Best Chopsticks Reviews 2017

If you’re into Chinese food, you probably encountered using chopsticks. If you don’t know how to use this tool for eating as much as the Asian people do, no worries. It can be learned and actually it’s quite handy. There are a lot of stylish and efficient chopsticks in the market. If you wanted to purchase the best chopsticks for your planned meal at home or for personal use, there are a lot of chopsticks to choose from. Here’s a list of the best chopsticks for you to choose from.

Happy Sales HSCSS4 Stainless Steel Chopsticks

The most popular chopsticks we’ve found is this stainless steel chopstick from Happy Sales. The material used for this chopstick is durable stainless steel. You won’t worry about having to buy numerous chopsticks every time you need to eat Chinese food since you can use this time and again. Just wash it every after use and it’s good to go. It’s quite hygienic to have your own personal chopsticks and economical too since you don’t to buy lots of chopstick pairs. You can even soak this in warm water to better sterilize it and it won’t get damaged.

It’s designed with an anti-slippery spiral decoration so if you’re a beginner in using a chopstick you can practice well with your preferred grip. You can even handle small morsels of food easily, that’s how comfortable and precise this chopstick is. This is made of natural materials so you won’t be troubled of contamination and health risks. This is a great item as a gift or as a tool for everyday use and in special occasions. Hand washing this is easy and highly recommended. Even though this is inexpensive, it’s highly effective. This is a low maintenance replacement for the fancy chopsticks you see in the market. Unlike those fancy porcelain chopsticks, this is affordable yet fancy enough for special occasions. No matter how many times you use this, and even if you clean this in the dishwasher, it doesn’t show any sign of wear or degradation.

Happy Sales CH-80 Bamboo Chopsticks Gift Set With Rice Paddle

Another Happy Sale chopsticks we’ve found in the market is this special set. Unlike the previous product, this is made of bamboo. The set you can purchase has one rice paddle included. You can have this as a gift for someone who’s into Japanese and Asian style chopsticks or you can buy this for yourself in case you will host an Asian themed party. What’s good about this chopsticks is it’s made of a natural bamboo material for an authentic Asian feel.

The bamboo chopstick has a lacquer finish to it to accomplish that smooth, clean finish you usually see in high-end Asian restaurants. In purchasing this, keep in mind that the lacquer finish might have a strong smell for a few days so you better purchase this day before your intended date to use it. It’s not advisable to immediately use this when the lacquer is not yet dry since it might ruin the quality of the lacquer. Any lacquer bamboo sticks should be handled delicately. This is a perfect gift with such an authentic Asian feel.

Royal Paper Premium Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks

Another inexpensive chopstick you can buy for personal use is this Royal Paper Premium Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks. What’s good about this purchase is it’s a set of 100 so you can get as many chopsticks as you needed for such a cheap price. This is good for those who are preparing for an Asian themed party and has chopsticks as their eating tools. Each chopstick is made of high-quality materials that are 9 inches in length. Keep in mind that these are the disposable type of chopsticks packed in 100 quantity. Each pair of chopsticks is packed in paper sleeves that are separated prematurely so you don’t need to individually pair them.

These are also a good purchase for those who have a restaurant business with an Asian theme. You can purchase as many of these pairs of chopsticks and it’s already separated in pairs so you don’t need to stress yourself in sorting them out. Each chopstick is made smooth and splinter free unlike other low-grade chopsticks in the market which obviously has not clean finish and you have the danger of eating the splinters of bamboo. With this product, its carved end is easy to use and the grip is quite good. Even if you’re not an expert chopstick user you’d have no trouble using this.

FinessCity Titanium Extra Strong Ultra Lightweight Chopsticks

Another great product we’ve found that we’d like to introduce to you is this Titanium chopstick made extra strong for long term use. FinessCity Titanium Chopsticks are made of durable materials yet it is so light since the materials used are also lightweight. Handling this chopstick is so easy you can easily use this in eating noodles, rice, and sushi. This is a perfect gift set you can give for any occasion. Each chopstick only weighs 0.5 oz (14.5 gm) and all has the same length of 9 inches and 0.3 inches in diameter. All are rounded in design.

Since this is made of titanium material, you can hand wash this and is reusable. What’s good about reusable chopsticks is you don’t need to purchase a lot of chopsticks for a single use. You can use this multiple times and it’s still safe. This is also safe to wash using the dishwasher. Having a stainless steel chopstick is good since it’s non-toxic and non-allergic. You won’t be worried about any splinters you normally see in bamboo chopsticks that don’t have a smooth finish. This is 100% FDA approved since it’s made of food grade titanium, how amazing is that? This is a perfect utensil anywhere you go. You can also save the environment since you don’t need to buy a lot of bamboo chopsticks.

Totally Bamboo Twist Chopsticks

Here’s another item you might look to check out for yourself. Whether what you in mind is a chopstick for your own personal use at home, or you needed one as a gift for someone you care about, you needed to find a suitable and presentable chopstick for that. This is an attractive chopstick with an intricate design. It has a function twist design for easy grip and handling. Not only does it look good, it feels good on your hands and you won’t have any trouble using this even if you’re not very good with using chopsticks when eating.

This product is made of high-quality materials. Moso bamboo is the material used in constructing this utensil. Bamboo is an ecologically green alternative when you wanted to have a wooden chopstick. The strength and versatility of your chopstick are guaranteed with this item. This is also made of a dense material for more durability. The pack you can purchase is composed of 5 pairs of twisted design bamboo chopsticks measuring 9.75-inch in length. Even though this is 100% made of bamboo, this is safe to use again. For such an affordable price, your whole family can enjoy Asian cuisine at home with each pair of bamboo chopsticks in hand. For those who are still starting to use chopsticks when eating, this is a highly recommended one.

Happy Sales HSCH85/S, Bamboo Chopsticks Gift Set

Another Happy Sale chopsticks we found in the market is this specially designed gift set. What’s attractive about this chopstick is it has an intricate crane design not seen in other Happy sale chopsticks. This is an affordable product which will make the receiver jump with glee since it’s so attractive and functional at the same time. The materials used are of high-quality bamboo. When you have a special occasion at home and you have an Asian theme in mind, taking out this special chopstick out in the open is a great idea.

Each pack is composed of 5 pairs of chopsticks that are 9 inches in length. This is made of natural materials so you can rest assured that it’s non-toxic and allergy free. This is quite sturdy and beautiful at the same time. We can’t stress enough how beautiful this set of chopsticks is. One pair has an ocean design, another has floral designs, one with dragonfly and another with flounder. You’ll feel like eating in a rustic, authentic Chinese venue when you use this. The ends of each chopstick have a textured end so picking up even the tiniest morsel won’t be a problem.

Rbenxia Metal Stainless Steel Spiral Chopsticks

Next in line of our list of the best chopstick in the market is the Rbenxia Metal Steel Chopstick Stainless Steel Spiral Chopsticks. This is another affordable chopstick you can buy for personal use. Even though it’s a stainless steel chopstick, the price is reasonable and convenient. You won’t need to buy lots, you can reuse this anytime you need it. This chopstick has an attractive silver tone to it. It also has a swirly design on its bed which allows you to grip it comfortably and easily. The end is tapered in order for you to pick up food easily. Whether you eat sushi, rice or noodles, you won’t have any problems at all.

You can hand wash this as well as use a dishwasher in cleaning this up. There will be no problem in sanitation since you can guarantee that the next time you use it, it is clean and toxic free. One of the advantages of using reusable chopsticks such as this one is it’ll help the environment. The most environment-friendly way to eat Asian food is using a reusable chopstick such as this stainless steel utensil. Even though this is made of steel, it’s surprisingly light in weight.

Chop Sabers Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

Last on our list of the best chopsticks in the market is this Chop Sabers Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks. The Sith Lord is nothing with this chopstick in your hand. Yes, this is comically designed to look like the light sabers on Star Wars. Star Wars fans would love to have this as their utensil just for laughs. You can have a fun meal with your saber chopsticks. Kids will love to use this and have fun while eating. When you want to eat with your child using chopsticks, this is an ingenious chopstick to use.

It’s portable and very light so carrying it anywhere won’t be a problem. It actually lights up, pretty much like a real lightsaber in the movies. The battery is easily replaced with 3 of LR41 camera batteries. You can unscrew and screw the special compartment for the battery. The LED light is so bright it’s like an exact replica to the ones used by the Jedi Knights in the movies. There is an on and off switch for your convenience. This has a high satisfaction rate from costumers. Order one now and enjoy the moment with your light saber chopsticks.


Anyone who loves to eat Asian cuisine knows the struggle and the delight of using chopsticks. It seems like when you look at how the Asians use the chopsticks, it seems so easy to use and they brandish it so well. Experienced chefs even use the chopsticks in cooking and in mixing the ingredients in the big pot. They are more in tune with using this utensil since they have used it for a long time and its part of their culture. If you love Asian food, you probably were able to use chopsticks in eating. There are many types of chopsticks made from different materials. Whether you prefer to use the bamboo chopsticks, or you prefer the reusable ones made of stainless steel, finding the best chopstick for you is a struggle. There are many chopsticks in the market. Finding the best one to use is hard. With this list of best chopstick we hope we were able to help you in choosing what to purchase. What’s important is you are satisfied with your purchase and you can enjoy your meal with the best chopstick in hand.

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