Best Corkscrews Reviews 2017

Are you planning to host a party or a date with your loved one? For sure you’re now thinking about the best or expensive wine to serve.

Make sure you got a reliable corkscrew too to get those corks out of your wine bottles. It should be something easy to use and classy as much as possible to make you all the way more impressive.

In this article, we selected the top corkscrews available today and highlighted their best features. Read on to learn more about them.

Precision Kitchenware – Luxury Corkscrew and Wine Stopper Set

Best Corkscrews

The Precision Kitchenware corkscrew seems very well-designed and well-constructed. It looks good on its stylish chrome finish, thus it’s something you can use in any occasion.

Unlike other corkscrews of the same price range, this Precision Kitchenware tool is not awkward to use. It is not easily bent and it is very functional. You don’t even have to exert a lot of effort to pull a cork all the way out of a bottle.

Moreover, Precision Kitchenware’s corkscrew comes with a bottle stopper that’s weighted just enough. A rubberized part in the stopper helps seal a bottle once it’s opened.

Overall, Precision Kitchenware was able to come up with a corkscrew with topnotch quality. This is definitely one of the best corkscrews available today.

Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener by HiCoup – Premium All-in-one Wine Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

Best Corkscrews

HiCoup did a good job of coming up with a winged corkscrew that’s not only classily designed, but also looks good on its black and stainless steel.

One important component you’d like on this tool is its longer worm. This means that you can pierce the corkscrew all the way more so you’ll get more leverage in getting the cork all the way out.

If you ever wonder whether your strength is good enough to open a cork, you’ll be surprised at how comfortable this tool can be. It has longer wings that significantly lessen the effort to pop a cork up. Moreover, its levers are also easy to handle as you can simply hold and pull it with less work.

Get for yourself an affordable corkscrew from HiCoup that’s not only guaranteed to last, but will certainly make your dining or drinking experience more pleasurable.

Ipow Stainless Steel Red Wine Beer Bottle Opener Wing Corkscrew

Best Corkscrews

This bottle opener and corkscrew has a very traditional and simple design, but it certainly has a couple of good things to offer that make Ipow a popular corkscrew brand.

Aside from being solidly-built, this stainless-steel Ipow bottle opener and corkscrew is designed with rubberized handle grips that make it easy to hold. This helps prevent users from accidentally slipping it most especially when opening a couple of bottles with corks that are hard to pull off.

If you haven’t tried opening corks yet, you can give this tool a try. Its stainless screw, which is made of a twisted metal tape, has a very sharp tip that cuts easily into the cork. Because its tape creates more space inside the cork, the likelihood of damaging corks is also minimized.

Definitely, this is another inexpensive corkscrew and bottle opener available today with excellent quality.

Rabbit Wine Opener Corkscrew (set of 3 Tools)

Best Corkscrews

The engineering design of this new corkscrew by Shenkitchen is awesome. However, unlike a winged one, this rabbit corkscrew has a different type of mechanism that you’d need to familiarize to be able to effectively use it.

First, you put the handle around the top of the bottle and then push it down so that the corkscrew goes in. After which, you can pull its handle up to get the cork all the way out. Next, remove your handle from the bottle and then grip and push it up and down so as to allow the cork to come off the corkscrew.

It obviously has left a bit the basics of a standard corkscrew, but it’s easy to use once you get the hang of it. As sturdy as it is, you can be assured that there’ll be no messes or damaged corks in the process.

This is definitely recommended.

WMF Clever and More Black and Stainless Corkscrew, Winged Style

Best Corkscrews

WMF seems to have predicted this corkscrew quite well as they have come up with a very cheap, yet well-constructed tool – something that holds very well to its name. In its price range, this is one of the sturdiest winged corkscrews you can get. Although it’s light and it’s not fully-made of metal, it’s still very durable and it’s certainly built to last.

This corkscrew is also very easy to use. Thanks to its sharp tip, it easily inserts fully into the cork with less pressure. You won’t have to penetrate all the way into the bottom of the cork to get it off, thus you can be assured that there’ll be no cork fragments left in your wine.

Moreover, it feels good in your hand.

Overall, this WMF corkscrew is an excellent tool that’s sold at a bargain prize. It’s certainly up for grabs.

What is a corkscrew?

A corkscrew is popular tool used to pull off corks from wine bottles. Its main component is the worm or the pointed metallic helix which is screwed in and then pulled off to extract a cork from the wine bottle.

The corkscrew has its roots from the early 1600s and it’s thought to be invented by someone from England, a place known for its rich tradition of cider and beer.

Nowadays, there have been a couple of corkscrews introduced with varying styles and levers that make cork easier to extract.

The most common types of corkscrews we now have are the winged corkscrew, twin-prong cork puller, mounted corkscrew, sommelier knife, and the lever corkscrew.

Advantages of owning a corkscrew

Corks are usually small and smooth, thus they are really difficult to hold and remove using your bare hands. This is most especially true when they are fully-inserted into non-flexible wine bottles.

Thanks to some wine enthusiasts, different types of corkscrews have been made available for people to use. Whatever type of corkscrew you’re using, they all share the same advantages.

Corkscrews are important due to a couple of obvious reasons:

Fast and easy to use. Users can simply pull of a cork by inserting a corkscrew into the cork and pulling it off the wine bottle. This prevents unnecessary mess and likewise ensures your wine is served with no fragments of cork in it.

Effortless. A corkscrew is a very handy tool to use on wine bottles. Their sharp center screw or the worm is designed in such a way that it easily inserts into the cork with minimal effort involved.

Very affordable. A lot of corkscrews cost less, but performs perfectly. Look out for some corkscrew deals available online or at physical stores and choose the one that suits your needs and style.

What to look for when buying a corkscrew

A corkscrew should be:

  • Easy to use and should require less effort to pull off corks as much as possible
  • Sharp and sturdy enough to get into the cork without breaking or shredding it
  • Safe to use
  • Fit on various types of bottle necks
  • Cost-effective


A lot of good corkscrews have been introduced nowadays and they’re simply reproductions to the traditional forms of corkscrews that were made several decades ago.

Whatever is the corkscrew you’re using, it should serve one purpose and that’s to easily and efficiently pull off a cork from your precious wine bottle.

Now, get a piece of corkscrew for sale that suits your needs and enjoy your wine.

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