Best Clear Coat Spray Paint Reviews 2017

Clearcoats are designed to give off that shiny and glossy finish and at the same time, protect the color of whatever the base coat or the natural color that it is protecting it from. Clear coats have proven t make any surface look better and brand new throughout the years. Some are hesitant to use a spray paint clear coat because of the fear of uneven finish and cloudy finish. However, it is true that it is the fastest and most convenient way to go. All yu have to do is to check the best clear coat spray paint such as the ones on this list:

Dupli-Color BCL0125 Clear Perfect Match Automotive Top Coat

This clear coat is primarily used as a clear coat spray paint finish on automotive or car parts and bodies. The nozzle of this spray is easy to touch and doesn’t require much effort in pressing the paint our of the aerosol canister. This means that you can focus in spraying paint all over without thinking hard about maintaining the strength of your point finger against the nozzle which is a primary disadvantage of common spray paints. This paint is very easy to use and is ideal for touch ups or whole body makeover of automotive body, parts, accessories which are not limited to cars, vans, and sports car but is also ideal for bikes and motorcycles.

This clear paint can attach to slippery aluminum and metals very easily. It also creates a thing and flawless finish that ou will love on any surface. The protection it gives to any furniture and automotive to the color is unbeatable since it keeps the bright coating inside and no amount of moisture and humidity can get through that could possibly damage the color and saturation of the paint. The nice and even spray and consistency makes it very easy to use by everyone.

Rust Oleum 280702 American Accents Ultra Cover 2X Spray Paint, Gloss Clear

One of the most popular brands in the industry f spray paint, Rust Oleum, can definitely hold up to its name in providing long time coating to metals and aluminum since it prevents the formation of rust. That being said, this clear spray coat paint will seal all the colors in and the clear coating will serve as a strong and tight barrier that prevents moisture, heat, and humidity to pass the membrane. This prevents rust formation, as well as fading of the primary coating inside. The unbeatable protection in a very elegant, thin and even glossy finish! No wonder why it is one of the top clear coat product in the market today.

The comfort spray tip of the nozzle is very easy to press and convenient to use. The spray mechanism also distribute the products in a wide and even area so you get more coverage in each spray in a very nice, even and glossy finish! The large area of the spray portion cuts the time and effort you spend in coating a large vehicle, furniture, wall or anything that needs an extra layer if protection and shine! You can use it on any surface with ease!

Krylon K01303A Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Aerosol Spray

Krylon K01303A Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Aerosol Spray, 6 Ounce

If you want a glossy finish to last for years, then the solution for that is Krylon K01303A Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Aerosol Spray. It’s a clear air spray paint that you can use on any surface to seal and protect the color inside while leaving an even and nice glossy finish. The materials used in this product is off high-quality and manufacturers made sure that the coat will not oxidize or turn yellow through the years. This is a great way of coating and sealing the surface and make it as fresh and as new as ever!

This high-quality clear gloss coating is affordable yet is as effective as more expensive brands. It is also moisture proof that prevents bubbles and fading of the colors. It prevents air and moisture from getting in contact with the surface to prevent oxidation, rusting, and any other damage to the paint and the furniture. the end coating is also smudge-proof and stays in a nice and even distribution without fail. This is clear and gentle enough to be used as an extra layer of protection to your paintings, or any other surfaces where you want to protect the colors!

Krylon Colormaster Crystal Clear Gloss Spray Acrylic

The packaging of this clear coat spray paint is very elegant and classy. Just one look and feel of this gives you the premium feel and what’s more appealing is that it comes off with such a low price. For an 11oz product, in just below 5-dollar price is absolutely a bargain! It can coat and cover many surfaces and can be used multiple times. You are not going to believe how long this can of air spray can take you. The spray tip can be rotated at 360 degrees and you can also use it in every angle you can think of!

The finish is very even and gives you a feel of sturdy protection–well it really does! The materials used ensures that no moisture can get through the membrane, thus protecting the surface for a long time without turning yellow after all the years. It gives a permanent protection to all your desired surfaces–and made it very easy for you or anyone to do it! It can be used to metal, wood, paper, glass and almost any surface! With this spray clear paint, finishing touches is made very easy and quickly–it completely dries up in only under 10 minutes!

USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol

For those with eyes in high definition and with super keen attention to details, the glossy is not glossy enough. If you want a very glossy, shiny like new surface, then you should go with the extra shine you will get with this USC USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol. It is from The US Chemical and Plastics brand. A brand denoting that this aerosol is made in the United States so it definitely follows all the Us standards of good manufacturing so you are on the safe side of the boat.

On top of the fact that it is made and manufactured within the States, the product prides itself from the luxurious and high-intensity shine! It makes any surface shiny and will stay that way for years without the coating turning into something yellowish after several years. You can expect that the surface coated with this clear coating will stay shiny like new for years and ears to come. It makes any surface–from wood to automotive elegantly shiny and like new! The protective layer it leaves on any surface is ver even and tough! It does not get penetrated by moisture and other elements that could harm the base coat.

Rust-Oleum 7701830 Stops Rust Spray Paint, Gloss Crystal Clear

This is a great value clear paint. Well, it’s huge size of 12 oz gets you a lot of product that you could use on any surface without any difficulty at all. It attaches and clings to any paint and surface without a problem. It sprays an even distribution of the product with an easy to press nozzle. Covering any surface with a nice even layer of clear coating and making it protected for a long time has never been this easy. The protective barrier is also durable and tough that it keeps the perfect colors and appearance of any painting and surface and does not have that blurry or yellowish finish in time.

As a product of Rust-Oleum, this clear spray enamel prevents oxidation and moisture by adding a layer of clear protection that is sprayed evenly and neatly by the nozzle. It has a very strong protective capability that prevents fading and bubble formation. It dries up very fast too! This affordable and reliable clear spray coat will leave you with no problems with any fixtures and surfaces be it made of wood, metal, glass or paper. Try it and you won’t regret it.

Rust-Oleum 249117 Painter’s Touch Multi Purpose Spray Paint, 12-Ounce, Clear

Another innovative clear spray coating from Rust Oleum. Just like the previous brand, this offers an extra layer of shine and this edition of the painter’s touch series aims in protecting and covering vivid colors and paints and adds extra shiny and even finish! You will never regret going with this as an artist because first, it came from a brand that guarantees optimum paint protection. Secondly, it makes your painting come alive with shiny and fresh-like appearance.Lastly, it comes at a very affordable price that makes you feel you have nothing to loose but much more to gain with that value.

It resists chipping which makes it an ideal product for arts and crafts such as paintings, baskets, wooden furniture and other similar items. You can also use it in any angle that you like so that you can apply it in an even and flawless finish using the comfort spray nozzle. It also dries up very fast so that your time and effort in creating arts and craft is optimized. No need to sacrifice the price to get good results. Rust Oleum will have your back when it comes to these art crafts like premium counterparts in half the price.

PlastiKote 229 Clear Engine Enamel, 12 oz.

This is a premium clear coat spray that you can use for engine restoration! It is the go-to product of all the practical mechanics over the years. It has a super powerful protective coating that will not fail your every expectation. This is made with premium materials which react to heat. So instead of damaging the material whenever it is exposed t the engine heat, it tightens the bond between each molecular particles so the protection covering it will stay stronger than ever. It’s perfect for that purpose or any usage that you can think of, which requires a high heat resistance capability.

This is not your ordinary water-resistant, tough and durable clear coat spray. It is actually of that, and more! It is moisture resistant, heat resistant, fade resistant, gas resistant and oil resistant! The container and packaging itself look and feels premium. Each spray of the product will give you an even distribution. This great product is definitely practical and convenient to use on any surface that needs superior coating and protection against harsh elements. It dries quickly and nicely even in the harsh heat. Those who work with automotive highly recommends this product.


Clear coats are not just for decorative purposes. As we all know, these coatings serve as a protective layer of barrier that protects a surface from either water, heat, fading and other elements that would show wear and tear. if you want to further preserve a surface or an object, protecting it with a reliable and easy to apply clear coat. Not all spray clear coats are created equal, though. Some flimsy and poorly made spray clear coat does not spray the product evenly. This makes it difficult to achieve a nice and even finish, plus the drying time may vary. The good thong is that the items listed in this article are all spray paints that has an even application finish. They all don’t turn blurry, bubbly, and yellowish as the years past.

The only consideration you’ll have to take note is the type of product because some clear coat spray, just like their colored variants are specifically made to attach perfectly to different purposes such as wood, glass, ceramic and other surfaces. Make sure to read the labels and research on the product so that you could get the best product for your needs, and at the same time, save your money from spending too much for a clear spray coat when all you need is to add shine for an art project. Other spray coats for engines and automotive even have the ability to withstand intense heat. Lastly, take note of the labels, because poorly made products, usually from China contains color brightening ingredients which include lead and other posible hazardous and poisonous chemicals.

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