Best Compression Tights Reviews 2017

Are you an athlete that’s slowly finding it tiring and is slowly experiencing discomforts with standing for extended periods of time? Maybe you’re a health buff and exercise enthusiast that’s been experiencing lack in circulation when doing certain exercise and moves. Compression tights might just be what you need to relieve you from these discomforts and circulation problems. All compression garments are designed to aid in giving you better circulation when standing or being stuck in the same position for a prolonged period of time. Compression tights are used when tour problematic area is your lower extremities such as your thigh or calf. With the various brands and levels of compression, you might find it hard to decide which tights you should purchase so we’ve listed down the best compression tights in the market today.

CompressionZ Women’s Compression Pants

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t only help you with your circulation but also keeps you warm in the colder month; then these compression tights from CompressionZ might be the perfect fit for you. These tights keep you comfortable in whatever temperature. It keeps you warm in winter but doesn’t make you too hot and feel uncomfortable in the hotter days. You also don’t have to worry about being itchy or irritated when you were these tights like you would experience with most leggings or tights. It also ensures that your tights won’t start to smell even if you do end up being soaked with sweat after an intense training. The most important thing if course is that it has been proven to help you have faster muscle recovery and blood circulation.

These tights are perfect for those looking for something that doesn’t only aid in circulation but also provide you the comforts that normal gym wear gives you. It even has stitching that’s designed for maximum movement without any fear of you having chaffs or even unexpected cuts. It can also relieve muscle pains after exercise. This is again because of its compression capabilities that helps your muscles breathe and recover while you exercise. Aside from all these great features, it also received amazing reviews from its costumers proving that it does what it advertises.

Drskin Compression Tight Pants Base Layer Running Leggings

[DRSKIN] DABB11 Tight Compression Pants Base Layer Running Pants Men Women (S)

Are you always in the gym and looking for something that dries quickly? Then these compression tights is the perfect fit for you. It dries quickly and it even has a water absorbing layer so you won’t have to worry about sweaty legs or having to deal with squishy or uncomfortable fit in the thighs. You can alsos wear these tights whatever the season is because it can heat or cool you depending on what the temperature calls for. Aside from protection from cold and sweat it also has UVA protection so now you won’t have to worry about going under the sun.

These tights are perfect for those who sweat a lot but won’t want to have any of the unwanted effects of it. It’s a great choice for anyone looking at getting compression tights. It’s able to help your muscles recover and aids in better circulation and it does these and all the other features with almost a quarter of a price of the other ones on this list.

Tesla Men’s Cool Dry Compression Baselayer Tights

These Tesla Compression tights are also perfect for whatever season it is but they’re not built for warmth so it’s not advisable to rely on these tights during the cold winter days. It also helps in muscle recovery and blood circulation. It has flat-lock seams that can provide you with excellent excellent comfort and wouldn’t give you any chaffs while you do your exercises. If you’re tired of having to deal with smelly pants after every workout you won’t need to worry about dealing with that with these because it has deodorizing function to keep you smelling great. Tesla is one of those brands who seem to value their customers a lot. This is shown with their size chart and their suggestion that customers buy a size that is one size bigger than what they usually get.

Backing up all the features that the manufacturers claim, are the extremely positive reviews that this compression tights got. Customers were impressed at how comfortable the tights are and how well it fits them as long as you follow the size chart. They were also impressed at how well it helped with their circulation and muscle recovery. These Tesla compression tights are perfect for those who are looking for something that is great at giving them muscle recovery and gives maximum comfort when you move. It’s also the best fit for those who aren’t living in cold places since they wouldn’t need to be cooled down as much even during the winter months.

Sub Sports Dual Mens Compression Leggings

SUB Sports DUAL (All Season) Mens Compression Leggings / Pants - Base Layer Tights - Black - M

These compression tights from SubSports is midweight and so gives enough compression to keep your blood flowing and to keep those muscles alive. It also has moisture absorption properties that’ll keep you dry even if you sweat a lot. This is done by absorbing and transferring the moisture from your legs leaving you feeling great even after your workout. It has UVA protection so going under the sun is no big deal anymore since you won’t have to worry about the rays damaging your legs. It’s also great for all weathers, however, it doesn’t have cooling properties so if you’re looking at relying on these to give you extra warmth then it might be better to look for something else.

These tights received great reviews from its customers. They were mostly impressed at how comfortable the tights are. They also loved that it’s able to give them the compression that they needed to avoid getting cramps or sleepy legs. These tights are great for those enjoy going out under the sun since it gives you a nice layer of protection from the harmful rays of the sun so you can keep going on your exercise.

CW-X Women’s 3/4 Length Stabilyx Tights

If you’ve been having problems with your joint areas like your pelvis and knees then you’d be glad to know that there’s a pair of compression tights dedicated to relieve those problems. The CW-X compression tights have patented properties that doesn’t only keep your blood going but also gives support to your knees and pelvis. With this added support you’ll be able to do your exercises or training without having to worry about damaging these areas. It also gives extended support to your muscles since it doesn’t only support your hamstrings but also your abdominal and back muscles. It’s also equipped with CoolMax fabric to keep you dry and free of moisture all day long.

These CW-X tights are perfect for those that have problematic joints. It’s also a perfect fit for those who just want to prevent having problems with their knee and hip area. This is highly recommended for those who do sports that require a lot of lateral movement such as skiing and snowboarding. All these claims wouldn’t be worth as much if customer reviews say otherwise, good thing it’s not the case with these tights. It received great reviews from its customers showing that they are satisfied with the quality of the tights.

JustOneStyle Men Sports Apparel Skin Tights Compression

New Men Sports Apparel Skin Tights Compression Base Under Layer Long Pants (L, NP509 BLUE)

These compression tights from JustOneStyle has Take Five compression technology that gives support to your leg muscles and gives you better circulation. It also helps you muscles recover faster so you won’t need to deal with post workout muscle pain. It’s perfect for any weather sports, like skiing and snowboarding, and normal training especially in the winter months. During summer it’ll also give you great protection since it can guard you from the harmful rays of the sun with its UVA/UVB protecting qualities. The people who are always on the go and have a hectic schedule would be glad to know that these tights are machine washable.

All the features are great with these tights but the biggest come on for customers is the price. It’s really affordable and still promises to give you the same qualities that its more expensive counterparts give. These tights received mixed reviews from its costumers. Those who loved it were impressed by the fit and muscle recovery qualities it gives them. Those who were disappointed, on the other hand, were complaining about the tights breaking or ripping after just a few uses.

Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Armour Compression Leggings

Under Armour is the only internationally known brand on this list. Its compression tights are dual layer and has moisture absorbing properties that wicks off sweat and keeps you dry. The tights itself are also fast drying so there’s no need to worry about having squishy wet tights while working out. It has a stretch-mesh gusset and inseam panels that offers you optimum ventilation to keep your legs feeling good and not feel constricted. Great ventilation will also help you keep cool during the hot summer days while its ultra-warming inner layer will help you get through those winter months.

These tights are perfect for those who want quality tights and would rather purchase from a well-known brand than gamble with the other ones on our list. Since it is a name brand you’ll be sure that they would have quality products because they have to take care of their image. This seems to hold true based on the great customer reviews it received. However, since it does come from Under Armour it is on the pricier side. Considering that it has almost entirely the same features and qualities than some of the items on the list you might want to consider purchasing those.

Game Gear Boy’s and Girl’s Compression Performance Tight

Youth Sports Form Fit, Ankle Length Compression Tight-Stay Dry and Cool During Football, Baseball, Dance, Track, and Soccer with Moisture Management and Anti-Microbial Technology-Sizes YS, YM, YL (Youth Large, Royal)

These compression tights from Game Gear are the only ones on the list that is made specifically for children. It gives the same overall benefits as compression tights for adults. It also helps with muscle recovery and circulation. It is incredible comfortable so there’s no more worrying about getting chaffs or feeling constricted by your tights. It has UVA protection that’ll be really useful when you’re training or exercising under the harsh rays of the sun. It has moisture wicking properties that carries moisture away from the body keeping you dry and free of moisture. If you’re worried that transferring moisture might make the tights smell bad, there’s no need to because the tights has anti-bacterial properties which ensures that your tights won’t smell even if you sweat buckets.

These tights received mostly positive reviews from its customers. They were impressed at the quality of the tights and how well the seams are made. They also loved the comfort that these give their active children. These tights are perfect for children who enjoy having an active lifestyle and those that have problems with their legs.

What to Look For?

Even with the list we’ve provided above, you might still find it hard to choose which one is perfect for you. So whether you already have a couple of front runners or you’re still completely clueless on which to get, we’ve got you covered. Listed below are the top features you should look for that quality compression tights should have.

  1. Degree of Compression – The degree of compression the tights provide you should match what you need in tights. Higher compression usually requires doctor prescriptions so you must consider this before purchasing one. You might find it a hassle to go to a doctor but making sure that you’re getting the right pressure should be your priority. Because, getting a mismatched pressure for you might actually make your problem worse than it is now.
  2. Comfort – The tights that you’ll buy shouldn’t be uncomfortable or restricting. It should still allow you to do maximum movements and not hinder you from doing more dynamic poses and workout. The seams shouldn’t give you chaffs or make you feel itchy.
  3. Support – Compression tights should, first and foremost, provide you with muscle support and should help you have faster muscle recovery. Aside from this, it would be a great plus if the tights don’t only support you muscles but also your joints so your lower extremities are fully supported.


We hope that with the list and the tips we’ve provided that you’d be able to choose the best compression tights for your needs. Remember that it shouldn’t be expensive to work the way you want it to. More affordable choices might also offer the same results as the more expensive ones. You should also keep in mind that these tights are only for support and if your muscle pains and joint problems persist it’s best to consult a doctor.

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