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A comb is a necessity whether you’re a man or a woman. And although it’s a pretty simple item to buy, most of us end up buying combs that break due to bending or the ones that are simply not strong and sturdy enough. The teeth sometimes bite the scalp causing a lot of discomfort every time you use them.

You don’t have to worry about any of that, anymore. Just read on as we introduce and discuss some of the best combs available for purchase.

Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangler Hair Comb or Brush

This detangling hair comb is brought to you by Crave Naturals. Say bye-bye to all your bad hair days with this glide-through brush as you never have to see them again.

With its firm and high quality bristles, the brush is perfect to remove knots and tangles, even the stubborn ones. It does all this without damaging your hair. It has specially designed cone-shaped plastic bristles which separate the hair sideways gently releasing the knots and tangles.

This comb-cum-brush is not only great for adults but also for children as it removes knots painlessly. Your kids won’t cry every time you brush their hair with this soft comb. The bristles also gently massage the scalp which helps improve the blood circulation. Increased circulation results in faster hair growth. This comb smooths the cuticle layer of your hair making it shine and bounce!

Easy removal of tangles equals no hair loss. You won’t be disappointed when you look at the comb after using it, because there won’t be any hair caught in it! If these features don’t make you order this amazing product now, we don’t know what will. Grab your Crave Naturals comb right now!

Conair Anti-static Detangling Comb

Brought to you by the trusted haircare and grooming brand, Conair, this anti-static detangling comb is one of the best you’d find out there. It can effortlessly detangle your hair without resulting in split ends or any other type of damage such as hair loss. It helps in distributing the conditioner evenly throughout your hair, right till the ends.

If you want to build up a little volume for any type of hair, brushing your hair with this comb is a great way to do it. Also, perfect for wet or dry styling to get any look you want. This comb makes sure there’s no flyaway frizzy hair, only shiny and bouncy hair all through!

Kent Hand-Made All Fine Pocket Comb

Kent Hand-Made All Fine Pocket Comb, Fot, 113 mm

This men’s pocket comb is brought to you by Kent. One of the most widely used men’s combs, this 113mm fine-toothed comb is perfect for all types of men’s hair. This is a hand-made comb and every time you use it you’ll experience a feeling of getting a soothing massage. Made from excellent quality plastic, it doesn’t scratch or bite your scalp; rather it’s soft and gentle.

It easily fits in your pocket and also works for your mustaches and beards. It can turn any type of coarse and curly beard hair into a great looking well-maintained healthy beard. And each one of its users believes this is the best comb they’ve used in their entire life. Think it’s an exaggeration? Why don’t you try and find out yourself!

Kent The Hand Made Comb Coarse/Fine for Men

Kent The Hand Made Comb Coarse/Fine for Men, 7 Inch, 1 Ounce

Kent brings to you yet another awesome hand-made comb for men that either have coarse or fine hair. This 7 inches long comb is known for its quality and wonderful experience. By that, we mean no matter what type of hair you have, this comb will help you style it the way you want. It feels gentle and soft on your scalp. It won’t ever give you the scratchy feeling that you get from the cheaper low-quality combs.

Every part of this comb is made from tough quality materials making it highly durable and long-lasting. For those of you looking to buy the best quality pocket comb, you don’t have to think twice before ordering this product. You won’t regret buying it!

Go-Comb – Wallet Comb

Go-Comb - Wallet Comb + Bottle Opener - Hair + Beard Comb - Matte Black

This multi-purpose wallet comb is brought to you by Go-Comb. In addition to being a fine-toothed hair and beard comb, you could use this product as a bottle opener! This ultra-thin comb can fit in easily inside your wallet just like a credit card would.

The comb is built with excellent quality materials such as high strength, durable stainless steel. It has a steady matte finish that makes it great to look. This long-lasting wallet comb uses anti-static metal and is smooth-coated to give you a comfortable experience. Forget your past experience with combs that scratch your scalp and switch over to Go-Comb.

Vidal Sassoon 5-inch Pocket Comb

Vidal Sassoon brings to you this pack of two 5-inch pocket combs that fit easily in all pockets so you could style your hair while on-the-go. The combs have fine teeth that are perfect for short hair as they could easily section trimmed hair. Works well for beard and mustaches too!

The combs are black in color and are made out of strong plastic. They are priced exceptionally reasonably and you won’t find a better product at this rate. If you’re someone who keeps losing combs, which by the way it happens to a lot of people, the spare comb in the pack will come in handy.

Magic 10 Piece Professional Styling Comb Set

Magic 10 Piece Professional Styling Comb Set

Magic brings to you this 10 piece professional styling comb set that’ll be your complete hair styling toolkit. The pack of 10 combs is enclosed in a vinyl storage case. The set comes in two colors – Black and Bone.

Right from the fine-toothed comb for delicate styling to the broad toothed ones for detangling, this kit provides you with every type of comb you’d ever need for styling your hair. There are teasing combs, rat tail comb, picks, curl rakes, volume combs, and more in this set and also the ones that help in even distribution of oil and conditioner throughout the scalp.

You get all this at a price that you won’t believe! Yes, that’s right – this is a highly affordable set of styling combs that you don’t want to miss.

Professional Quality Pocket Size Hair Combs

Hair Comb 5" Pocket Size Unbreakable, 72 Piece in a Jar, Black, High Quality

This is an excellent grade professional quality comb which is unbreakable. The jar contains all of 72 combs perfect for you if you run a salon or are a professional hair stylist. Or even if you want to stock combs you’d need in the whole of your life. These 5-inch black combs are inexpensive and durable. A great combination, right?

Unlike other combs, you can bend these combs completely from end to end and they’ll still snap back to their shape all ready for your hair. Works really well for beards and mustaches too, even the ones that are a little coarse.

Cricket Ultra Clean UC130

This is the perfect detangling comb for girls and is also great for styling! The pack includes a smaller version of the comb that’s called the traveling comb, for free. The combs are strong and sturdy to hold, yet they detangle the knots without causing any pain to you.

The gentle teeth edges are perfect to give a great feeling of massage every time you use it on your scalp. The ergonomic design makes it easy for you to hold the comb in your palm. It’s perfect for curly as well as fine hair as the wide gaps between the teeth help it to glide through the scalp effortlessly.

Goody Styling Essentials Super Hair Comb

Goody, one of the leaders in manufacturing hairstyling tools and accessories, brings to you this Super Hair Comb. And why they do call it the super comb? The comb is perfect for every hair type – curly, fine, straight, or thick, you name it! This is especially a detangling comb and works irrespective of whether your hair is wet or dry. It could also be used for partitioning your hair when braiding or experimenting with unique styles!

It comes in a pack of 3 combs, so you can put one in your bag and keep one at home. The other one could be used as a spare, in case you lose one. The steady construction, comfortable ergonomic handle, and a size that can perfectly fit inside all average size purses.

SalonChic 8″ Deluxe Triple Teasing Comb

SalonChic 8" Deluxe Triple Teasing Comb

This innovative teasing comb is brought to you by SalonChic. The comb has three rows of teeth, which is great to give you enough volume that’s up to 3 times more than what you might get with the normal combs. Great for fine hair that needs some extra volume!

Whether you want to use this for backcombing, teasing, sectioning, or giving some finishing touches and detailing to your hair, this comb is perfect for everything. The comb is quite sturdy and strong. The teeth stay intact even after using them for a long time.


We’re pretty sure that by now, you have a fair idea about the different types of combs that are manufactured and the ones that’ll fit your requirements perfectly. So, what’s stopping you? Just throw away the low-quality cheap combs you’ve been using so far and get one of these amazing combs having some incredible qualities.

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