Best Cat Tree Reviews 2017

Cats have the natural instinct to climb trees. Sometimes, the call of nature gets to them, and next thing you know they are up on that tree, mewing their hearts out because they got stuck on the tree way up high and has no means, or confidence, to come back down. Most cat owners would’ve observed this behavior, at the very least, once in their lifetime. In moments like this, you would’ve thought your cat has a madness attack. But cats are born that way: they come streaking up that tree and get stuck there for you to fetch them down. You can actually divert this cat behavior using the best cat tree in the market. Here’s a list we’ve gathered for the best cat tree you can choose from.

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo

The most talked-about cat tree in the market is surprisingly a simple-styled Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo which is 50-60 inches high and has a single cat house in the middle. What’s appealing about this cat tree is its simplicity and the scratching post which cats seem to love. Climbing, exercising and sleeping on this cat tree are some of the favorite activities your cat will love.

This unit is made from pressed wood and has a covering made of faux fleece. It has a very attractive design and color which is suited for any type of house. It’ll look quite at home in any parts of your house. Your cat can play as much as they want, at a reasonable price. Assembling this product is so fast and easy it’ll only take 10-15 minutes. This cat tree is very sturdy and made of durable materials. This is why it is a very good buy for long-term use. Cats, whatever their weight are, can easily climb and use the facilities provided by this cat tree. This is cat heaven for your kitty, you would want your cat to be happy for sure.

TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Cat Tree

Another simple cat tree that delivers it purpose beautifully is TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Cat Tree. It has pretty good reviews from cat owners who purchased this product. This cat tree has one hammock on top and two pillars supporting it. It’s quite small and simple, yet cats are drawn to it and love it. It’s covered in soft, plush fabric and has a scratching pole wrapped in natural sisal rope.

The hammock on top is supported by a metal ring for additional support and a pom-pom toy dangles on the side for your cat’s enjoyment. For this affordable price and sturdy simple cat litter tree, this is worth it. Cats love it, it’s hassle free and assembling is so easy and quick. You won’t trouble yourself planning where to place this cat tree in your home.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Beige

The best seller product from Go Pet Club is this Tree Furniture cat tree which has a 52 inches height. This cat tree is made of compressed wood, sisal rope and faux fur which is not only good for your cat but is also good for the environment. The medium-sized cat will not have a problem using this product. If your middle-sized cat is fond of climbing trees, and you don’t want to trouble yourself with fetching your pet way up high any tree in your neighbor, then purchasing a cat tree as an alternative is a good choice.

Reviews about this product are good. Cat owners who were able to purchase this find it easy to assemble and convenient to use. Its attractive design is not an eye-sore to be placed at home. Its sleek, beige color actually compliments any home décor. It’s designed with one ladder and 2 perches for your cat. It also has the measurements of 21″W x 21″L x 52″H.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Color

Another Go Pet Club cat tree in the market which has garnered agreeable reviews and ratings from cat owners is the Go Pet Club Cat Tree for small cats. Unlike the previous product we’ve introduced, this is specifically designed for a small-sized feline. The measurements during its conception are made with a small cat in mind. It has two perches which are conveniently placed relatively closer to each other for easier jumping access for your small feline.

This cat tree is also made of faux fur, compressed wood, and sisal rope. It also has a dangling toy situated at the center of the design for your cat’s delight. The cat tree’s smaller size is also good if you are living in an apartment or somewhere where space is limited. Assembling this cat tree is quick and easy. It comes with 10 pieces and instructions in building it up are easy to understand. You can try to check this one out if you have a small-sized cat.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture High Loft

If you don’t mind purchasing an expensive yet sturdy and convenient cat tree, then you might like to check this product if it suits your fancy. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture High Loft is a very tall cat tree, 72 inches tall in fact. It has an attractive brown and white color which can fit any home décor. Cats love climbing high trees. You would know how cats can be. They love to find the highest tree and test their prowess, but a majority of the time they get stuck there and you are left with the problem to get them down from there. With this “high-loft” cat tree, your cat can be the “king of the home jungle” and there would be no problem getting your feline down.

This product is a little bit pricey, though. But if you have many cats at home and you don’t want to trouble yourself with buying multiple cat trees to suit your cats’ fancy, then purchasing a large and tall cat tree that can accommodate multiple cats is the right choice.

Trixie Pet Products

This cat tree is super simple and convenient, yet cats seem to love its simplicity. This product is made of soft, plush material with two pillars supporting it wrapped with sisal rope, a good scratching material for your cat. It has a top platform where your cat can leisurely perch and rest which has extra padding for a soft cat bed. A dangling pom-pom is placed on the last perch where your cat can easily reach and play with it.

We’ve seen this product online with a gray and ivory color, and it looks super chic and cool. Its stylish design can be placed anywhere in your home and it wouldn’t look like a drag furniture. Your pet cat will surely love climbing this cat tree and this is also a good purchase for you since it is very affordable and sturdy that can last a long time.

73″ Cat Tree Scratcher Play House Condo Furniture

Now here is a cat tree your cats would approve. This tall, elegant and fully-furnished cat tree is worth its price. The surface material is made of faux fur and the board is composed of Grade 1 pressed wood with posts covered by sisal rope. The three posts which are included in the design serve as a good scratching post for your cats. If you have many cats at home, then they won’t be bickering for space when using this cat tree. This product is so roomy your cats will have plenty of spots to choose from.

A condo area is located near the bottom of the cat tree which is quite roomy with measurements of 73″ inches in height, 3″ post diameter and 24″ x 22″ base. An easy to follow instruction manual guides you in constructing this tree house quickly. But the parts and structure are so easy, you’ll have it up and ready for occupancy in no time. Average house cats would love this sturdy cat tree.

BestPet Cat Tree Condo Furniture

Last but not the least we’ve got an underrated yet amazing cat tree you can check out for your cat. BestPet Cat Tree Condo Furniture looks attractive and has a reasonable price. For such a convenient and sturdy cat tree, the reviews are good. Cats love playing with it, and the construction is relatively simple yet easy to assemble. For medium-sized cats, there are no problems whatsoever with this product. Cat owners who were able to purchase this claim their cats instantly came to it and played their hearts out. Cats love the faux fur material and scratching post which is nicely designed by this brand.
Even though your cats has the tendency to be rowdy with this cat tree, be assured that this will not easily break or get destroyed. It is made of strong and durable materials which can last a long time and withstand harsh play by your cats. You won’t stress out about your cats scratching and destroying your furniture. They can redirect their pent-up energy with this cat tree.


There aren’t that many cat tree choices to choose from in the market that we feel would pass agreeable standards for cat owners, but from what we’ve researched, these are the list of best cat tree out there. You know cats can be untamed at times. Although it has been years since humans domesticated cats, these animals are more in touch with their wild nature compared to dogs. Ever since the Egyptians revered these elegant and mysterious species, people have been associated with cats for a long time, and cat lovers are obsessed with rearing them. You just have to put up with the times your cat goes ballistic and climbs a tree. You won’t need to think about that anymore. You can have an alternative tree for your cat to climb and that’s a cat tree. From this list, we hope you are able to choose the best cat tree for you and your cat.

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