Best Contact Lens Cleaners Reviews 2017

If you’re among the millions of people who are using contact lenses, then you would know how important it is to sanitize and disinfect contact lenses. The truth is, if contact lenses are not properly taken care of, you are increasing the chances of getting corneal ulcers and eye infections. Moreover, if not treated immediately, it could lead to serious cases such as blindness.

There are several types of contact lens cleansers in the market today. These solutions are intended to remove residues and films that the contact lens has acquired. Furthermore, they also lessen the possibility of gaining bacteria and preventing other eye problems. Today, there are 2 common kinds of contact lenses, which are the soft or GP lenses and the hard or RGP lenses.

Planning to buy a contact lens cleaner? Then we would like to guide you. We have gathered products from expensive to cheap contact lens cleaners. If you are interested to know more, read below.

Lobob Optimum Cleaning Disinfecting and Storage Solution

Lobob Optimum Cleaning Disinfecting and Storage Solution, 4 oz (2Pack).

Want to get a product from the top contact lens cleaner brand? Then try something from Lobob. This cleaning solution provides disinfecting, sterile cleaning for RGP or hard contact lenses. It works wells with silicone acrylate and fluorosilicone acrylate and prevents them from getting contaminants. Moreover, this product is BAK, chlorhexidine and polyquad free.

This one can immediately remove surface deposits, debris, dirt and films that your lenses have acquired. Please note that the Lobob Optimum Cleaning Disinfecting and Storage Solution are only intended to be used for hard contact lenses and not directly for the eye. Also, always wash your hands before working on your lenses. To put if briefly, if you want a good contact lens cleaner for your RGP lenses, then this would be a great choice.

Boston Advance Comfort Formula

Boston Advance Comfort Formula Travel Pack for Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses (Pack of 3)

Interested getting the best contact lens cleaner for sale? Then you may love taking a look at the Boston Advance Comfort Formula. This package comes with a 30 mL of Boston’s conditioning solution and advance cleaner. For anyone with hard contact lenses or RGP, this one is an ideal product for you especially if you are prone to travelling.

It is a daily cleaner that removes deposits, lipids, proteins and disinfects your lenses. It provides maximum performance to aid your comfort, after using, it will leave your lenses clean and sterile. Your eyes are more important that to experiment with other brands, so better make sure that you go for the one with a reputable brand. If you want a new contact lens cleaner that has been recommended by eye doctors, then you must definitely try the Boston Advance Comfort Formula.

Lobob Optimum Extra Strength Cleaner

Lobob Optimum Extra Strength Cleaner, 2 oz.

Also another product from Lobob and this time, it is the Optimum Extra Strength Cleaner! This product is a cheap alternative you can use for your hard contact lenses or rigid gas permeable contact lenses. It can also be used for fluorosilicone acrylate or other lenses with polymeric structure. This product eliminates not just dirt, but also lipids, salts, surface deposits and cosmetic residue that have been acquired by the user throughout the day.

It also does not contain chlorhexidine, polyquad or polyaminopropyl biguanide, which are proved to be dangerous for the eyes. Want an affordable contact lens cleaner? Then this one is a good choice. Lastly, the Optimum Extra Strength Cleaner by Lobob is fully intended for hard contact lenses only, it is not suggested to be used for soft contact lenses and especially directly in the eyes.

Opti-Free Supra Clens Daily Protein Remover

Opti-Free Supra Clens Daily Protein Remover (.1 Fluid Ounces) (Pack of 3)

The Opti-Free Supra Clens Daily Protein Remover is most probably the best solution for your soft contact lenses. It can work overnight and keep your contact lenses disinfected throughout the night so you can use them in the morning. Want to make your soft lenses or gas permeable lenses feel like they are new again? Then this one is the perfect answer!

This purchase may seem pricey for you, but it comes with 3 bottles of 0.1 ounce solution which totals to 0.3 ounces. Moreover, with this one, you can properly eliminate the need for enzyme tablets as it already comes with sodium borate and propylene glycol. In our calculations, this one may last for at least 30 days or a month. Lastly, along with this solution is a contact lens case for your lenses.

Opti-Free Daily Cleaner for Contact Lenses

Opti-Free Daily Cleaner for Contact Lenses, 2 Count

As one of the cheapest contact lens cleaner deal, we think that you would love getting to know the Opti-Free Daily Cleaner for Contact Lenses. This product offers concentrated cleaning action to effectively eliminate deposits from the lens. It also removes oil, mucus and other residue that your lenses got.

This product is the best all-around cleaner, as it works perfectly with soft lenses or gas permeable and hard contact lenses or RGP. This package comes with 2 0.66 ounce, so you can use it for a long time. As you use it regularly, this solution may improve your lenses to be clearer and better like the first time. As an inexpensive contact lens cleaner, we are sure that you would love getting a hold of the Opti-Free Daily Cleaner for Contact Lenses.

What is a contact lens cleaner?

The first and foremost instruction of every ophthalmologist whenever a person buys contact lenses is to sterilize and disinfect it regularly. Not following your doctor’s orders often lead to eye problems such as severe irritation, red eye and on rarest cases, blindness. The biggest mistake is the assumption that it is okay to clean contact lenses once in a while.

Moreover, another big mistake is assuming that it is alright to use water, whether it is bottled or tap to clean contact lenses. Many people are not aware of this, but normal water may have acanthamoeba keratitis that could lead to corneal infection. So, what better way to properly and safely clean contact lenses? Through a good contact lens cleaner.

Contact lens cleaner are readily available over the counters or online. But, despite their availability, they cannot be used for all kinds of contact lenses. If not used properly, these cleaners may cause you damage than good. Moreover, incorrect usage of contact lens cleaners may also lead to eye infections and corneal problems.

To prevent this from happening, it’s important to mind what kind of contact lens you have as of the moment. There are hard and soft contact lenses, but that does not mean that you can use any type of cleansers abruptly. When buying one, take the type of contact lens you have into consideration. To be sure, you may also purchase a solution that works well with both soft and hard contact lenses.

A contact lens cleaner disinfect, sanitizes and removes debris, dirt, films and other filth your contact lens got. They are often applied in the storage along with the contact lenses and can be left overnight. However, these cleaners cannot be used as “eye-drops” and must not be applied to the eyes. Moreover, to effectively take care of your eyes and lenses, it is also suggested to replace contact lens storage every 3 months.

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