Best Combination Lock Reviews 2017

Padlocks may look the same. But, in case you haven’t noticed, not all can resist external forces like cutting and hacking. Thus, selecting the best combination locks can be as serious as a life-and-death-matter. Indeed, it is! So, you cannot simply pick the padlock that’s pleasing to your eyes of course. You’ll need to investigate and test. Here’s the list we prepared to help you run the choosing.

Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial Combination Lock

A master combination lock promotes and ensures security to the last detail. The Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial Combination Lock gets the highest number of reviews in this list. This combination lock proves to match best with busy people who come and go in their homes. The Master Lock 1500iD can work well in office, school and gym lockers. By all means, it’s practical for indoor locking. Most certainly, you can bet all your properties on this product because of its no-miss speed dial tech. The product has interested a number of buyers in the net because of its multi-directional combination strokes- down, up, left and right. With this feature, you can easily open the lock even under pressure, given that you’re applying the right code.

Speaking of codes- this latest combination by the Master brand features an all-code combination system. This only means that you can apply all sorts of symbols from letters to numbers, to shapes, colors, etc. The act of customizing pass codes increases the uniqueness of your code and by turn, keeps your lock safe from hacking. You can actually find a lot of features of the Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial Combination Lock. It goes with a strengthened steel shackle for increased security, a 2-inch (51mm) wide metal body for easy hand access, a great design and many more. This particular item appears perfect with the red design. So, we suggest you purchase it with the product color. Furthermore, the product weighs 6.4 ounces and measures 7 x 4 x 2 inches. It holds a single patent number of 1500iD but arrives in assorted colors.

Master Lock 653D Set-Your-Own-Combination 2-inch Padlock

The second most-reviewed celebrity combination lock is the Master Lock 653 Set-Your-Own-Combination 2-inch Padlock. This product tucks in an already remarkable reputation of an entire line of padlock products by the Master brand. Therefore, the product emerges as a witty addition to the Master’s. But proves to be most notable about the Master Lock 653D Set-Your-Own-Combination 2-inch Padlock is its 4 chrome-plated dials designed for convenient set-your-own combinations. Finally- here is a product that allows you to fully customize your pass code combinations. And, mind you: it’s 100% un-hackable. Suppose it has already impressed you with its set-your-own combination system, wait till you experience its 1/4-inch diameter nickel-plated shackle, made stronger for security reasons.

After all, security is still the highest priority among padlock manufacturers. It stands as the most basic, most practical purpose of the padlock. If it can’t protect you or your properties, then why else does it exist? In this line, the Master Padlock brand guarantees 100% safety and security for the padlock’s users. Thus, they can use the product at main doors or locker doors in schools, offices, homes and other indoor places. Finally, the product comes with a 653D specific patent number, a .6.5 ounces weight and 8.1 x 3.7 x 1.8 inches dimensions. The product is available for shipping in the US.

TSA Lock – 3 Digit Combination – Best TSA Approved Lock For Travel Safety and Security

If you are looking for an all-power, invincible, impervious and sturdy padlock product, try the TSA Lock – 3 Digit Combination – Best TSA Approved Lock For Travel Safety and Security! With its ultra-high protective metal and steel shielding, you can bring it anywhere. It proves to be the best aid especially when you are on a holiday vacation. As a result, the product instantly garnered massive positive reviews from buyers and users. Therein, it earned 4.5 out of 5 stars. Now, that is what you can call a star. It even gets perfect during TSA inspections with its lock safe protection. This type of protection unique of the padlock product ensures that your bag remains locked after an inspection. Interestingly, it keeps you alert since it can’t release the key you use to locking the padlock if you don’t lock it again after inspection.

All-in-all, the TSA padlock product gives more than it says. When it claimed that it has a lifetime warranty so that anyone could just return it to the seller, it actually happened. Certain buyers tired returning it for technical reasons and the TSA Company refunded it without question. Perhaps, the TSA Lock – 3 Digit Combination – Best TSA Approved Lock For Travel Safety and Security aims to maintain an intimate relationship with its buyers. And with that, it has effortlessly proven to be a trustworthy brand. All-in-all, the product maintains its place among the most trusted 3-digital combination padlock brands. A padlock that goes perfectly well with your travelling security needs, the TSA padlock serves best as you travel companion.

Master Lock 646T Set-Your-Own Combination Luggage Lock

Topping this list in the 4th position is the affordable and durable die-cast case Master Lock 646T Set-Your-Own Combination Luggage Lock! The product boasts of a 1/8 inch steel shackle for optimum security. It comes with a 13/16in. wide body and a steel-protected core. Its pass code combination system can be reset and customized in your preference. In terms of security, the Master Lock 646T Set-Your-Own Combination Luggage Lock is truly a master. By all means, it resists cutting, sawing and even hacking of its code combinations.

But what most buyers seek of it is its elegant design. It seems to have reckoned all smart designers with its vertically-squared body. Yes. It has the most eye-catching design, not to mention that it’s key-less. In terms of economy, it proves to be one of the most practical product packages, too. Good news- it comes with 2 padlocks given the price. Indeed- 2 padlock items for 1 purchase. Isn’t it worth the money? We bet you can pour out all your money on this and not feeling sorry after. That’s how certain the product is. Now, if you decide to purchase it, always look for its 646T patent and its particulars- 0.8 ounces, 5.6 x 2.8 x 0.7 inches, etc. And, lastly, avail of its discount and full-warranty product tag.

Master Lock 1500T Combination

Imported. Stainless steel-covered. Neatly design. Durable. Generous. These are just a few of the best treats offered by Master, the ultimate padlock manufacturer in the market. The Master brand increases its product line with the newest addition- the Master Lock 1500T Combination. Great news- it comes with 2 packs. So, it’s 2 padlocks for 1 purchase. Due to its down-right efficiency, the Master Lock 1500T Combination earned a total rating of 4.3 out of 5 from buyers’/customers’ reviews. In addition to that, it is lightest among Master’s padlock products. But don’t get it wrong, it protects your property with high-shielding stainless steel power.

Further in, the Master Lock 1500T has a 3-digit number combination. Designers made sure that the product does not require more numbers from that range. After all, with 3 digits, provided that it’s uniquely-combined, who could guess your code? All-in-all, the product technically impresses a number of buyers with its neat design, punctuated by its dial. Nonetheless, its black-color design is unmistakably solid and clean. Upon purchasing it, don’t forget to select it under 1500T model number/patent. Very much likely, you’d benefit from inspecting its dimensions, 5.6 x 5.9 x 1.6 inches and weight by 6.4 inches.

Master Lock 178D Set-Your-Own Combination Padlock

Topping this list in the 6th position is the technology-wise and intelligent 51 mm wide-bodied padlock called under the Master brand. The Master Lock 178D Set-Your-Own Combination Padlock allows you to fully own its codes under thousands of possibilities. It also features an automatic reset touch to keep your numeric pass code updated from time to time. Buyers saw the potential of this padlock among its several other padlock mates under the Master brand. The padlock above all else, the Master Lock 178D Set-your-Own Combination Padlock comes with a specially black-coated die cast metal body that protects it from external forces and gives it the glimmer.

The padlock is very beautiful to look at with its shiny and dark shade. It also proves to be easiest in terms of access. You’ll only have to remember 3 important but easy steps when using the Master Lock 178D Set-Your-Own Combination Padlock. First, unlock the hole with the key, open the shackle and insert the key by turning it 90 degrees. Now, for setting the combination- apply the 4 digit code of your choice and then release the key. That’s all there is- simple but super-efficient. Again, security is high priority of the Master manufacturers. Technically, the product measures 6.6 x 1.2 x 3.5 inches and weighs 2.2 pounds. You can avail of it through a special discount. That is if you purchase it now.

Padlock – 4 Digit Combination Lock

If you’re artistic enough such that colors complete your day, then we recommend the Padlock- 4 Digit Combination Lock for you. The product comes with various colors which you’d get to select upon purchasing. Besides its color, it impresses a lot of buyers with its fashionable shape, guided by the perfect curves. It may look fancy at a glance, but it is still the rough-tough indoor protector that does not yield to external forcing and hacking. If you haven’t realized, its 4-digit combination possibilities can reach up to 10,000.

Because of this feature, thieves will definitely end up not cracking the code with the least chance. But fortunately for the user, it’s ultra-simple and clear. Its numbers, by the way, are 80% bigger and clearer than any other padlock numeric forms. The artistic Padlock- 4 Digit Combination Lock features the best color choices, red, green blue, black, white/silver, etc. In terms of guarantee, the product poses a 60-day money return plus a 3 year warranty. The product also comes with a discount of 40% down the original price. This proves best for the thrifty shoppers.

Master Lock 175D Resettable Set-Your-Own Combination Lock

Earning a total rating of 4.2/5 out from 455 reviews, the Master Lock 175D Resettable Set-Your-Own Combination Lock is tops the 8th position in this list. Made from a sturdy material, the padlock’s features a hardened shackle. Therefore, it claims to be cut-resistant and that’s it’s the only product that is covered by double superior-strength die cast metal. You can only expect an extra-safe locking system that is smooth and rust-free.

In fact, many users have stated in their reviews the product’s long-lasting life span. Eventually, it doesn’t need further lubrication in its many years of existence because of the stainless steel metal springs that loyally hold the shackle’s ends together. By all means, the Master Lock, like any other Master products are simply hefty. It sure adds up to the already spectacular Master padlocks collection. You can reset it from time to time, apply it with thousands of combinations and it will still hold for you. It’s unique from the rest of the Master padlock products because of its hard covering.

What to Look For

In buying padlocks, you’ll have to be keener on their shackles, the digital pass code combination technologies, and of course, the internal configuration of the padlock’s locking system.


Security. That is the main purpose of padlocks. But of course, in order to buy the best padlock there is, you’ll have to get your hands of the list. If you’ve gone through all these, you start asking yourself the following questions, “Can this padlock last for long”, “Can it withstand hacking or force cuts” and “How easy is it to access?”. These are just a few of the many questions you should be reflecting at upon purchasing a padlock.

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