Best Catchers Mitt Reviews 2017

Do you have a young son or daughter who’s a catcher or planning to be one? Or perhaps you’re a coach training young Baseball players? A good quality catchers mitt makes sure the players have the right kind of learning and a strong foundation right at the beginning of their Baseball journey.

However, when selecting catchers mitt, as a parent, a coach, or a player, you need to know certain things about them. In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the top-selling catchers mitts present on the market and we’ll also see why they’re best-sellers.

Mizuno Youth Prospect Baseball Catchers Mitt

Bts brings to you the Mizuno Youth catchers mitt that features patented PowerClose® technology which makes catching easy and smooth. The mitt comes with the ParaShock palm pad to prevent any shock or impact on contact. Plus, there’s a butter soft lining inside which reduces shock to a great extent.

The PowerLock closure makes way for an excellent performance every single time allowing the young players to catch the right way. It’s perfect for a beginner as well as a seasoned player. Anyone looking to begin the game would benefit greatly from these mitts, as this would help you learn all the right ways of catching, considerably improving your learning curve.

Being one of the top-quality catchers mitts out there, this product is something you should definitely try out for your little one. They’ll be more than happy with your decision!

Mizuno Prospect Youth Catchers Mitt

This is yet another great catchers mitt made specifically for young players out there. It’ll help your kid or your student to learn the nuances of catching the ball right from the moment they start wearing these gloves.

It features the V Flex Notch which facilitates easy closure, especially suited for small hands that don’t have much control. It also comes with the ParaShock feature to minimize the shock that’s generated after repeated use. The shocks might impact your kid’s performance and these mitts do a good job at preventing them.

These mitts not only protect the little hands from the impact or accidents, but also make it highly comfortable for them to wear the mitts. Priced reasonably, this is a great product that gives you good value on your money!

Akadema Prodigy Series Glove

Akadema brings to you one of its best-selling Prodigy Series gloves. With a circumference of about 32”, these mitts have been designed like a praying mantis, which is perfect for any catching glove. This patented design protects the hand against shock and injury. This design has been created by Gary Carter, the legendary Baseball player, and has been proven to be highly effective.

It comes with a spiral lock web design to lock the ball inside. The open back and the deep pocket make it one of the most comfortable catchers mitts available on the market. Just like all other mitts, they are made separately for left-handed and right-handed throw.

The mitts also come with a double-sided padding which makes for a deep pocket allowing greater chances of retaining the ball. Additionally, there’s a Double Flexhinge feature in the design, which helps the glove snap close soon after the contact.

The catchers mitt uses the hand-crafted leather AkademaLyte on the back along with the Akadema 1/4” Rawhide gray lacing. Want to get better at catching? Think no more, and order these amazing innovatively-designed powered mitts right now!

Mizuno Prospect Youth Fastpitch Catchers Mitt

Backed by the trust and quality of Mizuno, these catchers mitts are perfect for you if you’re a young Baseball player. They are supported by the PowerClose technology making it easier for you to hold on to the ball with great ease. This action is further strengthened by the V Flex Notch, which initiates easy closure.

The ParaShock comes with a palm pad which is highly capable of absorbing shock, thereby giving you great protection against any potential injury and sting. The mitts have been designed to fit your hands perfectly well as it uses the PowerLock technology, which makes sure they stay intact in their position. A powerful and comfortable catchers mitt which gives you the right kind of support required for you to become an exceptional catcher!

Mizuno World Win Catchers Mitt Deep Ii

Also brought to you by Mizuno, these most sought-after catchers mitts will be truly a delight to use and play with, no matter what your preferences are as a player. These pro-sized mitts are made from the strong and durable tanned retro leather which makes it last really long.

Plus, the soft and supple texture of the mitts allows you to easily break-in even during the games. They feature the ParaShock finger channels which absorbs the shock and stress caused to the hand, making the whole game really comfortable. It also helps it causing less hand fatigue.

These 34-inch catchers mitts uphold the brand identity and fully meet all the expectations you might have from a Mizuno sports gear!

Rawlings Renegade Series Catchers Mitt

Rawlings brings to you its Renegade series catchers mitt, which boasts of a conventional yet highly functional design. The back features a wide opening just above the wrist allowing you to get the mitts on with a fairly quick and simple process. With 20% player break-in, these mitts make a deep pocket giving complete control to you catchers to control and retain the ball.

The mitts feature the palm and index finger pads that help in considerably reducing the ball impact. The leather used for the construction is oil-tanned full grain leather, imparting durability and strength to these mitts. They’re made from a single piece solid web. The Velcro straps help in customizing the fit.

Play like a professional catcher with these excellent-grade mitts by Rawlings!

Wilson A360 Catchers Mitt

These 31.5” catchers mitt could be a game changer for a young Baseball player. Brought to you by Wilson, a brand that needs no introduction in the sports world, this is one of the best mitts a catcher could ask for.

Featuring the 1/2 moon model, these mitts have been designed on the recommendations of some of the top Baseball players in the history of Baseball. So, there are very less chances of them not working for your young aspiring Baseball player. Plus, it comes at an affordable price.

So, if you have a young and talented Baseball player at home, try giving them these incredible catchers mitts by Wilson. They’d love you for that and also start loving the game and practice sessions, a bit more!

Rawlings Sporting Goods Player Preferred Gloves

Rawlings brings to you these amazing catchers mitts that are preferred by most Baseball players out there. Made from the full-grain leather lace, these mitts are built to last long and maintain a high level of performance all through the life time.

The deep pocket structure and the basket-web form suit perfectly the infielders as well as pitchers. They feature the slow-pitch softball patterns and come with a Zero Shock palm pad making you feel less shock and stress due to the impact.

The back design and the patented hand adjustments made to these mitts give them an enhanced fit which in turn provides greater control and flexibility to the player. Easy break-in feature is appreciated by all players as it helps them give excellent performance every single time.

Easton APB2 Alpha Series Catchers Mitt

Easton brings to you these highly durable catchers mitt, that’s perfect for players of all levels and skills. One of the most important features of these mitts is their game-ready nature. They’re made from the soft oil-tanned US steer hide which makes them user-friendly mitts.

These mitts come with VRS palm PAD which helps absorb shock and stress. This makes it one of the most comfortable pair of mitts a player would ever find. These 34” catchers mitt have an extended palm web with an open back.

Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Catchers Mitts

Louisville Slugger introduces you to the FG Genesis catcher’s mitts, coming with a circumference of 31 inches. The mitts feature the Buffalo leather palm and a back with the shell mesh. These mitts are perfect for youth as they provide protection against injury and shock due to repeated use.

The mitts are extremely easy to get used to and any youth will immediately get comfortable with it in no real time. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of one year. Giving your young player the excellent support required when they’re starting out, these are one of the best gifts you could give to any young Baseball player.


A catcher in Baseball has to bear a lot of responsibility on their shoulders and they’ve got to be ready at all times. Missing catches are something they can’t afford to do at any point in the game. A great number of catchers accredit their excellent performances to the high quality mitts they wore during the game.

In the previous section, you got a chance to get acquainted with a few well-made and top-quality mitts for catchers. We’re sure that when you set out to buy mitts for your kids or yourself, you’ll know what qualities you must look for!

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