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Using bicycles as a means of transportation will save you money, energy and will also give you a healthy body. For regular bicycle riders, and also for professional one who race or often do it as a means of leisure activity, having flat tires while on the road is a normal event that happens from time to time. Flat bicycle tires can be easily restored and be inflated to hit the road once again by using bicycle pumps. Depending on your needs, there is a wide array of choices when it comes to bicycle pump types. But if you always get your tires flat or if you want to inflate your tires in a quick manner, you can try out the CO2 inflator. The market has hundreds of CO2 inflator and we have picked out some of the best CO2 inflator to narrow down your choices.

CO2 Inflator By Pro Bike Tool

The CO2 Inflator By Pro Bike Tool is the nearest to perfection CO2 inflator that will help you get back on the road swiftly. It can quickly inflate your flat tire in just a couple of seconds without pumping and tiring your hands out. With just a turn of its 1-Turn Valve System, your tires will be inflated once again.

The CO2 Inflator By Pro Bike Tool is a reliable CO2 inflator since you have full control over the speed operation of the CO2 release while on the process with its control lever. It is also flexible since its twin valve head threads are compatible with Presta and Schrader valves. You won’t no longer have the need to switch the heads.

Racers and long-distance cyclists will also love the CO2 Inflator By Pro Bike Tool since it is very compact and travel-friendly. It is only less than three inches small and weighs for only less than a pound which will allow it to be stowed away to the saddle bag or even jersey pockets.

The CO2 Inflator By Pro Bike Tool is also safe to use and won’t leak since it is compatible and can fit together with several sizes of CO2 cartridges such as 12g, 16g, 20g and even 25g.

CO2 Inflator with Cartridge Storage Canister by Pro Bike Tool

Another great one from Pro Bike Tool is the CO2 Inflator with Cartridge Storage Canister which can also inflate bike tires in just seconds after using. It also features a 1-Turn Valve System that makes it convenient coupled with its controllable lever operation for CO2 release speed regulation.

Its main and major asset is its cartridge storage to make your ride safe and secure by making sure that the cartridges won’t leak. The cartridge storage canister has been integrated with the CO2 inflator for easy access. The canister body also provides insulation to the cartridges while it is in use to preserve its quality. Its screw-on valve connection makes it leak-free during the inflation making it safe to use. Take note that the cartridges that are compatible with the canister are the 12g and 16g which are considered the most efficient cartridges.

The CO2 Inflator with Cartridge Storage Canister by Pro Bike Tool is also the perfect choice to people who take cycling as their long-time activity since this CO2 inflator has been built to last. It has a durable material made with aluminum alloy and precise parts so you won’t have to worry getting flat tires while you are on your journey. Enjoy the compact and easy to store CO2 Inflator with Cartridge Storage Canister by Pro Bike Tool.

Performance CO2 Inflator by Vibrelli

The Performance CO2 Inflator by Vibrelli is a durable and heavy-duty CO2 inflator that has been made with precision machined aluminum alloy making it super lightweight and super sturdy. In fact, this CO2 inflator only weighs about less than an ounce to make its storage and transportation so much easy.

In addition, its easy-airflow valve makes it easy to control and determine if your tire has enough PSI or pounds per square inch avoiding over-inflation and making your travel more smooth and less bumpy. Furthermore, get all these perks with Performance CO2 Inflator by Vibrelli and get back on your ride much quicker since only a couple of seconds is required to inflate your tires.

Rider safety always comes first so the Performance CO2 Inflator by Vibrelli has its Frost Guard that will keep your hands from getting cold-burned after using this CO2 inflator. The frost guard is through its CO2 cartridge sleeve that provides insulation while inflating. Immediately next to the CO2 tire inflator is the thumb guard which is the most exposed hand part when using the inflator.

Cocoweb CabrillO2-Pro Mountain Women Kids Adult Bike Portable Bicycle Tire CO2 Inflator Pump

The Cocoweb CabrillO2-Pro Mountain Women Kids Adult Bike Portable Bicycle Tire CO2 Inflator Pump promises a positively unique inflation experience through its patented push button. This patented push button makes inflating your tires quicker and easier requiring only one push from your fingers. Hit the road confidently without the fear of having flat tires since you can fully rely with Cocoweb CabrillO2-Pro Mountain Women Kids Adult Bike Portable Bicycle Tire CO2 Inflator Pump that has been completely made out of pure CNC machined aluminum material so it ensures durability, accuracy and portability. Its material allows the CO2 inflator to be very lightweight making it easy to be stored and transported so you can take this anywhere you go. This CO2 inflator is compatible with 16g of CO2 cartridges which is the most recommended CO2 cartridge along with the 12g.

Its head has been specially engineered to have a specific angle making it compatible not just with Schrader and Presta valves but also with several other usual valves. With this flexibility, you can now share the perks of having a great CO2 inflator.

CO2 Inflator Blaster by VI Bike

The CO2 Inflator Blaster by VI Bike takes pride by being the tiniest CO2 inflator in the market making it more storage-friendly and will surely leave no pressure when you take it wherever you go. To be exact, the CO2 Inflator Blaster by VI Bike has a feather-like weight of only 10g or approximately 0.4oz. While its size lingers to be about that of a quarter which has a dimension of 3cmx3cmx1cm. Let your bike buddies find bigger bags for their bigger bike pumps on your ride while you stay lightweight with this CO2 inflator.

With its uniquely designed angle head, the CO2 Inflator Blaster by VI Bike is also more versatile when it comes to fitting with different types of valves and disc wheels. For example, this CO2 inflator is compatible for both Presta and Schrader and other disc wheels that not all CO2 inflators and bike pumps can fit with. The CO2 Inflator Blaster by VI Bike has not incorporated any plastic for its construction but used the highest quality CNC machined materials such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy and even the rubber. Also, the tire’s inflation begins with just an easy twist of its switch that can quickly inflate your tires.

Sasquatch Cycling CO2 Inflator

The Co2 Inflator from Sasquatch Cycling offers more convenience and is more easy to operate with just a single push of its button. Unlike other CO2 inflators that require twisting levers or triggering dials, Sasquatch Cycling’s CO2 inflator has its simple push button valve for quicker and easier inflation that gives out just the right amount of pressure into your tires so you can get back on the road afain without worrying of another flat tire.

When it comes to portability, the Sasquatch Cycling CO2 Inflator is so travel-friendly with its size that can fit into the pockets of your cycling jersey and will only occupy a little space within your saddle bag. Also, you won’t no longer have to switch the valves of the Sasquatch Cycling CO2 Inflator if you’re going to use it for Presta and Schrader valves on after the other since its head can easily fit with both of the valves. What’s even more about its versatility is that the Sasquatch Cycling CO2 Inflator can fit with any sizes of threaded CO2 cartridges. From 12g, 16g, 20g up to 25g, the Sasquatch Cycling CO2 Inflator is sure to be leak-free. Also included is the insulating sleeve which can fit the 16g cartridge to protects the hand or thumb of the user from getting cold-burned.

Lezyne Twin Speed Drive CO2 Inflator

The Lezyne Twin Speed Drive CO2 Inflator is a portable, durable and beautifully designed CO2 inflator. It fits both the most common valves integrated with bicycle tires which are the Presta and Schrader. When you switch between these two valves, you won’t be needing to switch its head since it has one that can fit both of the valve types. This great feature is the brand’s own Twin Slip-Fit which allows the head to be easily pressed into Prest or Schrader valves for quick operation.

The Lezyne Twin Speed Drive CO2 Inflator is also competent when it comes to portability with its travel and pocket-friendly weight of about 14 grams or just a mere 0.5 ounces, this CO2 inflator is sure not to add more weight on your drive for longer hours on the road.

The Lezyne Twin Speed Drive CO2 Inflator can also be relied on to when the topic is about durability since it uses aluminum that has been 100 CNC machined. Its operation has also been improved with its unique Threaded Valve Operation. The user’s safety has also been considered since the Lezyne Twin Speed Drive CO2 Inflator has been integrated with an anti-freeze jacket to avoid cold burn on the hands.

PRO STAR CO2 Inflator

The PRO STAR CO2 Inflator can also be easily engaged and operated through its patented push button. The button makes sure to make the inflation much quicker and easier than twisting valves and triggering dials which most CO2 inflators require. With this button that is smooth to push, your other hand will be free of any task so you can go ahead to check if the pressure that was given to your tire is right.

This PRO STAR CO2 Inflator which can fit with unthreaded CO2 cartridges has been made with strong material which is an aluminum alloy. The CNC machined aluminum alloy makes the PRO STAR CO2 Inflator sturdier but will stay lightweight and adventure-friendly. For added details, its weight is only 119g that is sure to be a space-saver. Moreover, it has a two-in-one valve head that is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves to avoid the hassles of switching the valve head.

To avoid losing the pieces of PRO STAR CO2 Inflator, the brand has generously included a bracket plus a velcro strap so you can safely and securely store the items by mounting on your bike frame or by putting it in your saddle bag.

What to Look For

Most people are fond of riding their bicycle whether it’d be about the money then can save up if they take a cab, the energy they can conserve, the pollution they can produce, the fats they can burn and the muscles they can train. Bicycle tires have been shouldering the weight of those who ride their bicycles and can sometimes become flat. If you’re one of the regular bicycle riders, we’re sure that you know how normal it is to get your bicycle tires flat after some time of long cycling on the road. Most people equip themselves with bicycle pumps as a precaution to this situation.

However, there are several types of pumps that differs on its size, weight, ability and portability. First is the stand pump or a floor pump which is used by resting the base on the surface and stomping the feet over the base. The user pulls and pushes through the handle to fill the tires. The next pump is the hand pump that can be tubed or integral. The tubed hand pump has a separate piece of tube that connects the pump to the tire’s valve.

The third one is the mini pumps that are also great for mobility due to its size. However, it operates like the first two pumps and will significantly produce less air pressure to the tire taking more of a user’s time. The fourth is the foot pump that is not advisable to inflate bicycle tires but is an ideal use for larger tiles.

Then comes the CO2 inflators which are liquified gas-filled that has the power to provide the correct pressure into the tires despite its small construct. And the last one is the electric pump that is also ideal for bigger types of tire.

Among these types, our favorite is the CO2 Inflator since it will make you hit the road again much quicker in general.


If you’re in for a quicker inflation of your bicycle tires, the CO2 Inflator is the best bike pump for you. Do you do bicycle race with your colleagues and other friends? The CO2 Inflator will make sure that the inflation is just right for the rider’s safety and will be inflated quicker. Beat all them up by storing one CO2 Inflator.

Also, notice that all of the bicycle tire pumps must be manually pumped by the hand and might also require the aid of your other body parts making it a stressful task and not allowing you to multitask. With CO2 inflators, your one hand is all it needs to recover the air in your tires and get you back on the road in just a matter of seconds.

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