Best Computer Microphones Reviews 2017

Microphones have been around for a long time. Earlier, microphones were used only by speakers, singers, and musicians. Today, everybody with a computer must own a microphone. With the development and advancement of computers, different applications have been created where microphones play an important role.

We will see all this and much more, in this article. We will list down some of the best computer microphones available on the market. Towards the end of the post, we will see some important factors that you must consider before buying a good microphone.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone

Blue Microphones, the leading microphones brand, is proud to present to you their top microphones which they like to call the Yeti. This is one of the most sought-after microphones present on the market and its users simply love the way it works. The 3 condenser capsules allow it to record any audio any time.

You could select multiple patterns out of the four choices available – cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo. The advanced features such as the gain control and zero-latency output makes this a fantastic microphone deal that you shouldn’t miss. They work with Mac OS X and Windows.

Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone

These top-quality microphones are brought to you by Samson Technologies. These attractive-looking mics come in 3 different color options and have a beautiful fold-back legs design. They have a 25mm diaphragm USB studio condenser to give you a rich audio recording. They work with iPads with the help of Apple’s Camera Connection Kit.

This microphone is perfect for your home studios as also for voice messaging applications such as Skype and iChat. This is one of the best microphones available which is great for podcasting as well. This microphone costs more, but it’s worth the price.

Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

Samson Technologies is back with yet another amazing microphone. This is a portable USB condenser microphone which works with your MAC and Windows PC without drivers. The compact design of this affordable microphone allows it to clip to your laptop or can be conveniently placed on the desk.

Whether you want to record music from anywhere or you want to use it for podcasting, this microphone gives you the highest quality of sound. It is also bet for your voice chats and messengers. If you’re looking to buy a microphone with excellent quality, this is your product.

Rerii Specialized Stand Alone Condenser Microphone

Rerii specialized microphones is a cheap microphone with high quality and durability, seldom found in the commonly found mics. This microphone features a highly-efficient condenser. This user-friendly mic has a 3.5mm stereo which fits with all types of computers and laptops.

The plug-and-play feature of this microphone allows you to connect and use them without the help of external factors such as drivers. The package comes with a microphone, one service card issued by Rerii, and an adjustable stand. This mic is perfect for singing, recording music, or simply talking over voice messaging software such as MSN and Skype.

KLIM Desktop USB Microphone

You won’t believe the excellent sound quality obtained by this new microphone that has been released only recently on the market. This inexpensive microphone is a high-sensitive microphone featuring a patented audio filter. The filter diminishes the background noise eliminating it completely and focusing on the voice being recorded.

It doesn’t need any software to use it with your computers and laptops from all major brands. This microphone can be used for speech recognition, audio recording, voice messaging, and lots more. They are made from strong reinforced plastic and metal interior which make them last long.

What are Computer Microphones?

Computer microphones are the mics that can be connected to the computers with the help of a USB cable or a 3.5mm standard jack. It helps you record your audio files and save it directly to your computers. These files can be used later for various purposes such as sharing with others, using the audio files in other applications, and lots more.

Whether you are a musician trying to create music using any music creation software or want to record a song, computer microphones allow you to do all that, and hundreds of other things. You can record any type of sounds or noises which you can later use in your tracks. Microphones have made the lives of musicians so easy.

Computer microphones play a vital role when using the different messaging apps available to us. These days, no body uses telephones to make long-distance calls, especially because the call rates. And why should we? When we can use internet to talk to anyone in any corner of the world instantly, why spend on calls.

Voice messaging applications such as Skype, iChat, and others let you talk to your friends and relatives residing in any part of the world. However, for successful communication between your computers, it is important to have superior voice quality, which can be achieved if you have a good computer microphone.

Additionally, microphones help you in podcasting which is one of the latest trends of our times. They let you record your own voice so as to analyze your speech and improve yourself. Now, that we have seen so many different advantages of computer microphones and also seen some of the best ones out there, we can move on to the next section where we will walk you through the different factors that must be considered before buying a mic.

What to Look For

The first thing you must see is whether you want a USB microphone or the one with a 3.5mm jack, or both. This will help you decide on the devices which can be used with the mic.

The next thing is to see about the voice quality of your mic. A good microphone will have condensers built in them which cancel out the unwanted noise which further enhances the main voice recording. All good computer microphones have built-in condensers in them.

Moving on to the next point where we will see the various recording options provided by the mc. Depending on the application or which you’re using the mic, you can set your preferences from the four broad recording categories such as stereo, cardioid, bidirectional, and omnidirectional. If you want to know more about these options, you can look up on the web.

Next, we talk about the compatibility of your microphone. While, it is best to go for microphones that are compatible with most computers and laptops having all kinds of operating systems, there are some mics that do not work on all computers. For example, a mic working on a Windows PC, might not work in Mac. It is best to check the compatibility before you buy the mic.

Then, we will see the design and the constriction of your microphone. You want to mics to be strong, look good with your computer, and highly durable. These factors are very important especially when it comes to mics. A cheaply built mic will adversely affect the sound quality it generates.

Finally, we talk about the price factor. Computer microphones are not very expensive and most of them available on the market have decent prices, however you can always check for better options before you make the purchase. Going through the different computer microphones for sales option would be a good idea to know the various ongoing offers and promotions.

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