Best Chlorine Tablets Reviews 2017

With increasing popularity of having pools and even inflatable pools its best that you treat the water that you’re using. This ensure that you wont expose you and your loved ones with harmful bacteria. One of the ways to treat your pool is by using chlorine tablets. Chlorine is knows to be a great substance that can fight against bad bacteria and other harmful agents that might be present in the water. Of course safety is of top priority for everyone and water is one of those things that you shouldn’t take any nonsense from especially if there’s a possibility that someone might drink it. So you’re probably be looking for the best chlorine tablet that you and your family would feel safe with. We know this so we’ve already gone ahead and did a list of the best chlorine tablets for your pool.

In The Swim Pool Chlorine Tablets

Looking for individually wrapped chlorine tablets? Then these chlorine tablets from In the Swim might be the one you’re looking for. This brand pries itself as the slowest dissolving chlorine tablets in the market which means that you won’t run out of chlorine as quick as with other products. The fact that it’s individually wrapped is also a great bonus for longer lasting and better quality tablets since they wouldn’t rub against each other. This would result to a lower chance of it being lower in weight and consequently your pool getting lower amounts of chlorine. If you’re still worried about the amount of chlorine that this tablet has you’ll be glad to know that it contains 90% stabilized chlorine and 99% Tricholoro-S-Triazinetrione which are both great in fighting off harmful agents in the water.

This is a perfect fit for those looking for something long lasting and for those with bigger pools. Its a great relief for those who really want the safest and best chlorine tablets for their use. It also received great reviews from its consumers. They all love how long lasting it is and how it requires very few replacements which means that you won’t need to buy a new bucket all the time making it cost effective and a great buy price-wise. The chemicals it contains is also top notch and effective in keeping your pool safe from any agents that may pose a threat to you and your family. It also comes in a sturdy bucket which will keep any water our of your tablets keeping them fresh and great to use even after storing them for a while. These chlorine tablets are an overall good choice for anyone looking for great quality tablets that’s not only long lasting but also has great chemical composition.

NAVA 12000295 3-Inch Chlorinating Tablets for Swimming Pool/Spa

These NAVA chlorine tablets keep your pool disinfected all season long. It is highly concentrated giving you the confidence that there would be enough chlorine in each tablet to fight against any harmful agents in the water. It also dissolves slowly so you won’t have to worry about replacing the tablets often. The high concentration it has coupled with its slow dissolving properties makes this the best for optimum cleanliness in your pool. These chlorine tablets also won’t cloud your pool and keep them sparkling all the time. Like the one from In the Swim these tablets are also individually packed giving you added confidence that you’re using as much of the formulation as you need.

These NAVA chlorine tablets received great reviews from its consumers. They all loved that its individually packed and how long lasting the product is. The tablets also weren’t broken like how it is with most brands in the market. This means that you won’t have to worry that the tablets would just crumble and dissolve as soon as they get wet with the pool water. They also loved the container that it has which well sealed and keeps any type of water away from the tablets keeping them in top condition while in storage. However, there are a few contradicting claims from other consumers who say that the tablets almost has no chlorine smell and they received them in broken pieces. These contradicting claims may be due to defective products received by some of the consumers or may also be due to the shipping company or the distributor.

Kem-Tek 2815-6 Chlorinating Tablets

If you’re one of those customers who value and are always in need of customer support, then these chlorine tablets from Ken Tek might just be the one you need. This is because Kem Tek has 24/7 consumer helplines that you can message any time you would need help. They also have an online water testing app so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a professional or getting additional equipment to test the water in your pool. It is slow dissolving and concentrated so there is long lasting sanitation. It is also stabilized so the chlorine wouldn’t be affected by the UV rays of the sun which might lower the chlorine content. The tablets themselves are of great quality and are manufactured to resist crumbling.

Kem Tek is a brand which offers not only great quality product but also great customer support. This is something that really sets this tablet and the brand from others in the market. The fact that they have their own app also shows how established they are and how they value having clean water.Aside from this stellar features, it also received great reviews from other customers. They loved that the tablets do not dissolve that fact and could last them long.They also loved that these chlorine tablets are good at not just keeping the pool clean visually but also chemically it keeps chlorine levels at just the right amount. Chlorine consumption increases with increased sunlight exposure but surprisingly the pools with Kem Tek tablets didn’t show any spike in the amount of chlorine consumed. This just shows that the tablet’s stabilization property is doing its work to combat against UV rays.

Kem-Tek 177 1-Inch Chlorinating Tablets for Pool and Spa

Another product from Kem Trek, the only difference is that this comes in a smaller size compared to the previous tablet on this list. This means that it would be perfect for smaller pools or if you are one of those owners who do not like their pool to reek of chlorine. Since Kem Trek prides itself with quality customer service it offers 24/7 life line for its products which includes these tablets and the other variation. These tablets also provide you with great protection from harmful agents such as algae which if become too many may cause great harm to your family.

These tablets received mainly great reviews from its consumers. They all loved how slow these dissolves and how long lasting they are. These also keep the chemical levels at appropriate levels so you won’t have to worry about these tablets ever not being enough to make the water clean and safe. Since these are small, these aren’t as cost effective as the other tablets who are bigger and therefore would contain more chlorine meaning it would last more and would spread out slower than the smaller tablet. There were also a couple of customers who received packages of these tablets in containers that were half-full this might be a problem with shipment and distribution.

Clorox® Pool Spa™ Active99™ 3″ Chlorinating Tablets

Chlorox Pool&Spa chlorine tablets are great for pools that have high risk of algae and bacteria build up. They prevent these foreign and unwanted agents to form and build in your pool. The chlorine tablets also sanitize your pool using its chlorine content that’s sure to keep your pool safe and sparkling throughout the season. It also contains UV protection technology which is essential in keeping the chlorine content in your pool at appropriate levels. The people behind Chlorox Pool&Spa recommend that you test your pool regularly to maintain balance in the chlorine levels and ensure that you have the right amount of chemicals. Like the previous chlorine tablets on the list, these are also individually wrapped giving you the right amount of chlorine in each tablet.

What really sets this chlorine tablets apart from other on this list is its price. It’s the one that would give you the best value for money but the quality and cleanliness of your pool would not be compromised. These tablets received mixed reviews from consumers but most of those who gave it a lower rating did so only because they received broken tablets. This means that its not because of the overall quality and chemical content of the tablets that’s they found to be problematic but instead it’s a problem with the handling or shipping. Those who did love the product were impressed ta how long these tablets lasted and how slow they dissolve. They also found that it gives the same effect and lasts as long as those tablets in the higher price range. If you’re looking for an affordable chlorine tablet but still gives quality results then this might just be the one for you.

Pool Mate 1-1407 Jumbo 3-Inch Chlorine Tablets

These Pool Mate chlorine tablets are the slowest dissolving in the market, according to the people behind this product. They also have the strongest chlorine content but are still not too overpowering that you’ll end up swimming in a pool that has too much chlorine. It also lasts long and you won’t have to change or add more chlorine tablets in weeks. Of course, despite being generally long lasting there would still be some elements that would affect the longevity of the tablets. Elements such as strong wind, rain , and even extreme sun exposure would definitely affect the chlorine content no matter how great the chlorine tablet are so be sure to add or use more tablets if your pool is exposed to such elements often.

This Pool Mate chlorine tablet is another one that’s extremely affordable and yet gives you the same results as you would get from those in the higher price range. It also received great reviews from its consumers who all loved how well these tablets performed despite being cheap. The tablets also dissolved really slow and steadily making them long lasting for your pool’s cleanliness and overall chlorine content. They also liked that the tablets are individually wrapped and yet the wrappers weren’t hard to open so you can easily use and open them up. Its also impressive how it’s able to spread throughout a pool even if it’s a bigger sized pool. Overall, these tablets are great. They are of great value for money and they do the job well.

Doheny’s Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

These chlorine tablets from Dohenny’s are the perfect fit fr anyone looking for a chlorine tablet that’s chemically sound to fight against any of the harmful products in your pool. It’s 90 % stabilized chlorine and contains 99% active ingredients that kills bacteria and algae as well as preventing them from growing more in population. The tablets are locked in the pool water so there would be no need to add any additional chemicals to your pool. They also fight against chlorine burnout caused by too much sun exposure. You’d also get great value for money from these tablets since they are slow dissolving and are individually wrapped so there’s lesser chance for them to get wet or to get broken while in storage or transit.

Dohenny’s chlorine tablets received great reviews from its consumers. Most of them loved how clean their pools nd even in one case ponds became after cleaning the pool. They were also impressed that there were no broken pieces in the package that they received. However, it became a bit difficult for them to open the the wrappers to get to the tablets.

Arch Chemical 41236 HTH

These chlorine tablets from Arch Chemicals not only sanitizes your pool but it also protects your pool from the sun. Stabilizing the pool water against the sun would increase the amount of chlorine present since sun is a known agent to affect chlorine content in the water. It also kills algae and other harmful agents so your pool doesn’t only looks clean but is also free of particles that we can’t see with our naked eye. However, do take note that the tablets are not individually wrapped so you would have to be extra careful in storing the tablets so you’re sure that they won’t get wet making them unusable.

It received mixed reviews from its consumers. Those who did love it were impressed at how well it was able to spread throughout their pool and how clean the pool stayed because of the tablets. They also found that the quality is top notch for its price point. The most common complaint about the tablets is that a lot of the customers received theirs broken in pieces. This is to be expected since the tablets aren’t individually wrapped making them more vulnerable to outside elements that would make them crumble or even moist. These chlorine tablets also tend to make pools a bit over chlorinated and you can actually smell the chlorine even if you’re far away so if this is something that you can’t live with it’s better not to purchase these tablets.


Chlorine tablets are great to have to improve the cleanliness of your pool. It’s also great in making sure that you won’t accidentally drink any harmful agents if you or your loved ones do end up drinking some drops of water. But it’s also best that you check if the tablet itself is effective before going out of your way and purchasing one. It’s also best to know if there are any reports of side effects on the tablets so you’ll be sure that you won’t putting you and your family in greater risk.

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