Best Chalkboards Reviews 2017

In schools, it’s pretty common to see chalkboards where professors and teachers would usually discuss their lessons. A chalkboard or a blackboard is a flat surface usually mounted on a wall, where people can write using a piece of chalk. Although it is typically seen in class rooms, chalkboards can also be seen in cafes, offices, homes and other restaurants where they would place their recent promos or menus.

Chalkboards have been a significant part of our lives today. Before the rising of technology and whiteboards, chalkboards were the norm in most schools. Boards were either in black, but some people prefer having green because it is easier on the eyes compared to a pure black color. If you’re interested to know more about this product’s history, we provided some details below.

Are you planning to buy a chalkboard? Then we would like to help you. In this one, we have collected the leading brands and chalkboard products that you must definitely try. Eager to know more? Read the following list and have fun!

Chalkboard Decorative Sign by WearHome

The Chalkboard Decorative Sign by WearHome is definitely among the best chalkboard deals you can ever find. This package comes with 10 pieces of lovely and tiny chalkboards, along with 3 pieces of chalks so you can write on the board right away. It also comes with a removable stand so you can choose from either letting it stand on its own or hang it somewhere.

Each board has a size of 7.1 x 6.2 x 1.5 inches that will give you a unique way to show your designing skills to your guests. Furthermore, despite being small, each sign can be erasable, so you can use it for as long as you want. As one of the cutest and perhaps one of the most inexpensive chalkboard in the market, we certainly recommend getting the Chalkboard Decorative Sign by WearHome.

Kittrich Chalk Board Covering

The Kittrich Chalk Board Covering is perhaps among the cheapest chalkboards for sale, so we can guarantee that you’d love having it. At a very low price, this one has a size of 18 x 6 inches, which you can cut depending on your liking. Moreover, this self-adhesive chalkboard also features “peel and stick”, which means you won’t have to make tapes to stick it in a wall. Want to get rid of it? Simply peel it from the surface and your good to go!

Furthermore, this chalkboard will work best on flat and non-textured surfaces, also to give you a proper platform to write or draw. It will work great on ceramic, metal, porcelain or ceramic. In summary, as a cheap chalkboard, the Kittrich Chalk Board Covering is something you must definitely not miss.

YOPO Sticky Back Chalkboard Contact Paper

The YOPO Sticky Back Chalkboard Contact Paper is available in 18 x 79 inches, whether in 2 sets or 4 sets. It is extremely easy to apply and extremely easy to peel off as it comes with an easy-to-peel liner. Also, this one is won’t need any tapes or glue from you as it comes with a sticky side, but never leaves sticky residue in case you want to remove it.

It will work and look perfect in living room, dorm rooms or offices where you need constant reminders where to put your notes, schedules and other messages. At a pretty low price, it is amazing how the YOPO Sticky Back Chalkboard Contact Paper is among the top chalkboard brands in the market. It is easy and convenient to use, just like how a stick-on chalkboard should be.

Quartet Chalkboard 90006

Want to add substance and sophistication inside your office or room? Then try the Quartet Chalkboard 90006. This product is currently available in two sizes namely: 8.5 x 11 and 14 x 14 inches. Moreover, this one also comes with a frame available in two types such as the classic brown wood and white wood. With its looks, this one is considered a good chalkboard you can brag to anyone.

Furthermore, this one can also be hang vertically and horizontally because it includes a Z-bracket hardware, so you can easily mount it in your wall. Also, unlike other products that cannot work well with liquid chalk markets, this one can work perfectly with liquid chalks. For offices and rooms, this one will add further aesthetic inside your room. It is indeed a useful product you can put your memos and reminders on.

Board Dudes Chalk Board CXM80

The Board Dudes Chalk Board CXM80 may not seem like an affordable chalkboard, but we would like you to give it a try. This board has a wide dimension with a size of 23 x 17 x 0.8 inches, which works great for drawings and sketches. This one comes with an oak style frame which will add classic styling in your room.

Moreover, instead of green, this one comes with a black surface to provide better contrast whenever you use white or other colored chalks. It is also extremely easy to clean that you can use any cloth or felt eraser to clean the surface. Planning to mount it in a wall? This one comes with a mounting hardware for an easier installation. If you want a new chalkboard that you will never regret buying, then the Board Dudes Chalk Board CXM80 is going to be a great choice.

What is a chalkboard?

A chalkboard is a writing surface where people would usually use chalks to write or draw. The chalk is made out of calcium sulfate, which makes it erasable and makes the chalkboard reusable. As stated above, this product is typically used for educational purposes as it is cheaper and much efficient to use. Moreover, it is also pretty common for restaurants, cafes or pubs to have chalkboards so they can frequently change their preferred menu.

Who invented and where it was invented was never written in history books, but some origins of the blackboard can be seen in the early years of the 19th century. The first generation of chalkboards almost looks like a paddle-shaped mirror or hornbook. Moreover, they can be traced in some schools in England where students would carry it around.

Eventually, these hornbooks transformed into proper chalkboards and got into different countries like North America, Asia and Europe. Most schools have taken advantage of chalkboards because they are far cheaper and economical than papers and pencils. Furthermore, with the appearance of chalkboards, teachers have more time to explain problems and theories to every student even if it takes a lot of time.

A chalkboard is typically in colors of black or green and most usually in matte. Despite being cheap, chalkboards as well as chalks still seem too expensive for under privileged countries, most especially schools. Moreover, with the potential risks a chalkboard does, it is not as commonly used as it was before.

It was never a secret that chalks produce dusts and dirt whenever it takes contact with the chalkboard. Because of this, the risk of getting allergies, most especially asthma is pretty high. This is why most people went for whiteboards instead, as it carries lesser risks. Although the old and classic look of chalkboards seem to have never disappeared and may not go away anytime soon.

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