Best Chocolate Fountains Reviews 2017

With the discovery of chocolate beverages in 1900 BC, the world has been obsessed with what cacao beans can do. Since then, chocolate has become the most popular and beloved flavor of all time. Even after several years, chocolate still manages to tickle the taste buds of children and adults alike. But it wasn’t until the 1990s that some enterprising individuals thought of putting chocolate fountains in commercial dining areas.

The idea of coating your favorite food items in chocolate was a success. Today, there are different chocolate fountain brands to choose from. Here are some of the best chocolate fountains for sale.

Nostalgia CFF986 4-Tier 2-Pound Capacity Stainless Steel Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Best Chocolate Fountains

This item was manufactured by one of the best chocolate fountain makers. The auger-style fountain does use the traditional pump, has separate buttons for heat and motor control, and can hold up to two pounds of chocolate. Its four-tier, 18-inches tall plastic tower and stainless steel-coated base makes it a pretty centerpiece in any occasion.

For an inexpensive chocolate fountain, this product does the job. Just make sure that your liquid chocolate is not too thick, otherwise, it will clog the pump. A nice addition to any party.

Wilton Chocolate Pro 3-Tier Chocolate Fountain, 2104-9008

Best Chocolate Fountains

This three-tier, four-pounds capacity fountain might just be the top chocolate fountain model in the market. Its auger motor keeps the chocolate flowing for three straight hours. The unit also comes with user-friendly instructions so you wouldn’t have to worry on how to set it up. Best of all, it is easy to clean as you can disassemble the parts for a thorough wash. It is even dishwasher-safe you need to wash it manually.

You need to put exactly four pounds of specialized chocolate (specific for fountains) to get that nice even fountain flow.

Nostalgia CFF965 3-Tier 1.5-Pound Capacity Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Best Chocolate Fountains

A smaller version of the CFF986 with its three-tier design, this cheap chocolate fountain model can only hold 1.5 pounds of chocolate and has a single control button for both heat and motor. The tower only stands at 13-inches making it a good chocolate fountain for family gatherings.

A great centerpiece to impress little kids during family reunions. Just remember that the chocolate capacity is a little small so you won’t get disappointed when you use this item for larger parties.

The Sephra 16-Inch Stainless Steel 4-Pound Capacity Select Home Fondue Fountain

Best Chocolate Fountains

An affordable chocolate fountain despite its size and chocolate capacity, it features a three-tier fountain with a basin made of stainless steel and a quiet motor. The parts are easy to disassemble and clean using a dishwasher. The selling point of this item is that it runs silently, contrary to other brands on this list.

Just like with Wilton’s, you need to put precisely four pounds of fondue chocolate for this item to work. Otherwise, you will have to buy chocolate oil or almond milk to help the process.

Ovente CFS43R Two-Tier Stainless Steel Party Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Best Chocolate Fountains

The smallest model in this list, this two-tier fountain only stands at 9-inches and has a chocolate capacity of two pounds. This chocolate fountain costs a lot lower than other models. There are two separate controls for heat and motor but you cannot run them simultaneously which means some supervision is needed while this item is running to prevent your chocolate from solidifying.

Still, its small size is perfect for little children to reach.

Rival CFF5 Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Best Chocolate Fountains

This two-tier chocolate fountain is 18-inches tall and has a five-pound chocolate capacity and can work continuously up to seven hours, which makes it suitable for long-lasting parties like weddings. The price is on the high side but the product’s heavy duty performance makes it a great chocolate fountain deal.

It comes with a user-friendly manual and a recipe on how to create your own chocolate fondue. Its rather tall design and large capacity make it highly recommended for large parties.

What are Chocolate Fountains?

As the name implies, a chocolate fountain is a tiered device that serves liquid chocolate. The chocolate is usually heated at the stainless basin and pumped upwards the central cylinder by an auger motor to produce the fountain-like flow. People usually dip food items such as fruits, biscuits, and marshmallows in it.

Chocolate fountains are generally used by commercial establishments or caterers as the centerpiece as the standard length of commercial models is around 20 to 50 inches. However, there are still smaller models in the market that you can purchase for smaller gatherings.

Fondue (or couverture) chocolate is recommended more than any other type of chocolate since you won’t need to add vegetable oil to get the right consistency for a chocolate fountain. But you can also use the fountain for other sauces such as cheese or strawberry. Just be sure that the sauces are thin enough to prevent any potential clogging and malfunctioning, which can be highly stressful as you might end up having to clean congealed sauces off the walls, ceiling, and floor.

What to Look For

Decide whether you are buying a chocolate fountain for commercial or for household use. Commercial chocolate fountains are larger and are designed to work longer whereas those for household use are a lot smaller and mostly designed for a maximum of three hours of use. Also, commercial chocolate fountains need more chocolate than household chocolate fountains, which it can serve more guests. If you are planning a party with a guest’s list of around 50 people, then the smaller model will do.

New chocolate fountains for domestic use can cost from $30 to $200 depending on the size, volume capacity, brand, and model. These are usually made of plastic parts with stainless steel at the base to heat the chocolate. The plastic parts make it easier to clean with a dishwasher as opposed to those models made with stainless steel.

Chocolate fountains are assembled on the spot so you would need a model that is both simple to set up and disassemble. It will also help if your unit is not too heavy to help you move it around once it is assembled.

The only moving part in chocolate fountains is the auger or pump that ensures the steady flow of your melted chocolate. Smaller and cheaper models generally have a problem with the noise generated by the pump action, which is why the silent models are preferred though it may cost higher. You should decide whether this matters to you as the noise can disturb your guests but if your party is a little loud (with guests talking and the music on), this little feature might not be important.

Another thing to look for are the adjustable or movable feet. Since chocolate fountains are at its optimum performance on leveled surfaces it is important that your unit has this feature so that no matter what surface you place your unit on, it will still work flawlessly.

The dipping basin should be large enough to catch all the liquid chocolate if you don’t want things to get messy.

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