Best Cat Litter Reviews 2017

Taking care of your pet cat is fun and the memories shared with your darling feline can last forever. Cats have many antics that is lovable. If you’re a pet cat lover, you very well know that they’re known for their distinct personality. You’ll see them sweet and darling one moment, mischievous and mysterious the next.

Although taking care of your feline, whatever breed they are, has an upside, you should know that having a pet cat is a huge responsibility. Aside from taking care of their health, one of the struggles you’ll face when taking care of your pet cat is handling cat litter. There are many cat litter products in the market. Here’s a list of the best cat litter up in the market for you to choose from.

Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Presenting to you the best cat litter in the market is the Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter by Precious Cat. This product is the most popular product you’ll find in the market, and no wonder, since many of this product’s costumers are satisfied with it. Where can you find a cat litter that not only doesn’t contain plant proteins but is also hypoallergenic and good for your little kitty? One of the pet peeves most kitties abhor is too many perfumes or deodorants on cat litters. Well not in this product.

This cat litter contains no perfumes and deodorants which can harm your pet cats. If you’re a believer of using all-natural clumping kitty litter, then this one’s for you. This product has a special ingredient which prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the litter box. Cat owners know what a mess cat litter can be, but with this product, you’ll see that it’s 99.9% dust-free because it uses heavy, non-tracking granules to prevent less mess for you and your kitty.

Disposing of your cat litter is easy. This product makes the cat litter hard as rocks, well-formed and doesn’t break easily making removal easy and shifting through the cat litter hassle-free unlike some cat litters in the market. If you live in a small apartment, keeping an odor-free and less hassle cat litter is one of your top priority to make a happy kitty and happy life.

World’s Best Cat Litter Quick Cat Clumping Formula

WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER 391035 Multiple Cat Clumping Litter Formula, 28-Pound

Another great product you’d want to check out is World’s Best Cat Litter which has a quick cat clumping formula. When you’re living in a small area such as an apartment and odor from cat litter can overwhelm you, this product is a good choice for you. This cat litter has outstanding odor control formula. As indicated, it has a unique formula that let the cat litter to clump easier and faster making it an easy clean-up for you when scooping your little kitty’s poo. You’ll also be happy to find that this product is 99% dust free.

So if you’re looking for a very absorbent cat litter, has odor-control in check and delivers 99% dust-free life for you and your darling feline, then this product is a good choice for you. Weird, but this cat litter seems soft and some reviews from cat owners claim it’s kind of silky. Maybe that’s the reason why most cats readily use it, unlike other cat litters. It has a lavender scent that cats seem to like, and you’ll see that its lightweight texture are easy to sift.

Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter, Multi-Cat, 28 Lbs

If you’re one of those cat owners who’s done everything you can, bought anything and almost everything in the market for a cat litter that your four-legged feline will love to use, then this product might be the answer to your prayers. You won’t need to experiment and combine different kinds of litter for your kitty to love. This product guarantees to have a 7-day odor free home for that nasty smelling cat urine and poo. If you have a purely indoor cat especially during the cold months where your cat will likely stay much of their time indoors, keeping a complete odor-sealing litter is a must. This product seals and destroys odor.

You might’ve stumbled upon the holy grail of cat litter. This cat litter clumps solidly and scooping up the formed cat litter is easy. Sifting through the cat litter is likened to a fine sand on the beach, it’s that soft and silky. Your home won’t reek with odor and there are less powdery cat litter scattered around. This product will guarantee a happy and satisfied cat-rearing person in you.

Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter

Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Clumping, 24/7 Performance, 27-Pound Pail, Pack of 1

Clumping problems are one of the hassles you’ll encounter when using litter boxes. It can be such pain when your cat’s urine and poo turns all crumbly when you try to scoop it out and clean your cat litter. This product is a good performance clumping cat litter out in the market, and what’s even better, is it comes in abig bucket. One bucket of Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter comes in a 27-pound pail. From its name itself, it has a strong clumping action and there’s easy clean-up for your kitty’s urine and feces, no more hassles.

Another good thing about this product? It has triple odor protection. You won’t worry about urine, feces and ammonia odor in your homes anymore. This special feature you’ll surely love is caused by tidy-lock protection that locks away the ammonia, urine, and fecal odors. The product also guarantees 99.6% dust free. This’ll be the last product you’ll get if you’re fond of clay type cat litters.

ScoopFree Litter Tray Refills

Refilling your cat litter is now scoop free, what a relief! Although a little bit pricey, you’ll bear with it if you are a cat owner who doesn’t want the hassles of scooping up again, and again the clumping excrements of your darling feline. You might rather like to have a ready-made refill you can place in one sweep compared to other brands. This product is worth its price, for sure. You’ll surely love the whole system of the refills. The disposable, leak-proof tray has a lid for quick and hygienic clean-up and the productgives you 99% dust-free cat litter.

Compared to other cat litter brands, you’ll find that the special crystals this product is made of absorbs urine and waste five times more compared to other brands, which also means better odor control for your home. You can improve your own cat litter with this product. Each cartridge can last up to 30 days, that’s for households with one cat, though.

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter

Now here’s a product that’s worth its price, an affordable price at that. What’s even more amazing is it’s all natural, but it provides good, hard-clumping action which means easy scooping and clean-up for you when your pet cat poo and/or urinates. If you have a cat who are not so keen on using litter boxes, a major pain in the ass when they start spraying and defecating anywhere in your home, then this product may be the answer to your problem. Cats seem to like this litter box, that’s why most reviews by people who used this product swear they use this as a training litter box for young kitties who needs to orient themselves with the right place to do the deed.

What’s even more amazing about the product is its superior odor control. You won’t trouble with dusty cat litter box anymore. This product is 99.5% dust-proof. For problem cats who shy away from cat litters, the natural herbs this product has will surely make your cat get trained in just a snap.

Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System Unscented Cat Pad Refills

Another product which delivers, although on the pricey side, but it’ll surely make your life easier especially for cat owners who don’t have the time in the world to clean-up the mess of their darling feline. This product has six 10-count pouches of unscented Tidy Cats Breeze Pad Refills that are paired with the Breeze Litter System which is sold separately. All you have to do is buy the refills once you have the Breeze Litter System already, and you’ll surely keep coming back for more once you experience the wonders this product can bring to your cat-filled home.

This product has clean and easy disposable cat pads which can absorb and control urine odor for up to one week, that’s for a household with one cat, though. If you have two cats, it might last for 3 days only. Nevertheless, this product is so convenient and simple to use especially if you have problems lifting heavy cat litter. When you try to clean the litter boxes, they tend to hold up pretty well which is a plus.

Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter

Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Clumping, 24/7 Performance, LightWeight, 17-Pound Pail Pack of 1

This is another Purina cat litter product you can try that is super convenient thanks to its special feature. What’s different from this one, you might ask? This cat litter is so lightweight, it’s 50% lighter actually. It still provides 24/7 clumping performance just like other Purina cat litter products, but this one is powerfully absorbent, super light and provides continuous odor control that you’ll surely love. What’s more, it boasts of being 99.9% dust-free.

Being super lightweight might have its drawbacks, as reviewed by some cat owners who have tried this product. But the super light characteristic of this cat litter means you won’t have to lug around hauling heavy cat litter to your doorstep.

Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Clumping LitterFragrance-Free

This is an underrated product you need to try if you haven’t found the perfect cat litter that is convenient for you and which can satisfy the needs of your feline. This product is highly absorbent and has natural corn fibers which can absorb twice the amount of odor from cat’s piss. Urine and feces are turned into hard clumps and odors are locked so well. This product resists crumbling too, that makes it super amazing. Upon contact, you’ll notice it clumps fast and so well that clean-up becomes such a breeze.

Aside from that, your cats will love this unscented cat litter. Sometimes, the overly scented cat litter some products have causes the cats to hate going near it. Well, not on this one. Most cat owners who used this product find their cats love using this. Plus it has so little dust you’ll love using this for your cats too.


When finding the right cat litter that’ll be the best fit for you and your pet cat, you need to find the best that’s convenient, easy to clean, right on your budget, and one that your cat will really use. Some cat litters are just way too dusty, doesn’t clump the way you like them to, or doesn’t mask the odor the way it should. Finding the best cat litter is hard, but once you find the best partner that is hygienic for your home and the one that your cat will love, then it’s a match made in heaven. Herein is the list of the best cat litter out there. Now it’s up to you to choose the best one for you and your cat among the given items.

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