Best Computer Security Cables Reviews 2017

Laptops and computers have been so valuable that they are one of the most stolen items worldwide. They may come in handy and let you work even in restaurants, public libraries and coffee shops, but they are still at the risk of theft especially in public places. What’s worse is that these stolen laptops mostly contain sensitive and confidential information.

There’s no way that you can stop your laptop from being stolen, but there are ways on how to prevent thieves from getting valuable information or taking your device as a whole. A computer security cable helps secure your laptop or computer in a still fixture. They are typically made out of mixed metal so it can effectively resist tampering.

Are you looking for the most trusted computer security cables? Then look no further because we just collected and gathered the best computer security cables in the market. Moreover, as these cables fit 99% of all computers, there is no doubt that you’d find the perfect product for your laptop. Lastly, if you want to know more about computer security cables then go ahead and read below.

Kensington Combination Cable Lock (K64673AM)

The Kensington Combination Cable Lock (K64673AM) comes with a superior lockhead that is durable enough to resist tampering. It has a push button design that can be operated with one hand for easier unlocking and locking. Furthermore, this one is easily resettable, you are also offered with over 10, 000 possible lock combinations.

It easily anchors to tables, desk or any fixed structure. Moreover, it has a keyless 4-wheel combination so your code isn’t as hard to memorize. This product is also compatible with several TVs, projectors, hard drives, monitors and laptops. It is a cut-resistant cable made out of woven carbon steel covered with a protective sleeve. As one of the best computer security cable brand then we definitely endorse getting the The Kensington Combination Cable Lock (K64673AM).

iGotTech Laptop Combination Security Cable

Want a good computer security cable? Then go for the iGotTech Laptop Combination Security Cable. This one fits most laptop notebooks as well as LCD and projectors, so it is an ideal product to use. It comes with a 4 digit keyless combination where you can choose from over 10, 000 combination codes. Additionally, this one is also very easy to reset so you never have worry forgetting about it.

It is made out of durable zinc alloy so it can resist tampering, which makes it very hard to be cut. The cable is 5mm thick and 2 meter-long which means that it is theft deterrent. Moreover, this company also offers a satisfaction guarantee to assure you that it is worth buying. All in all, if you want a new computer security cable then it has to be the iGotTech Laptop Combination Security Cable.

Kensington Desk Mount Anchor (K64613WW)

The Kensington Desk Mount Anchor (K64613WW) is perhaps the cheapest computer security cable, so we encourage you to give it a try. To prevent cutting, this one uses a 2 one-way security screw made out full steel construction, which makes it tamper resistant. It is very convenient as you don’t need to look for a strong anchor in your computer or desk.

This one uses steel construction for its ring and base covered in chrome plating, to ensure you that it is durable. It has a dimension of .5″ (L) x 1.75″ (W) x 0.5″ along with a 2 x ¾” security woodscrews to make it as secured as possible. In conclusion, as the most affordable computer security cable in this list, we urge you to give the Kensington Desk Mount Anchor (K64613WW) a try.

Etekcity Combination Security Lock

The Etekcity Combination Security Lock also belongs to the top computer security cables in the market so we encourage you to give it a try. This product fits most notebooks, laptops, projectors and monitors, so it is an ideal product to buy. Like the other, this one comes with a 4 digit resettable punch lock, where you can choose over 10,000 lock combination.

Furthermore, this one also uses a durable lockhead that is able to resist tampering because it has a strong tensil up to 186kgf. Moreover, it also has a convenient operation as it comes with a 90 degree swivel cable joint. Additionally, this one is made out of galvanized twisted steel coated with PVC to make it theft deterrent. As one of the most inexpensive computer security cables for sale, the Etekcity Combination Security Lock is surely a must have.

Kensington Combination Portable Cable Lock (K64670AM)

Want a cheap computer security cable deal? Then we know the perfect product for you, introducing the Kensington Combination Portable Cable Lock (K64670AM). This product is available it 4-number combination as well as 4-word combination, where you can choose about 10,000 possible combinations. Additionally, it comes with a push button design so you can easily unlock and lock it.

Also, it anchors easily on desks, workstations and laptops. It can easily be attached on any device as it uses the Kensington Security Slot that can be found in most computers. In conclusion, if you are buying a computer security cable that came from a reputable brand then you must certainly try the Kensington Combination Portable Cable Lock (K64670AM).

What is a computer security cable?

Computer and laptops isn’t the cheapest device in the market. In fact, even the most economical laptop coming from a reputable brand isn’t cheap at all. Given how expensive these devices are, it is very prone to theft and robbery. Especially if you have valuable information in your laptop, your device will have a pretty good price in the black market.

These opportunists may seem good at stealing, but they can still be stopped and even be prevented. Fortunately, every computer and laptop comes with a secret slot where the owner can connect the cable and lock it in. Laptops and notebooks contain several slots, but a lot of people are unaware that there is a specified slot mean for security cables.

To find where this is, you may check your laptop’s slots and see where the “lock” symbol is. To use it, simply attach your chosen computer security cable and attach its other end in another heavy immobile object. You can unlock it by simply inserting a key or pushing the lock combination. If you are anxious about misplacing a key then a combination lock will be the most ideal cable for you.

What to look for in a computer security cable?

Thickness – your wire’s thickness will determine how durable it is in tampering. At least, your chosen computer security cable must have ¼ thick diameters along with some coating so it can secure your device 100%.

Pad lock or combination lock – some of which the most important question you must ask yourself before purchasing a computer security cable. Pad locks come with keys and are tough enough to resist tampering. Combination locks on the other hand require you to memorize a set of numbers, where you can choose from over 10,000 combinations.

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