Best Cosmetic Bags Reviews 2017

For most girls out there, makeup is life. The day wouldn’t be complete when your eyebrows aren’t on fleek and your contouring game is spot on. With the various makeup and the tools that go along with it, you need a secure and organized way to store your makeup. The best cosmetic bags is the solution to that problem. There are many cosmetic bags in the market. Here are some of the best ones we gathered.

CJESLNA Fashion Zebra Pattern Lady Makeup Bag

The first item on our list of the best cosmetic bags in the market we gathered is the CJESLNA Fashion Zebra Pattern Lady Makeup Bag. This is a great cosmetic bag you can use to put your toiletries as well as your makeup when you go out and travel. This is also a bag you can place your makeup in order to keep them organized when you store them at home. It has an attractive zebra print which is quite girly. The inside of this cosmetic bag has slots where you can organize you makeups inside. It also has a wide elastic strap built on the inner side of the bag located at the lid of the cosmetic bag designed for your brushes to be perfectly aligned and place to.

This is a decent cosmetic toiletry that’s handy enough to carry when you travel but roomy enough for all your makeup to be placed into. You can have an organize makeup that has multi-compartment with an inner and outer material that’s easy to clean unlike other cosmetic bags in the market. When you need an on the go but, this is the one you can use. It has a large zipper in the middle so you won’t have any trouble getting access to your makeups inside. It can hold up even how many makeups you place inside this or even if you use this multiple times. Everything about this seems to be well made and the stitching around the seams are pretty strong. The zippers also run smoothly, this is a good purchase indeed.

DuaFireCosmetic Bag

DuaFire Cosmetic Bag Double Layer Dot Pattern Travel Toiletry Bag Organizer With Mirror (Black)

The next cosmetic bag we found in the market that you might be interested in is the Cosmetic Bag Double Layer Dot Pattern Travel Toiletry Bag. This cosmetic bag is also a great travel bag for your makeup. It’s very affordable and handy, only measuring 11.81 cm high and 13.48 cm wide. This is a must-have cosmetic bag for storing and organizing your beauty essentials and makeup tools you’d use whenever and wherever. This will suit the needs of anyone, even professional makeup artists, and stylists as well as anyone who needs to have an organized bag for their makeup.

This cosmetic bag is durable and very spacious for such a handy item. It even has a convenient mirror inside so you can apply your makeup wherever you go. This bag has great stitching and the zippers are noticeable of great quality. You don’t have to suffer from those cheap types of cosmetic bags in the market that easily gets damaged and the zipper is hard to operate. The mirror isn’t cheap either, in fact, it looks great. This bag can hold a lot of makeup and place your eyeshadow and contouring palettes are easy. It also has slots for you to place your brushes. When you go on vacation, you don’t have to leave your beauty essentials behind. You can use this cosmetic bag wherever you go.

Nicky’s Gift Countryside Flower Floral Cosmetic Bag

Countryside Flower Floral Pencil Pen Case Cosmetic Makeup Bag£¬ Set of 3

Here’s another cosmetic bag we found in the market that you might be interested in. This is an inexpensive bag you can use which is only the size of a pencil case so you might not be able to bring those big eye shadow palettes or contouring kit. Despite its size, it’s very handy and an ideal cosmetic bag for those girls who doesn’t really use that many makeups. Some people are satisfied with just a good quality liquid foundation, some concealer, the perfect color blush and an attractive lipstick to use as their day to day go-to makeup so they only need a small cosmetic bag to place all their makeup.

This cosmetic has the dimensions of 20cm long and 7.7cm high. Some people personally prefer to use a smaller cosmetic bag when they’re on the go. If you’re one of those people, then this might be the one you’re looking for. This can hold most of the essential makeup you’d need for a touch-up. Most of the times, you don’t really need to bring all of the makeup you have, just the ones that you’ll need for a retouch so why would you burden your bag with a heavy cosmetic bag? This is made of great quality materials with a good quality zipper and great stitching that doesn’t tear easily. Even if you wash this in your washing machine, it doesn’t shrink which is great.

Aimeart Ladies Makeup Bag

Another cosmetic bag that you might want to check out is the Aimeart Ladies 6 Piece Mesh Design Zipper Makeup Bag. This cosmetic bag is made of plastic and faux leather. There are many colors to choose from. You can choose whether you wanted to have a Blue, Pink, Fuchsia, Orange or Green but each of them are attractive so choosing won’t be hard. This is big enough to fit all of your makeup necessities but handy enough not to burden you in bringing this. Its dimensions are 17cm x 10cm x 2cm (LWH). This bag can accommodate a lot of makeup items, you won’t be disappointed in purchasing this at all.

You can use this to pack your makeup but this is also a handy bag for some of your small valuable such as you gadgets, toiletries, and others when you need a durable bag to place your personal belongings during your travels. This cosmetic bag is made of study material and its construction is quite strong for such an inexpensive bag. This product’s great value adds to its appeal as well as its design. It has a shiny patent-looking piping which is kind of pretty and the bright colors are fun and cute. You can even use this to place some emergency kit, it’s a versatile bag you can use for anything you need.

Baggallini Complete Cosmetic Bag

Baggallini Complete Cosmetic Bag

The next item on our list of the best cosmetic bag in the market is the Baggallini Complete Cosmetic Bag. This bag is made of nylon material which is made durable and strong for a long lasting use. You can use this multiple times and it won’t easily tear or gets broken. Its zipper closure is wide enough for easy access and its operation smooth. You know that this isn’t your ordinary cheap cosmetic bag, it’s actually made of high-quality materials and designed strong to accommodate all your beauty essentials. This has many compartments you can place your small and medium-sized makeup. This is bigger than your usual cosmetic bag but still the right size for you travels.

The size of this cosmetic bag is ideal enough for an on the go cosmetic bag. It measures 3″ high and 9.5″ wide. It’s the perfect travel-friendly cosmetic bag you can use. The multiple zipper design is a great construction since you can better organize your makeup inside this bag. The pockets of this makeup bag are made of clear and elastic plastic so you can see the contents. You don’t have to waste time rummaging through your bag for a little makeup item since you can see for yourself where they are located. What’s even more unique about this cosmetic bag is you can hang this by its swivel hood for easy storage and access.

Generic Cosmetic Case Portable Women Makeup Bags

Another affordable cosmetic bag in the market we found that might interest you is the Generic Cosmetic Case Bag which is an ideal bag to use when you travel or when you needed a handy and convenient bag to use for all your beauty essentials and makeup. This compact cosmetic bag is an ideal bag to use for your makeup to be neatly stored. It has a big dual zipper opening that makes it easy for you to have access to your makeup items. This cosmetic bag also has slots inside with wide elastic straps on the inner side of its lid for your brushes to have a place inside the bag.

This item has superior inner and out material with multiple compartments that make organizing your makeup easy. Cleaning this cosmetic bag isn’t hard at all either. You’d be surprised how roomy this cosmetic bag is. Don’t be deceived by the pictures or reviews. At first, it looks too flat and small, but once you open this cosmetic bag up you’d see it’s very spacious and can accommodate a lot of your makeup and beauty essentials. This is so affordable too, you won’t go wrong with this product.

Damask Hot Pink Cosmetics Bag Case Large

This is another cosmetic bag we found in the market that many people seem quite satisfied with its performance. Damask Hot Pink Cosmetics Bag Case Large is a triple fold cosmetic bag with a velcro snap closure which isn’t the usual design of most cosmetic bags in the market. It has one big zipper pouch located at the bottom that you can use, though. The upper compartment is a zippered mesh pocket where you can place some of your makeup that you needed to have quick access to. It also has two clear zippered pockets where you can place your makeup that you need and won’t have to rummage inside the bag such as your lipstick or mascara.

Many people actually love this and for its price, it’s all worth it. This is pretty well made and won’t easily tear unlike other cosmetic bags in the market. You could easily place all your bathroom essentials for your trip or use this as a bag for your makeup when you needed a safe and organized bag for storage. If you have a weekend trip you’re planning and you don’t have the right sized cosmetic bag in hand, you can check this product in the market. The size is just right for a short trip. You don’t have to leave your makeup behind or pack in carelessly. You can have an organized baggage with all your personal belongings arranged well.

EN’DA Big Size Nylon Cosmetic Bags

Last on our list of the best cosmetic bags in the market is the EN’DA big size Nylon Cosmetic bags. This has garnered a lot of good reviews and many people actually gave this bag high ratings and for a reason. This reasonably priced cosmetic bag is the perfect bag for your makeup and toiletries. It has the ideal size of 7x7x10 inches which is big enough to accommodate all your makeup for on the go trips, but small enough not to be a hassle on your luggage if you’re limiting the contents of your travel bag. The materials used in the making of this cosmetic bag is of high-quality ones. The high-quality nylon material of this bag is made durable to withstand constant use in any situation.

This has a durable handle you can carry and a good quality zipper that doesn’t get damaged easily. Some bags have obvious cheap materials used where the zipper gets broken and its operation isn’t smooth, others have bad stitching and the linings becomes runny. You won’t experience any of that with this cosmetic bag. Another good point about this bag is it’s super easy to clean. The design of this item is quite attractive and there are multiple small pockets you can use to place your small makeups. You can have an organized makeup bag anywhere you go. You can place not just your makeup in this bag, you can also place all your toiletries so you don’t have to prepare multiple bags when you travel. It also has a mirror inside which is a pretty convenient addition.


Even if you’re not a makeup guru, any girl still needs the best cosmetic bags for all their makeup. It’s such a hassle when you have your makeups laying around and you tend to lose some. Good quality makeups don’t come cheap, so it’s better to take good care of them by organizing them inside the best cosmetic bags there is.

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