Best Clock Radio Reviews 2017

A clock radio is basically an alarm clock that’s equipped with an AM/FM radio tuner. Compared to a regular alarm clock, it’s a bit more advanced. This is simply because it gives you an option to be alerted by the tune of a song from a radio station aside from the regular alarm sound.

As simple as it sounds, picking a new clock radio may be tricky as you can be bombarded by a lot of choices. Aside from the size, style, and appearance, you would have to consider which features you think may be useful to you.

In this article, we’ll list down the top clock radios for sale today and briefly highlight each of their best features.

If this sounds good to you, read on.

Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock

This Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock has a dual alarm feature, thus you won’t have to change alarm settings frequently. It also comes with a digital radio tuner which sounds good considering its small and compact size.

If you’ve previously owned a good clock radio, you’ll easily notice the ultra-bright front display of this Electrohome clock radio. In fact, it can light-up your entire nightstand. Thankfully, there’s an option for you to turn off the display light or make it dim.

Moreover, this cheap clock radio can be used to listen to weather news and forecasts.

Meanwhile, it is also easy to set-up. In just a few minutes, you can have its digital channel display, alarm, brightness and other settings configured. You’ll also get to see information about your room’s current temperature which is a plus.

Sony ICFCDK50 Under Cabinet Kitchen CD Clock Radio

Sony ICFCDK50 is a high-end clock radio that’s mainly designed to be put under the kitchen cabinet. It has a very slim design and outstanding aesthetics which make it perfectly suited for glamorous kitchens.

Just to make sure you’ll have it properly installed into the cabinet, Sony has included a paper hole alignment guide. Once setup, you’ll love how much space is available in your counter.

As for the radio, its sound quality is outstanding. You can have 10 preset buttons for FM and 5 presets for AM. Just make sure to keep it away from other devices with signal interferences to maintain a good reception.

You can also connect your MP3 player easily should you want to get access to some of your saved music files. As expected, the CD player also works great.

This clock radio costs considerably high, but its beautiful features justify the price.

Electrohome USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio (EAAC475)

Electrohome did a good job of making another outstanding, yet inexpensive clock radio. In addition to the dual alarm, this clock radio features time projection, a reliable battery backup, automatic time setting, and more.

Just like its other version, this Electrohome USB-charging clock radio’s display can be adjusted. However, you may have to get yourself used to the bright blue indicator light that remains lit up if you’ve turned on the alarm.

The display may also show the temperature and be rotated or adjusted for better focus.

Aside from the buzzer, the alarm sound may be set to play a radio station. Same way, you can adjust the volume level of the radio station you’ve chosen.

Sangean PR-D18GR AM/FM/Clock Radio

Sangean PR-D18GR is a small, yet well-built clock radio. Measuring only about 7-inches long, this clock radio brand has a loud audio with quality bass and treble.

It also comes with a headphone jack, thus it can be plugged into the stereo speaker. Its maximum volume may not be the loudest, but it’s good enough to fill out a huge room.

It also receives transmission signals pretty well. In fact, it easily locks onto several FM and AM stations. Should you have some trouble pulling up some stations due to poor signal, a long retractable antenna is available.

Moreover, the display of this clock radio is very clear even from a distance which is a huge plus.

Sony ICFC1 Alarm Clock Radio

Sony ICFC1 is one of the best-looking clock radios ever made. It’s neither too small, nor too big. Its compact, cube design is clean and simple, while its face is glossy and smooth.

Note that this clock radio does not have a 24-hour setting. It also only has the US time zones. It’s therefore perfectly suited for those living in the US. Still, anybody comfortable of using it can go and get one.

As expected for a Sony product, its radio is superb. It plays fine and seems to capture good receptions pretty well. The sound quality of the speaker is also excellent, although it can still be better.

Just like Sony’s other previous clock radio deals, Sony ICFC1’s display can be adjusted. It has three brightness levels, thus you can choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Overall, this is an outstanding clock radio with guaranteed quality and durability.

What to Look For When Buying a Clock Radio

Dual Alarm

Dual alarm is a common feature in the clock radio that allows you to add two different alarms.

By being able to set two alarms with different waking times, you save yourself the hassle of regularly putting an alarm for some specific times of the day.


Whether you got a LED or LCD display, it should be vivid and clear for yourself to see during the night and day.

Preset Memory for Radio Stations

Most people listen to different radio stations, thus the ability to preset memory for some favorite stations is necessary. By doing one or a few clicks, you should be able to choose your preferred radio station.

Battery Backup

Have you ever been late because you never heard an alert from your alarm clock?

At one point in our lives, we may have experienced this. It’s neither your fault, nor is it entirely caused by your alarm clock.

If you want to be sure, consider getting a clock radio with a battery backup.

Clock radios automatically use their backup batteries in the event of a power outage, thus their chances of resetting or switching off are greatly minimized.


In any bedroom, the clock radio may be one of the most easily noticeable devices.

Why not?

You have to constantly update yourself with the time to efficiently manage your work routine.

It therefore just makes sense to have an affordable clock radio that looks good and stylish.


The clock radio is probably one of the most abused gadgets of all time. A lot of people find their sound disgusting most especially if they’re not yet in the mood to get up.

As a result, they’re often battered so they easily shut off.

A clock radio should be sturdy enough to withstand physical pressure.


The clock radio is a gadget that enhances the simple, yet superb capabilities of a regular alarm clock. It doesn’t have to be multi-featured to be honest. In fact, a dual alarm along with some AM/FM stations should do.

If you wish to make use of some other features, then it should be for your advantage.

Some other popular features you can look for would be the automatic display dimming and the incorporated MP3 jack or CD player.

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