Best Climbing Harness Reviews 2017

When you’re interested in rock climbing or is in the business of climbing tall buildings, you’ll need to use the best climbing harness that’ll ensure your safety as well as give you a smooth and worry-free climbing experience. There are simple types of climbing harness, others have intricate designs to give you comfort while climbing. Here are some of the best climbing harness in the market to date.

Black Diamond Momentum Harness

The first item on our list of the best climbing harness is the Black Diamond Momentum Harness. There are many people who gave favorable reviews about this climbing harness and most of them gave this quite high rating. This product has a bullhorn-shaped waist belt which is built using dual core construction. This is designed with a pre-threaded, speed adjusts waist belt buckle. Also included in its design is a patented trakFIT adjustment which is specially made for an easy leg loop customization. You don’t have to worry about your rear-end. When you use this climbing harness, you get an adjustable rear with an elastic riser too.

This is a climbing harness built for comfort even under stressful and difficult situations and positions. It doesn’t hurt your thighs and other important body points at all unlike other climbing harnesses out there. Even if you’re hanging your full body while climbing, the leg connections of this climbing harness design actually help balance the weight of your body perfectly and evenly. The harness actually works in evening out and supporting your weight without tightening and hurting your sensitive areas. Other areas to consider in this product is the clasp and buckles which are sturdy in its built and easily holds solidly even if you’re hanging for long periods of time. This is actually a highly recommended climbing harness to try.

Abc Guide Harness

Next product you might want to check out if you’re planning to go on wall climbing or for any climbing gear you might need for work purposes. The Abc Guide Harness is a reasonable price climbing harness which has garnered high ratings and good ratings from those who were able to witness its amazing performance first hand. This climbing harness can fit waistline from 20 feet to 50 feet which are pretty average for most climbers. The design is ergonomically made to fit any body shape and supports you securely when you’re hanging on the wall or on the rock surface. It also comes in attractive designs and colors which are a plus.

This is an ideal climbing gear when you plan to climb for short periods only, as reviewed by some people. This doesn’t come padded so you might feel some discomfort if you use this for long periods of time such as for those workers who are clean the windows of tall buildings or those who paint high infrastructures. Overall, this is decent enough for those who needs a strong climbing harness for some other purposes. You get the most of your money’s worth, this isn’t quite bad for such an affordable climbing harness. This is actually fairly comfortable for short periods and a nice buy if you’re new to climbing mountains or walls.

Oumers Climbing Harness

This is another climbing harness we’d like to introduce to you. You might be looking for a CE certified climbing harness, then this one is the one you’re looking for. It has a weight limit of 230 kgs which is quite good for a climbing tool. It can fit a size of a person from 24 inches to 48 inches which are quite flexible compared to other climbing harnesses with a limited range of waistline fit. You can say that this product is a one size fit all type of climbing harness. It has a tension of greater than and equal to 15KN and an impact force of less than or equal to 6KN.

It’s designed with a traditional buckle and harness construction which can distribute the pressure of your weight evenly for a more comfortable climbing experience. The waist and the leg loop are lined with a mesh that’s breathable in order to give you comfort even during the warm weather. This has two double back buckles which allow your belt to be adjusted and also secured in just a single movement which is pretty convenient. This is the perfect climbing you can use for a mountaineering trip or for rock climbing. You can also use this for rescue operations as well as for those who are working on high infrastructures. It’s well built and made for your comfort and safety.

Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Harness

Next on our list of the best climbing harness is the Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Harness. This is specifically design for women’s use. Men and women have different pelvis shape that’s why one climbing harness which fits comfortably for a man might not be the perfect fit for a woman. The people behind this climbing harness design had in mind the comfort of a woman climber. It has a pre-threaded waist belt buckles that are speed adjusted. Its design is bullhorn-shaped waistbelt built with a dual core construction for better security and even distribution of weight for comfort.

Four pressure-molded gear loops and haul loop is also included in this design. It has an adjustable rear of an elastic riser. Its leg loop customization is an adjustable patent-pending trakFit. Even though you’re someone with big hips and thighs, you can adjust the loops and hoops of this climbing harness for a more comfortable fit. You can choose from different sizes that it has. Better check first the measurement before buying this. Its price is quite reasonable for such a high-performing climbing harness, though. It won’t pinch or hurt you on your sensitive parts even if you’re curvy.

Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness

This is a highly recommend climbing harness you can check out if you’re looking for a high-quality climbing harness that can last for quite a long time and will be worth the money you invest. This climbing harness is mainly made of nylon which is made durable and can last for a long time even after multiple uses. It has a large buckle that you can easily adjust on the waist and it’s also pre-threaded as well as designed so that you don’t need to have a double back. Its leg loops can also be easily adjusted. This is highly recommended to use for the gym.

There are different sizes you can choose from. Even if you use this multiple times such as for gym use or for outdoor recreational activity which will require a lot of people to use this multiple times, that’s not a problem since it can withstand long and frequent use even under pressure and lots of strain. It has a self-locking waist and leg straps with a double metal to it so you don’t have to reverse the loop over in order to safely attach it. This is a very important feature that climbing harness should have. It’s important to frequently check the status of the loops and buckles which are why having an uncomplicated yet efficient climbing harness is important.

Petzl Corax Harness

Next climbing harness on our list of the best climbing harness in the market is the Petzl Corax Harness. This is a very affordable climbing harness which has pleasantly high reviews and ratings from those who were able to use this climbing tool. It has a lightweight and compact design which is made of durable construction in order to give you a maximum comfort for any activity you might endeavor to do. It also has a versatile construction which can suit any summer or winter activities you want to do.

Included in your purchase is a UNIVERSO belay system which has a VERSO belay device and a 3D carabineer attached to it. It also has a sliding connection piece that’s exclusive for this climbing harness. Even so, this climbing tool could be used with any type of ropes you want to use in your climbing activity. This fits great and comfortable, just pick the right size for you before you purchase. You can choose from a variety of sizes this product has. It has two harnesses on each side of your waist. This ensures you are well-balanced and the rope can evenly distribute your weight so you’ll be comfortable and secure when you do your climbing activity.

Petzl Sama Climbing Harness – Men’s

Even though this climbing harness isn’t one of those expensive ones in the market, don’t be deceived. This is actually a highly performing climbing gear which has garnered a lot of good reviews and high ratings from people who are fond of climbing or those who were able to use this first hand. It’s extremely comfortable to use and very easy to adjust. You can use this even if you’re a beginner. Some professional wall and rock climbers even use this, they have trust in its climbing tool capabilities and were able to experience for themselves how safe and at ease they were when they used it.

This is very comfortable to use, you can even hang from this all day long and you won’t feel and discomfort at all. Even if you’re at the crag whole day long, you won’t have the urge to take this off. Even at the wall, it’s super comfortable. You don’t even feel the need to take it off since it’s such a hassle to take it on and off you, you’ll feel just fine with this wrapped around your body. When you’re doing some outdoor activity, you’d want to be as comfortable as possible. This climbing harness can give you that. It’s convenient and safe to use and the price is just right. This is a good find for sure.

Oumers Thicken Wider Climbing Harness

The last item on our list of the best climbing harness in the market is the Oumers Thicken Wider Climbing Harness which is perfect for anyone who wanted to do wall climbing, rock climbing or other outdoor activity that would require you to be suspended on air. Men, women, and children can use this, it has one size that can fit all body types and sizes. This is also CE certified so you can be assured that it’s safe to use and pass the standards of a climbing tool. It’s built for comfort and safety. It’ll fit any waistline 30 inches to 59 inches and can withstand tension equal to or more than 15KN. It can even withstand an impact force of less than or equal to 6KN.

Its frame construction guarantees an excellent weight distribution in order to have optimum comfort when you do your climbing activity. Its waist belt and leg loops are equipped with double straps so you can feel safe and be safe. The waist belt is designed to be wider at the back and the leg area. It has a traditional buckle harness which follows the principle of even distribution of pressure and weight in order to give you comfort even if you’re suspended in the air. Its leg and waist belt loop are lined with a mesh that is breathable so that even if you go climbing under the blazing heat of the sun you won’t feel any uncomfortable warmth in that area.


Doing some outdoor activities during the summer or winter can be fun. There are a lot of activities you can do, some of which can be challenging but a must try. For some, they found their adrenaline high climbing tricky walls or even better, complicated rock formations and reaching unfathomable peaks of mountains. Mountain climbing, rock climbing, and the likes is a life hobby that can’t be replaced, but one thing to keep in mind when immersing into activities like this is the safety of what’s more important which is your life. Having the best climbing harness when you’re way up there suspended in the air with only a rope and the durability of your safety harness determines your life is important. Choose life, choose the best climbing harness.

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