Best Catnip Reviews 2017

Ah catnip! A legal high for your cute kitties to enjoy! Luckily for them, the cops won’t be busting down doors to ruin their innocent intoxication. Catnip is not just an interesting member of the mint family, cats absolutely love the euphoric high they get from the stuff. But it is important to always make sure you get the best catnip for your pet, because you know it, your furry baby deserves nothing but the best!

Kong Naturals Premium Catnip

All ingredients in this catnip is natural! It’s field dried and promises minimal stems and seeds! This catnip brought to you by Kong Naturals has more of the desirable oil that the kitties love and will meow for more! This premium product also comes with a toy in which you can fill up with the catnip for your pet to enjoy even farther!

It’s grown in the US of A and comes in either 2 ounces or 4 ounces depending on the needs of your cat. This catnip is also popularly used as mosquito repellent and proves to be far more effective. Make sure to remove all the stems and seeds because you know how it is, even us humans want more of the goods rather than the extra stuff, but it does go to show how natural the product is.

Kong Naturals Catnip Spray for Cats

Okay, now THIS is a cool product! Also brought to you by Kong Naturals and made in North America, let me present the awesome Kong Naturals Catnip Spray for Cats! If you’ve ever heard of THC oil, this is cat version of just that! All that catnip that your kitties love are are steam-distilled and turned into a naturally concentrated catnip oil! This spray is so convenient you can bring it along with your kitty. Spray it on toys or other cat accessories for your kitty to enjoy even more!

This cuts to the chase and gives your cat the high it loves without you having to remove stems, seeds and it’s completely safe! Created with distilled water and pure catnip oil, makes up for a 30mL product and makes the scent even more irresistible for your purr-y (pun intended) friend!

Our Pets Premium North-American Grown Catnip

Another North American grown product, this time by Our Pets! Comes in half an ounce, a full ounce or 1.25 ounces, this 100% natural catnip is sure to please your pet! This catnip has such a beautiful aromatic scent to it that your cat just won’t be able to get enough of! It comes in a jar to keep it fresh and keep it from molding so you don’t have to keep running back for replacements!

Also make sure to remove stems and seeds from this for your cat to get the most out of it and to prevent your pet from gum damage and pain. The packaging looks fantastic plus many claim that the potency of this nip is fantastic! Less is more, well at least when it comes to brands like this in the kitty nip world!

SmartyKat Organic Catnip

SmartyKat Organic Catnip comes in 4 choices, 0.5 ounce pouches, 0.7 ounce tubes, 1-ounce pouches or 2 ounce canisters. At this price you would be purchasing the 2 ounce canister. Take your pick or take all to ensure you have some for on the go situations, the last thing you want on a trip is a grumpy cat and SmartyKat is here to dissolve that problem and get your cat high and happy! More snuggles and love, yay!

This is another 100% natural product and absolutely free of unwanted chemicals. Grown purely to provide comfort of knowing that your kitty is in safe catnip hands. Smartykat will replace any defected product or completely refund those who do not like their products, so the confidence of the manufacturer sure brings an ease about the type of catnip you are giving to your beloved pet.

Yeowww! Catnip Bags

Comes in a tub and looks like some really cool packaging, this is one of the rare times you can judge catnip by its cover! It comes in 2 ounce and 4 ounce tubs and promises you the top buds! The potency is sure to make even the grumpiest of cats and cats with high tolerances happy and high using only a little at a time!

As soon as you open the tub you can see and smell how fresh it is! So beautifull green that you won’t be able to resist it yourself! Actually, you don’t need to resist it, because this version of a mint related plant is so organic and clean that the manufacturers say you can even brew yourself a cup of tea with this! Never again will you have to watch your cat in jealousy, pour yourself a cup and you can now join him! Although, I’m not so sure it will have the same effects on you as it does to your cat, but it does taste a wonderful minty fresh so go ahead and try it out!

Pet Magasin Premium Canadian Grown Fine-Grind Catnip

Again, another 100% natural product! This time grown and harvested even more north! Ah yes, Canada! Pet Magasin brings you their Premium Canadian Grown Fine Grind Catnip, yes, fine grind! This means no sharp stems and no annoying seeds to remove. Its beautiful green, fresh looking color will be quick to ensure you that the minty freshness of this product is not just for show, it’s natural!

The packaging is more about functionality rather than for display on this one, it comes in a releasable top quality air-tight bag that keeps the catnip fresh every time, and the bag is durable, too, to help prevent your cat clawing it open and sneaking in some of the goods while you’re not looking! Because with the potency and purity of this product, you can be sure, that’s exactly what your cat is going to be trying to do. There are no preservatives in this, it is completely organic, just ground up and free of stems and seeds for you and your pets ease!

Cosmic Pet Catnip in a Cup

Cosmic Pet Catnip in a Cup has had some amazing reviews from cat lovers all over the world! It coes in a half ounce or 2.25 ounce plastic container and has such an amazing, strong scent to it that your cat will keep begging for more of! The plastic container packaging ensures an air tight seal for continuous freshness so you can keep giving your cat the nip he or she deserves! Cosmic has done years of studies and practice to finally come up with the top quality catnip growing and harvesting procedures that they take pride in today, and you can definitely see for yourself (or your cat can see for himself) how all that work has created such an awesome catnip!

There are a few stems you’ll have to remove before giving some to your pet, but they are very minimal and not too much of a hassle to go through as you’ll be able to see them clearly. An interesting thing is some people claim it has more of a mellow effect on cats, but most of the time it depends on the cat of course, still, if you’re cat needs to take a chill pill, don’t get a chill pill, give your pet some of this instead, you never know, it might just do the trick!

Meowijuana Catnip Buds Purple Passion

There is nothing subtle about this brand. Your cat wants high, huh? Well here it comes! Meowijuana Catnip Buds Purple Passion! Kind of reminds you of purple haze, doesn’t it? Maybe this is the cat version of just that! Comes in two sizes and packaged in the super cool looking air tight strong seal glass jar! The way it’s packaged mimics how stoners might keep their bud fresh. The potency on this thing is so right that it might just be a little wrong. But hey! No cops are going to be searching your kitty’s litter box any time soon so your cat can enjoy the finest of buds at ease!

100% organic and harvested right at the perfect time to ensure top quality and extravagant potency, also trimmed by hand and with lots of love and care, the authenticity of this thing will give you second thoughts about trying it out for yourself- don’t do it though! It isn’t for human consumption and by the way you’ll have to grind this up yourself, but seriously, the potency is worth the extra work! And plus, you’d do the same thing for yourself wouldn’t you? Why not put in a little more love and bonding in your kitty’s catnip sessions by showing him you’re a part of that awesome high they are about to get!

What To Look For

The active ingredient in catnip is nepetalactone which is a harmless and mild intoxicant for cats. Some might compare catnip to marijuana and some might compare it to beer. That’s exactly the thing. We all have our own preferences when it comes to types of beers, for example, we all have our own brands that we prefer. The same goes for cats when it comes to catnip. It might take some time for you to figure out which catnip works best for your pet, and which catnip they seem to like the most. For safety, it’s best to purchase smaller packages and experiment with your cat to see which one you should stick to, although it’s not always best to stick to one kind as cats can build a tolerance to nepetalactone and you might eventually have to find more potent products. So when you’re starting out, getting the most potent product might not be the best thing you can do for your kitty, as you don’t want the tolerance to build up so quickly.

Looking for 100% natural and all organic products is a great place to start, the last thing you want to be doing is getting your cat high off not only catnip- but other chemicals that may be included in some certain products. You want to make sure you prioritize your cat’s health before his or her enjoyment. So make sure you read the ingredients properly to ensure the catnip is safe before consumption.

If you and your pet will constantly be on the go, it is a great idea to get catnip in small packaging, I think the best product for traveling pets and owners is definitely the concentrated catnip oil spray. You can attach it as a key ring and spray it on anything you’d like to give to your pet. It’s also great for busy pet owners! More great stuff that busy pet owners should look into is the finery of the product. A great example is Pet Magasin’s Premium Canadian Grown Fine-Grind Catnip, why? Because if you don’t have the time to remove sharp stems and seeds from your pets catnip, it isn’t going to be a fun ordeal finding cuts in the gums or stems and seeds wedged in between the teeth, plus you don’t want to be putting your pet through that kind of pain.


There are many ways for your cat to enjoy catnip, and putting it in toys is a great way to spike up their day and add loads of physical fun and fitness while getting a little clean intoxication during their happy hour! Now that you know the different types of catnip on the market, and have seen the top 8 catnip products on this list, you can venture out knowing better and feeling at ease when you purchase the perfect nip for your cat!

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