Best Climbing Ropes Reviews 2017

Have you ever felt like you are hanging on just a very thin rope? Well, that’s just a common metaphor. In real-life, we should keep our climbing ropes very durable and robust because it is the rope that we trust our lives with. We should never settle for cheaper and flimsy ropes which can endanger our lives because these climbing ropes are the thing that we hold on to just like we are holding on to our lives. The best climbing rope is like your best friend who will never let you down. Here are some which made it to our top picks:

FMS Super Soft Triple-Strand Twisted Cotton Rope by the Foot and Full Spools

If climb ropes are your best friends you can rely on, this is the most supportive and nice. It is made up of cotton so you don’t hurt your hand holding on to it. It is also a versatile rope that you can use in camping, harnessing, climbing and many things because it is easy to tie it into a knot, given that it is thick and durable, yet soft and comfortable to touch and feel. Though it not harsh on your skin, it is built so that you can count your life on it. The triple cotton twist is what made it durable enough to support your weight and can be used in a game of tug and war without scraping your palms that much.

With the many colorful variations, these ropes can also be used in art crafts because of its soft fibers and threads which are easier to cut other than plastic and synthetic ropes. Although having bright and wonderful colors suitable for home and outdoor use, it is still proven very safe because it is a 100% natural cotton product made in the US. This means that it follows all manufacturing and regulatory practices.

Rope Fit Manila Climbing Rope

If you have been into outdoor sports and climbing for the longest time, Manila Ropes is the most durable type of ropes and you know it. You can leave it outside of your house and your pets biting and gnawing doesn’t stand a chance against a robust and durable manila rope. Like seriously, if you are looking for a reliable climbing rope to last for years, then you can never go wrong with manila ropes! What makes this rope even more special is that is made in the USA–meaning it is built with safe and reliable materials that pose no harm to you or your family! (This can be ironic because it is called Manila rope isn’t it?)

Rope Fit Manila Climbing Rope stands out from the many because it is hand woven to make sure it is very reliable and the quality can not be questioned. That being said, you can easily order these ropes in custom lengths and rest assured that the other end of the rope is already knotted into a loop in one end for your convenience, so go ahead cowboy (or cowgirl)! You will never get disappointed by this rope.

GYM Climbing Rope Black Poly Dac

If it is indoor or gym climbing that you are interested in, don’t worry we still got you covered. We added the best indoor climbing ropes on our list such as GYM Climbing Rope Black Poly Dac. Going indoors is actually not a bad idea anyway–actually, it is much preferred by most people because you can control your setting and environment, you don’t have to travel far, and you can always double check your equipment and environment. This climbing rope is a durable Poly Dac which is not that very harsh on your palm and ski (though it is always advised to use gym gloves).

It offers a great width, high durability, and premium quality! The ends are heated using military heat grade so that fraying is prevented and you’ll enjoy the value of your money for a long time. It is built for a durable and reliable indoor climbing activities that will not let you down with your expectations. These ropes are must-haves to keep you safe sound inside the gym and any indoor wall or rock climbing facility. Like other ropes, it is recommended to use gloves so that you can easily hold on tightly.

USA MADE Gym Climbing Rope White

This is a high-quality rope you can use in weight-lifting, wall-climbing and other indoor gym activities. If you want a reliable all-around rope indoors, then this rope will not disappoint you. This is a heavy-duty rope which will help you get a peace of mind in working out, lifting, and climbing. This well-made rope can support heavy weights and is extra durable. Choosing a robust and tough rope plays an essential part to give you safety and security whenever you are dealing with gym equipment and activities.

This Gym climbing rope is also the USA made so it follows all the good manufacturer’s practice that will ensure premium quality and no harmful chemical components. It is a popular material for use in the gym. This is also good rope for training kids because you can also tie knots or space knots so that they can easily climb through training obstacles. It also comes with a weld so that you can easily attach it to your indoor gym equipment conveniently. This climbing rope is also affordable and cheaper than most other competitors out in the market. That being said, it is still one of the top indoor climb ropes when it comes to quality.

GM CLIMBING Accessory Cord Rope Double Braid Pre-Cut for Outdoor Recreation

If you are more into outdoor sports to face the challenge of nature and be closer to your environment and surroundings, you’ll need a reliable outdoor climbing rope to withstand the harshest weather conditions and won’t get too slippery. The only problem is, the tough and robust outdoor ropes are sometimes too thick and hard that it sometimes feel like letting go of the rope is easier than holding n and hurting your palm and fingers too much. You might be thinking, the pain and the trouble of doing outdoor sports are sometimes too much and overwhelming for any beginners. That is why this GM CLIMBING Accessory Cord Rope is the best for you!

It comes with bright orange color that makes it stand out in the vast green outdoors so you can easily spot it. It is also made of materials that enable you to easily make knots and attach it to other equipment. It also features a sturdy sheath material so even this rope comes soft to touch without scraping your skin, it is still very durable and resistant to friction and abrasion. It is made of polyester so it is moisture resistant which makes it perfect for outdoors.

EDELRID – Boa Lightweight SportDynamic Climbing Rope, Carrot/Icemint

The color is just one of the things that will make you fall in love with this premium quality and beautiful outdoor climbing rope. It stands out from the vast market of climbing ropes because of how well this product is made. It is very tight and reliable rope yu can always depend on and the appearance, touch, and feel is very smooth–no harm to your fingers and palm at all! The manufacturers made and designed it in a way that will make it very easy for you to hold on!

The cool color of this rope is absolutely a head-turner when you go out on group outdoor activities.The rope is also soft and comfortable to touch. The texture and materials used make it easy for you to make knots and tie it to almost any object. It is a convenient rope that you can bring anytime anywhere since it is lightweight and easy to carry. Study climb ropes used to be so heavy and rough for your hands to even grasp and hold on to. It is a good thing Edelrid created this rope so you can hold on to something without getting hurt.

Aishine Rock Climbing Rope

If you are on a tight budget and would net a special climbing rope that you could use indoors or in the gym, you are on the right page! Having this climbing rope will save you a lot of dollars over other premium brands that offer the same quality at double or triple the price. A reliable climbing rope indoors needs to be durable, robust and comfortable enough so you can grasp, hold and cling to it easily. Doing your activities indoors, your climbing rope should be versatile enough for you to be able to use it in lifting weights and other gym activities.

The only thing you need to watch out is that you are getting this at a bargain price so you should not take this climbing rope outside for it can be too slippery to hold on to when you are outside. Also be cautious when using this with larger adults. It is always recommended to use this ropes with kids, but for larger adults, it can be used for weight lifting and other gym activities that would not put too much weight on the rope. All in all, this item is a good bargain given that you use it properly and with strict precaution.

Valor Fitness Sisal Climbing Rope

Sisal is one of the oldest and most beautiful ropes that have been used by our ancestors for generations in a variety of ways. It is a versatile rope that can be used in heavy-duty activities such as ropes used in climbing, swinging, rappelling and other similar sports and outdoor activities. Even the tire and swings we grew way back when we were little kids used sisal ropes. Timme flies very fast and if you want a reliable, natural and organic look to your outdoor climbing game, then this sisal rope got you covered. It won’t let you down, lie it has been through the years.

As many of you may still clearly remember, sisal ropes can be easily tied and it can support a maximum weight of 300lbs with ease. You know why it is cheaper than most over the counter, branded and premium climbing ropes? What you see is what you get. This rope is what you get minus the color, design, and coating. Those will just put color and chemicals to your rope when it is already as sturdy and durable as it is. For an uncoated rope to not shed a lot, well this is a great bargain with a low price!

Maritsu Utility Rope, Outdoor Escape Rope, Camping Hiking Rope, Fire Rescue Parachute

Another very affordable indoor climbing rope which price is out of this world! Yep, it’s a very cheap indoor climbing rope, so you better set your expectations right for this one. It is way affordable than most brands in the market, to think that this rope is designed to carry around 674lbs! If you are going to use it for your car and other stuff that you need to anchor the rope, then you are in great luck since this rope actually comes with a carabiner or one end when you purchase one. What a goodie!

As what have already mentioned, this Maritsu rope can serve a variety of heavy duty purposes which include supporting weights of things and people. It also comes in many bright colors to match your gym indoors or for you to easily locate it in the outdoors. This rope is not recommended to be left outside of the house, though. Considering the price, it is not expected to withstand the harshest weather conditions and the teething of your pets. We could never further emphasize that it is one of the cheapest rope in the market with a tensile strength that can hold up almost around 700lbs!


When it comes to climbing ropes, you can never go too cheap, because you are entrusting your life into something so you better get your priorities straight. Oh, wait, what could be more important than your own life? Okay, so it’s no brainer to check quality first before jumping or climbing with your rope. In the previous products we listed, we advised that we take price into last consideration, but this time. Don’t take it into consideration at all! Look for something you could entrust your life with. Something you can easily hold on to, and something that could serve its purpose–outdoor or indoor climbing.

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