning litter boxes are popular for cat owners. Who would want to scoop and clean cat’s waste? A word of caution, though, self-cleaning cat litter boxes don’t come cheap. This one is not an exception.

This product lives up to its price so you won’t regret purchasing an expensive litter box for your pet cat. It is made of durable and strong materials so it won’t get damaged easily. The size of this litter box is extra-large, a good thing if you have an extremely large cat. It also has high side walls which can prevent spillage of cat litter. For houses with lots of cats, this is a convenient cat litter box your kitty won’t have to bicker to use. Also included in your purchase is a free rake for easy clean-up.


If you are looking for a roomy, easy to clean and convenient cat litter box that fits your budget, then feel free to choose from any of this cat litter boxes we’ve presented. The best cat litter box is within your grasp, you just have to weigh what you wanted and needed in your home. Hopefully, this list has helped you in narrowing down your options, or in helping to convince you which cat litter box you’ll purchase. No matter what you choose, the important thing is your pet cat will love it and it will make your home life easier with less mess and more relaxing times ahead.

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