Best Clothespins Reviews 2017

Are you old enough to remember clothespins? Are you old enough to remember life without dryers or when hanging clothes on the line was the total norm?

Maybe you are, but maybe you’re just looking for a different method of drying your clothes. There are a number of reasons that people may want to hang their clothes or bedding on the line to dry. One reason is the environmental reasons. Using your dryer costs electricity, and while that may be a bit harder on the environment, it may also be harder on your wallet.

Some people just enjoy the scent of line-dried clothes. There really is something special about taking in the scent of fresh air in your bedding.

Do any of this appeal to you? Well in that case, you’ll need a clothesline and clothespins. Here are some of the best clothespins out there!

Whitmor 6026-868 Natural Wood Clothespins, 100 pins

Starting out our list is a set of classic spring loaded clothespins. This set is wax coated to prevent slipping. This will keep your nice clean laundry from slipping onto the dirty ground. They are also secure, no rusting pins. This way, you won’t have to worry about replacing them quickly. But if you do, these sell in packages of two hundred! For a low price, you can load up on them and not have to worry about running out for time to come! Just watch out if you have gripping issues, but even if these are super easy grip!

Honey-Can-Do-DRY-01375 Wood Clothespins with Spring, 50-Pack, 3.3-inches Length

Do you hate when your clothespins drop everything right onto the ground? How about some clothespins that will hold up to ten pounds? Well, that’s exactly what you will get in these spring-loaded pins! You’ll never find yourself worrying about rust or rot with this birch-made material. Plus, you can buy them in a pack of one hundred! That is enough to get you through any amount of laundry! These are perfect for anyone who just wants to get the clothes out, dry, and back inside before it rains!

1 x 10 Laundry Hooks Clothes Pins Hanging Clips Plastic Hanger Home Travel Portable

This set of clothespins makes traveling with them that much easier. These are lightweight so you won’t add any additional weight to your luggage. The plastic hooks are perfect for slipping over a shower rod to drip dry something delicate like your stockings or even a silk scarf. Even if you’re not washing, you can use these to hang up scarves or something small in your daily closet. Hang them onto your clothesline and they will slide right along. Just make sure you are fitting them over anything that is up to 1 ¾” in diameter.

Ipow Set of 12 Portable Laundry Hook Hanging Clothes Pins Stainless Steel Travel Home Clothing Boot Hanger Hold Clips

These particular pins raise an entirely different use for clothespins-boot hangers! Every woman knows the struggle of trying to figure out how you store your tall books. Well, with these there will be no question. While regular clothespins may slip, the stainless steel combined with the gripping teeth will assure you that your boots will stay put. The metal hooks will give you the perfect way to slip them right into your closet. Or if you are traveling, drop a few of these into your bag so that you hang anything you may want to hand wash.

Honey-Can-Do DRY01389 Traditional Wood Clothespins, 100-Pack

Well, here they are, the absolutely most traditional clothespins that you could buy! These wood pins are exactly the way they used to be “back in the day” before spring-loaded pins were all the rage. These pins will slip right over your clothes line to secure your garments or sheets. You will never have to worry about these particular clothespins rushing or rotting out on you. They’re also strong; they’ll hold even the heaviest of garments. While some of you might have trouble squeezing a spring-loaded pin, these will totally be your work around!

Advantages to Using Clothes Pins

People have been line drying their clothes literally since the beginning of time. It was the original clothes dry-sunshine and air. Today you probably think that only the Amish would do such a thing, but it’s not true.

While I mentioned that it is environmentally and financially friendly, it also may end up simplifying your life. Some people among us are just looking to get back to basics. One of the best ways to do this is through line drying. It may feel like taking a step in time, but it is also a nice break from the crazy, always modern, technology driven lives that we need.

So maybe none of these are the reasons that you want clothespins. Maybe you just want to hang some more delicate clothes up to dry in your bathroom. And $6 for clothespins is a lot cheaper than a new drying rack.

Whatever your reasoning, let’s explore the clothespins on the market!

What to Look For

So now that we have looked at a variety of different clothespins. What type do you think is best for you?

First, how is your gripping ability? People with arthritis may struggle with a spring-loaded pin. That may mean that you would like to investigate some slip on rather than spring loaded.

Second of all, what exactly are you using them for? Are you going to hang clothes in the traditional use of clothespins? If so, just what kind? Jeans, towels and blankets may require a heavier type of pin.

Third, are you doing a lot of laundry? If you are doing wash for a large family, you may not want to look at the plastic or stainless steel, which come in smaller packages. Pick up a two hundred set from one of the other vendors. Now if you are only planning on hanging up two or three pairs of knee boots, why do you need two hundred clothespins falling all over your house?

Are you worried about ones that might break? Then consider a stainless steel or a rot resistant might be your sturdier choice then a plastic variety. Even the spring loaded ones are made of rush resistant materials, so these will hold firm for you.

Hanging your clothes out to dry will take you back in time. The scent of your fresh laundry may take you to a whole level of relaxation that you didn’t know what possible. It may also save your electric bill the pain of additional dryer work. Adding a few clothespins to your closet will up your organization and make your life easier! Whatever your reasons are for selecting clothespins, you will find the perfect variety for you! Once you do, you will never go back to life, as you knew it!

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