Best Conference Tables Reviews 2017

The world is filled with several businesses and companies today. There are about 45,508 listed companies in the stock exchange as of now, small to medium businesses are not included. These companies strive hard to make people’s lives better and brighter. In the office, people exchange different ideas and thoughts to further boost their company’s vision.

Every plans, actions and agreements are often talked through a private room, mostly called as the conference room. This is where managers, CEOs and other bosses hold their meetings to converse. In a conference room, you will mostly see laptops, presentations, chairs and lastly, conference tables. The most important people gather around conference tables, so it is extremely significant to choose the best kind.

Looking for the perfect table for your conference room? Then you have found the right page! In this article, we would like to offer you the best and leading conference tables in the market. These tables range from expensive to cheap, so good luck looking for your next conference table! Have fun!

Regency Prestige Conference Table

The Regency Prestige Conference Table is probably the best conference table brand, so it is only fair to put it in this list. Sure, it may sound very expensive and luxurious for some, but adding this one to your office will look wonderful. This one comes with sophisticated two-tone inlaid details to show its simplicity and beauty. Moreover, it also has a data and power port in the middle of the table to make connectivity easy.

This one has a dimension of 48 x 96 x 29 inches and can accommodate and seat up to 8 people. It is designed with classic lines and beveled edges which is made out of hand rubbed mahogany wood. This one is finished with veneer to add shine and polish all over the table. If you want a new conference table that oozes sophistication and class then the Regency Prestige Conference Table is a great choice.

Lifetime 80176 Folding Conference Table

The Lifetime 80176 Folding Conference Table is an affordable conference table that you’d love having. This one has a dimension of 72.3 x 2.4 x 18.8 inches with a weight of 30 pounds. It is constructed with high quality materials of Polyethylene to make a durable and tough table. Moreover, it also has a UV protected top protected with powder-coated finish to make the stable stain resistant and extremely easy to clean.

It is perfect for seminars, meetings and conferences. This one is also extremely easy to assemble and disassemble, in case you want to store it away. Despite being plastic, this one is made out of high density materials that will not peel, chip or crack. As one of the cheapest conference table deals, we highly endorse getting this one for tight-budgeted people.

Lorell Oval Conference Table

The Lorell Oval Conference Table is also among the top conference tables for sale, so it is only logical to put it in this list. This table features a sleek and slab base design along with a 1 ¼ inch thick laminated top. Moreover, it has an oval shape design that is part of the Lorell 87000 series. It has a dimension of Lorell Oval Conference Table with a weight of 105.8 pounds.

This Oval Conference Table by Lorell is made out of strong and sturdy mahogany, polished with a shiny finish to give elegance in your office, home office and conference rooms. It comes with slab base to provide stability for the table and it is also an “eco-friendly” choice for its low chemical emissions. This one may not be an inexpensive conference table, but we can ensure you that you’d love having it inside your office.

Lifetime 80126 Professional Grade Folding Table

The Lifetime 80126 Professional Grade Folding Table is also made out of high quality polyethylene or HDPE that is impact resistant and can oozes durability overall. It is ergonomically designed and engineered to be used for a lifetime that can be used for commercial and institutional use. It is rust resistant as it has powder coated steel frames. Moreover, it has a UV protected top finish which makes easier to clean as it is stain resistant.

This product has a dimension of 75.3 x 2.7 x 31.3 inches and a weight of 44.9 pounds. It is easy to assemble and disassemble as it comes with bendable legs. The Lifetime 80126 Professional Grade Folding Table has a simple design yet durable, so we are confident that you’d love getting this one. It is also one of the cheap conference tables among this list, so choose carefully.

Bush Furniture Round Conference Table

Looking for a good conference table? Then try the Bush Furniture Round Conference Table. This one may be small, but it has dimension of 41.5 x 41.5 x 30 inches and can gather about 4 people comfortably. It is made out of sturdy melamine along with a stain and scratch resistant diamond coat surface to protect the table from all sorts of possible flaws.

It has durable solid X base with levelers that can be adjusted according to your liking. It also uses PVC edge banding. Moreover, this round table is currently available in 12 lovely colors such as mocha cherry, savannah beech, white spectrum and gray walnut. This one is delivered disassembled, but it has manual instructions and may only take you about 30 minutes before you can use it. If you are buying a conference table for small spaces then this one is a clever choice.

What to look for in a conference table?

There are many factors before buying a proper conference table. Conference room is where you meet your co-workers, officemates, managers, CEOs and lastly potential clients. A lot of things happen inside conference rooms, mostly important tactics, strategies and moves to make further name and money for the company. On that note, it’s important to mind what’s inside conference rooms.

Size – generally, the size of your conference room will depend how big your conference table is. Getting a massive table may seem like a good choice, but it is still important to mind the spaces between the walls, especially because you’d want to allow spaces for their chairs to roll back. Also, the size of your table will also determine how many seating capacity it can take. Let’s say you have a 16′ L x 12′ W table, with this size of table, you can have at least 6 to 8 seating capacity.

Shape – conference tables are also widely available in different shapes. The most common ones are obviously the rectangular shapes. Although circular or oblique shapes looks good in offices as well, this decision making will be based on what kind of aesthetic you would want inside your conference room.

Type – also, conference tables have different types. The legs or the “support” of the conference table also adds aesthetic to your room’s overall look. They are T-shaped, trestle based and traditional ones, so you can have variety of options to choose from.

Material – obviously, the most common type for conference tables are made out of wood. These woods are usually priced fancy because they are made out of oak or maple. However, there are also cheap alternatives such as engineered woods, where wood fibers are glued together to great a strong board.

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