Best Cocktail Dresses Reviews 2017

A cocktail party is one of the most popular types of party in the world today. It typically happens for social networking, business matters or sometimes, after wedding receptions. The party consists of cocktail drinks and starts at around 4 to 6 pm. With this kind of events, the hotel or restaurant shall provide for the guests’ appetizers and drinks.

With this kind of event, women are generally encouraged to wear cocktail dresses. They used to be long, almost above the ankle length, but not longer than that as those can be classified as evening gowns. Cocktail dresses are less extravagant and may sometimes be shorter than any other kind of dress. Furthermore, a cocktail dress may also be categorized as a dancing costume.

Are you looking for the best and leading cocktail dresses in the market? Then this might be your lucky day because we are about to drop the finest cocktail dress the market has ever known. Lastly, if you are curious which cocktail dress to pick then you must head further down below and check some of the tips we provided.

Anni Coco Women’s Swing Dress

Anni Coco® Women's Classic 1950s Vintage Hepburn Dresses Black Small

The Anni Coco Women’s Swing Dress is definitely among the best cocktail dresses that you must not miss. This dress is being offered in 11 colors such as black, flower prints, classy blue, orange and white. Furthermore, this brand also offers this dress in 5 sizes so buyers can simply pick their sizes. It is made out of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

This dress comes was inspired from the classical A-line black dress during the 1950s. It comes with boat neck sleeves as well as a zipper closure. Planning to have this? It can easily be cleaning through hand washing and low temperature washing. To put it briefly, if you want a new cocktail dress that you can wear on balls or parties then the Anni Coco Women’s Swing Dress is certainly a must have.

Anni Coco Women’s Cap Sleeve Party Dresses

Anni Coco® Women's 1950s Cap Sleeve Swing Vintage Party Dresses Blue Small

Interested in buying a cocktail dress? Then you must give the Anni Coco Women’s Cap Sleeve Party Dresses a good consideration. This simple dress is available in 21 colors such as blue, red, sky blue, white and yellow. Also, Anni Coco offers this dress in 5 sizes, from small to XXL. Moreover, this dress comes with a stylish belt, so it can complement your shape better.

It has functional and very cute heart buttons, cap sleeves along with a v-neck collared style. Additionally, it is also made out of 5% spandex and 95%cotton, which will support you even in hot environment. If you are attending formal party, club or weddings, then the Anni Coco Women’s Cap Sleeve Party Dresses must definitely be part your list.

WOOSEA Women’s Elegant Midi Cocktail Party Dress

WOOSEA® Women's Elegant Sleeveless Floral Lace Vintage Midi Cocktail Party Dress (Small , Blue)

The WOOSEA Women’s Elegant Midi Cocktail Party Dress is also among top cocktail dresses brands you will ever find. This one is currently being offered in 6 colors such as blue, green, black and burgundy. Furthermore, this dress is made out from high quality materials such as polyester, cotton and spandex.

It features knee length along with a lace splicing structure in front. Moreover, it designed to provide a slim style to any user, so long as they fit the 5 sizes that this company offers. It will look perfect for wedding, cocktail and evening parties, so as one of the most inexpensive cocktail dress, we encourage you to give the WOOSEA Women’s Elegant Midi Cocktail Party Dress a try.

Anni Coco Women’s Vintage Multi Colored Dresses

Anni Coco® Women's 1950s Audrey Hepburn Lace Crochet Vintage Evening Dress Black Small

The Anni Coco Women’s Vintage Multi Colored Dresses is also among the plainest yet cheap cocktail dresses in the industry. This dress is made out of 97% cotton and 3% elastane. Additionally, it features removable waist bowknot, a boat neckline as well as lace crochet all over the dress. It is available in 10 colors such as orange, sky blue, yellow and red.

This cocktail dress can be bought in 5 different sizes from small to double XL. It resembles an elegant swing dress back in the 50s with its fitted style and flared out skirt. Wonderful for formal parties, ball, prom and cocktail parties, we are confident that you’d love having this one. All in all, if you want a nice and good cocktail dress then you must definitely get the Anni Coco Women’s Vintage Multi Colored Dresses.

PAUL JONES Sundress Vintage Dress

PAUL JONES Womens Polka Dots Vintage Party Dress Color B(3XL)

The PAUL JONES Sundress Vintage Dress is probably among the cheapest cocktail dresses deals in this list, so we encourage you to give it a try. This preppy and fun dress comes with a deep v-neck and sleeveless feature to make sure that your audience will be able to see your assets. Moreover, it is made out of 100% high quality and imported cotton.

It is suitable to cocktail parties as well as other occasions as it is available in 11 different colors such as light lilac, medium purple, green, black and medium purple. Likewise, it is also being offered in 7 sizes from 3X to 2XL. The PAUL JONES Sundress Vintage Dress is one of the most affordable cocktail dresses for sale, so you may as well give it a try.

What is a cocktail dress?

A cocktail dress isn’t just a type of dress intended for cocktail parties, but also in other social events. From weddings, business parties and other similar events, women go for a cocktail dress that is elegant yet looks classical. From the traditional “LBD” or little black dress to a long velvety gown, there’s definitely hundreds of cocktail dress to choose from.

Shopping for a cocktail dress may seem frustrating at some point, but it is not hopeless. Ever since the term “cocktail dress” was invented by Christian Dior back in the 1940s, this type of dress has been hitting the market significantly. You may feel overwhelmed by hundreds of dresses to choose from and some may even be confusing as they turn out to be the same.

What to look for in a cocktail dress?

Style – cocktail dresses have variety of shoulder styles such as strapless, spaghetti strap, halter neck, one-shoulder, lace sleeves, cap sleeves and so on. Obviously, you must choose the dress that fits your figure and more importantly your tastes and comfort. These shoulder types may look good on some people and not for the others.

Fabric – dresses are also available in variety fabrics and materials. Some of the most used materials are cotton, wool, hemp, silk, spandex, rayon and polyester. These materials are both manmade and natural, it’s up to you to choose which type of fabric you prefer. On the other hand, some dresses are made with blended fabrics.

Flattering – for women, dressing up isn’t the easiest task, but it must be done. For cocktail dresses, any woman must look for areas that emphasize her assets and flatters her figure. For women with large hips for example, an A-line dress will complement her figure as they provide enough space for her hips.

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