Best Computer Vacuums Reviews 2017

Owning a computer is pretty high maintenance. From inside to outside, you are required to check if it is working well. Your OS or Mac may rely solely on its operating system, but there are also other problems your device faces. Giving your computer an upgrade in storage may boost its speed, but a cheaper and more reliable version for this method is to simply give your machine a good clean.

Computers may have built-in vents to keep your machine cool, but it is also extremely prone to collecting dusts. These dusts typically gather in an area and blocks your vent then causes your machine to slow down. On that note, we can offer you a good solution that may solve your dilemma. Introducing, computer vacuums!

Are you looking for the best computer vacuums for your device? Then you are certainly in the right page! In this article, we are about to drop the leading products in the world of computer vacuums. Furthermore, if you are interested to know more then you must certainly read what we collected below. We also included some tips on how to find your right item.

Glodeals Professional Mini Vacuum

If you want a cheap computer vacuum yet decent enough to give you wonderful results then go for the Glodeals Professional Mini Vacuum. This vacuum is operated with three dusting tool such as the brush cleaning head, flat tip cleaning tool and tube cleaning head. Moreover, this one also has a dimension of 8.1 x 5.9 x 2.2 inches, which makes it extremely versatile to carry around.

It uses 4 AA batteries (1.5v) powered for 9 hours for longer and continuous cleaning. Furthermore, it comes with a Velcro bottom design so it can effectively absorb large to fine dust such as confetti, sediments and fruit scraps. This vacuum also contains a dust bag so you can easily dispose all your trash. All in all, if you want a new computer vacuum then we recommend getting the Glodeals Professional Mini Vacuum.

Pro’sKit MS-C001 Professional Mini Vacuum

Another good computer vacuum would be the Pro’sKit MS-C001 Professional Mini Vacuum. This one has a size of 5.1 x 2.2 x 1.8 inches which makes it extremely convenient and portable. It is professionally designed for better result and better precision in repairing your device. This kit comes with an extension pipe, a brush tool, dust blower, cleaner nozzle and dust collection device.

It comes with a high-speed rpm so it can quickly and efficiently brush and clean off all dirt inside your computer or laptops. Furthermore, it is portable, which means that you can carry it around and will be handy as you travel. The Pro’sKit MS-C001 Professional Mini Vacuum is certainly an inexpensive computer vacuum that you must try.

ShineMe Mini Table Dust Vacuum Cleaner

The ShineMe Mini Table Dust Vacuum Cleaner is also another affordable computer vacuum that you must give a chance. This one has a dimension of 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.6 inches, as it is also being offered in green, white and black to give you an elegant device. It comes with a removable bottom that collects dusts so you can easily dump all the dusts.

Furthermore, it is extremely lightweight yet very easy to carry around. Also, this one is very quiet while working compared to other vacuums. It is wireless and can work on 2 AA batteries; it can be powered for 10 minutes for a continuous cleaning. Lastly, it uses a nylon brush for a durable vacuum. If you are buying a computer vacuum for your computer then you must certainly go for the ShineMe Mini Table Dust Vacuum Cleaner.

Mimgo Store Computer Vacuum

Want to get the cheapest computer vacuum deal? Then you will certainly love the Mimgo Store Computer Vacuum. This one has a length of 90 cm, which makes it a mini-size vacuum meant for your computer. It is made out of mixed metal and plastic to give you a durable yet lightweight device. Furthermore, this one is also available in variety of colors such as yellow, black, green, hot pink and sky blue.

It is designed to clean not just small dirt, but also heavier dusts. This vacuum is extremely easy to use, you simply have to connect this device into your USB port and you are good to go. This kit comes with the mini USB vacuum and a brush fur. Since the Mimgo Store Computer Vacuum is a cheap computer vacuum, we know that it won’t hurt giving it a try.

Metro Vacuum MDV-3TA DataVac

As one of the top computer vacuum brand, the Metro Vacuum MDV-3TA DataVac is certainly among the top. This one is not just meant for computer vacuums, but also for other electronics inside your home or office. It has a dimension of 20.2 x 11.2 x 7.5 inches, comes with a 2 speed motor and 1.7 peak horsepower.

It is certainly one of the best computer vacuums for sale as it features a 6 ft. flexible hose, pik-all nozzle, dusting brush, crevice tool, extension wands, 2 extra toner filters, air pin pointer, a snorkel probe and 4 pieces of micro leaning tool kit. It is one of the best vacuums for electronics as it is user-friendly and environment friendly.

What is a computer vacuum?

When your computer slows down, most people would recommend upgrading your RAM, hard drives or operating systems. However, a lot of people also mistakenly think that these are the only methods to boost your machine’s speed, but it is not. As we all know, most computers including laptops contain vents that keeps the machine cool.

These vents make it possible to keep the computer run smoothly, it helps it stay cool. Nonetheless, as time goes by, your vent may collect build-up of dusts and ruin your vents ability to keep it cool. If this stays as it is, it can cause your computer to overheat and slow-down it in the process. Worst case scenario for your computer is to break down entirely.

While you may opt for regular tissues and rubbing alcohol to clean your computer, it is best to settle for a better method, a computer vacuum. This item contains anti-static system to protect you from the shock while cleaning your computer. Moreover, these devices are built solely for your computer, it is a tiny version of a house vacuum.

What to look for in a computer vacuum?

Just like what we stated, computer vacuums are simply miniature versions of vacuums. They also contain motors which shows how strong it can take dusts and dirt. On that note, we encourage you to go for the device with a higher motor. Also, your device will either work via batteries, electricity or through a USB cable, so consider those options as well. Another factor so check is to know if your computer vacuum contains a bag inside. Since most of them are miniature versions of huge vacuums, it is pretty logical that they’d have no bags inside.

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