Best Cooling Pillow Reviews 2017

Best cooling pillow, as the name goes, is a type of pillow that does wonders for your sleep. Providing you with a better sleeping experience than other pillows in the market, it works by evenly distributing heat so you don’t sweat whether you’re taking a nap during the day or having an 8-hour sleep at night time. While a cooling pillow ensures maximum comfort, it also alleviates common problems like insomnia, migraine, or neck pain.

Read on to discover a choice of top cooling pillows that guarantee to improve your sleep.

HIBR Memory Foam Gel Cooling Side Sleeper Pillow

If you’ve been searching for the perfect pillow that suits people who are fond of sleeping on their sides, look no further because this cooling side sleeper pillow by HIBR is here to stay. Aside from its superb cooling effect for your head, what you’ll really appreciate about this product is its ability to provide optimal support to your neck.

A lot of people who sleep on one side for a long period of time wake up feeling irritable because of the discomfort they feel on their ear and neck. With this HIBR cooling pillow, you’ll avoid all these annoying sleep problems.

The size of this pillow can somehow be a mismatch for over-sized beds. However, it can be the perfect pillow for travels because it’s light and handy. Plus, it stays cool for longer hours than other typical cooling pillows. Though it isn’t that thick (some people wished this pillow was thicker), still it perfectly accommodates the shape of your neck and neck so you get the maximum comfort you need.

Penguin Cooling Pillow Mat

If you already have a favorite pillow and still want to experience total coolness and comfort while resting, this cooling pillow mat by Penguin will make an excellent choice. What are the features that make this product truly exceptional? Well, it contains a cooling gel (from Japan) that comes in one whole piece and not segmented like other cooling pillow mats. Being lightweight, flexible, and cool to touch, you can carry this in your bag while you travel.

This product is definitely a must-have especially for kids, adults, and babies who have trouble getting a good night’s sleep because of the weather or some health problems. What makes this pillow really interesting is that you’ll be able to use it not only for your head but for any part of your body experiencing pain at the moment.

For example, if you have a hip problem, simply place this cooling pillow mat underneath your hip and it’ll work wonders for your overall comfort. You will realize that the difference between a nice 8-hour rest and a low-quality sleep is an effective, durable, slim and leak-free cooling pillow mat.

Perfect Cloud GelBasics Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow

Encased in a luxurious covering that looks and fees like royalty, this cooling pillow by Perfect Cloud provides you with a soothing feeling so you’ll have a quality nap or a good night’s sleep. Aside from keeping you cool and conforming to the shape of your head and neck, its cover is washable, hypoallergenic, and resists dust mites.

Unlike other gel pillows in the market, this one does not come with a strong scent which prompts you to wash it multiple times before you can use it. From day one, you’ll be delighted with its benefits for your sleep. If you’re a light sleeper or frequently change position, this pillow will keep you asleep with little to zero tossing and turning.

Equinox International Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

This cooling pillow features a green pad of cooling gel shaped like a honeycomb that helps you achieve the perfect sleep especially during hot and humid days. If you have health concerns like migraines, neck pain or hot flashes, you can trust this great product to keep you cool while you rest.

After some time of resting your head on one area of the pillow, it will start to warm up – but not as warm as the usual, typical pillow you use on a regular basis. Then when you shift position, the area which you’ve previously rested your head on will begin to cool itself again.

With this, you’ll no longer wake up in the middle of the night or early morning and experience sore shoulders. Even after using this multiple times, it will never change its shape so it looks and feels new for years.

PharMeDoc Cooling Gel Contour Memory Foam Pillow with Removable Case

Do you have existing spine problems like scoliosis? A cooling pillow such as that offered by PharMeDoc can be a good part of your overall regimen. Aside from the fact that it literally keeps your head cool the entire time, it follows the natural shape of head and neck thereby meeting your exact comfort needs. Some pillows flatten out over time but this cooling pillow doesn’t – even when used repetitively.

This can also be a great alternative to more costly and hard orthopedic pillows. PharMeDoc cooling pillow is squishy, right in size, and has a nice pad of cooling gel that will keep you refreshed and ready to start the day as you wake up. If you have neck and shoulder pain, this pillow will prevent you from feeling unnecessary discomfort while you sleep. It delivers according to its promise. Overall, PharMeDoc cooling pillow is perfect for kids and adults – basically the entire family.

Classic Brands Cool Sleep Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Gusseted Pillow

What makes this cooling pillow by Classic Brands unique? Featuring Open-Cell Memory Foam Technology, this pillow has multiple visible pores that promotes the optimal flow of air connecting both sides. This mechanism immediately absorbs heat and moisture so there’s no way for you to feel discomfort the entire time to sleep. If your temperature rises (when you’re sick), this pillow will be your best friend. No other pillow can be as breathable as this one offered by Classic Brands.

This pillow has a thickness of 5 inches, making it a perfect match for those who usually sleep on their sides because of back or spine pain. However, it’s also great for people who always lie on their backs. It has just the right softness to accommodate and conform to the shape of your head. You can have this pillow all to yourself or have it as a present to your loved ones who have difficulty sleeping.


The ViscoSoft ARCTIC GEL CONTOUR Pillow has a unique shape that perfectly cradles both your head and neck for maximum support – unlike other pillows that are simply flat. One side of this pillow is completely encased in blue colored gel. Whatever position you’re in while you sleep, you can be sure to stay cool without having to flip this pillow.

By the way, this pillow is water resistant. It also takes advantage of Wick Away technology that does magic by absorbing unnecessary moisture from your skin. It’s breathable and effectively distributes heat. If you live in the desert or in a tropical country, this pillow will cool your head to 30 degrees. One thing to note though – this pillow is not so ideal for carrying when you love to travel light. It’s a bit bulky so you might want to opt for a lighter pillow.

Nevertheless. It’s very soft, cool, and changes its contours according to the shape of your head and neck. Definitely worth every penny.

Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Whether you’re a back sleeper or a side sleeper, this memory foam cooling pillow has been designed with you in mind. Backed with 20 years of intensive study, this pillow guarantees to provide you with utmost therapeutic comfort so you won’t feel any discomfort on your pressure points even after more than 8 hours of deep sleep. People who suffer from allergies will be able to use this pillow safely since it’s hypoallergenic and can be easily cleaned.

The moment you lay your head on it, you will feel like resting on a cloud. In addition to being really soft, it’s durable thereby maintaining its original shape for a longer time than most cooling pillows out there.

MALOUF Z Shredded Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

When cut cross-sectionally, you’ll discover that this special cooling pillow by MALOUF encases tons of shredded gel dough responsible for keeping you well-rested at night. Its cover is comprised of 75% polyester and 25% rayon from bamboo which makes this cooling pillow totally safe to use especially for people with skin sensitivity problems. You’ll be able to wash the cover multiple times whenever needed without losing its original quality.

What’s amazing about this pillow is that there’s no need for you to flip it over just for you to stay cool. It consistently does its magic the entire time you use it. One thing you should take note of is that if you use this pillow for the very first time, it may feel a bit hard. But eventually, it conforms to the shape of your head and neck.

This pillow can be used anywhere! It does not matter whether you leave it in the bedroom or bring it with you during travel or camping outdoors. MALOUF cooling pillow is light and handy for people on the go.

SleepBetter Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

Don’t let the plain shape of this cooling pillow mislead you because this might be just what you need to get rid of your sleep difficulties because back and other health problems. Though this cooling pillow by SleepBetter isn’t a cure to insomnia, migraine or neck pains, its PCM beads ensure that you get the best comfort and support you need while you use it.

It may not be physically appealing at one glance but once you rest your head on it especially if you’ve had a stressful day at the office, you’ll be able to fall asleep in a matter of minutes! For that reason, a lot of families have been delighted with this simple looking yet amazing product. You also don’t have to worry about this pillow deteriorating in shape because it stays exactly the same – even if you place on top of it a stack of books!

This cooling pillow makes a top choice for side sleepers. Also, it can be big and quite bulky which may not be ideal for carrying if you happen to be a light traveler.

Ghostbed GhostPillow, Patent Pending Real-Time Cooling Aerated Gel Memory Foam

Are you in search for a magical pillow that provides you with a real-time cooling effect the exact moment you lay your head on it? Look no further because this GhostPillow by Ghostbed will be your best sleeping buddy. From its neat packaging to its awesome benefits for your sleep, there’s no reason why you won’t fall in love with this product.

It has a faint lavender smell that adds more comfort to your sleep – in contrast to other pillows that have a chemical-like smell. If you remove the pillow case, you will note that the pillow material has tiny holes that allow for maximum air flow. It’s gentle to your skin. Adults and even babies can use it.

This Ghostbed cooling pillow has a thickness of 6 inches so when you read your head on it, its thickness decreases while perfectly molding to the shape of your head. You can rely on this super comfortable pillow for several years and still feel the same level of coolness.

Chillow Cooling Pillow for a Relaxing, Restful Sleep

Who would ever imagine that there exists a pillow that relieves flu, fever, and even sunburn? Now, you’re looking at Chillow cooling pillow – short for “chill pillow.” Also great for warm summer days and nights, this cooling pillow will keep not only your head comfortable and cool, but also other parts of your body including the soles of your feet and your lower back.

All you have to do is simply slide this cooling pillow beneath the top cover of your conventional pillow for restful sleep. Because it’s thin, you’ll be able to take it with you wherever you go. You’ll find this pillow handy and convenient especially if you stay on hotels during trips and would like to stay cool even when using conventional pillows.


Cooling pillows have been in the market for good several reasons. These products ensure topnotch sleeping experiences for people who suffer from different problems – whether they have migraines, hot flashes, or neck pain. As we all can agree, quality sleep is vital to help us be ready to tackle the day. And the secret to achieving it might just be in the form of a nice cooling pillow.

When you choose a cooling pillow, make sure that it has the right size, material and thickness to meet your exact needs. It should be able to stay cool longer, conform to the shape of your head, and stay in shape for years to come.

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