Best Cough Drops Reviews 2017

The cold season is usually when common cold and cough also rear their ugly heads. However, any individual can get cough and cold any time of the year. That’s why it pays to have cold remedies and cough drops on the ready in your medicine cabinets. And we understand that the choices for drops can be quite overwhelming so we made a list of the best cough drops available. This will give you an idea of what you can expect from each one and choose the right one for you.

Ambrosoli Honees Menthol Eucalyptus Cough Drops

First one on our list is the menthol eucalyptus cough drops from Ambrosoli Honees. This cough drop is a combination eucalyptus and menthol – both ingredients known for their soothing effects – with added pure honey. All these are meant to soothe your sore throats. What’s good about this cough drop is that the ingredients are all natural – from sugar, honey, corn syrup, licorice, eucalyptus oil and flavoring. No need to worry about harmful chemicals and additives.

This drop is a product from Italy and is meant to provide temporary relief of cough due to minor throat and bronchial irritation. Administration on children below 5 years of age should be consulted to a doctor first. So make sure to keep this away from your kids since they might think it’s a normal candy. Also, if your cough has persisted for more than 2 days, you should probably consult your doctor.

Fisherman’s Friend Original Extra Strong Drops, 40ct

If there’s one brand of cough drops that will never go missing from any list, it’s Fisherman’s Friend. The brand has been in the business since 1865 and this Original Extra Strong cough drop variant was their first. From the longevity alone, you can trust that this cough drop is the real deal. There’s no need to worry about additives as the drop is produced according to Fisherman’s Friend’s original recipe – without any artificial colourings or flavourings. All you get are menthol and eucalyptus-flavoured lozenges.

This cough drop is perfect for soothing sore throats caused by dry and very cold winters. It works by clearing out mucus and clearing out your nasal passages, all while soothing the throat. The result is that you get instant relief after popping your first lozenge.

Organic Silver Lozenges – Soothing Honey with Lemon

If you want a great-tasting cough drop that is sure to work, then look no further than this Organic Silver lozenge from My Doctor Suggests. They are known for offering Silver Solutions which are meant for respiratory, immune and digestive system support. You’ll get to experience the magic of this silver solution in their cough drops – each drop contains a teaspoon of 30ppm silver solution. Hence, you are guaranteed to get cough and sore throat relief but also added immune support.

Whether it’s the cold season or you just need relief from cough, you are sure to be protected with this cough drop. It’s perfect for when you have dry mouth, cough, sore and itchy throat. We mentioned great-tasting earlier because this lozenge comes with a sweet and soothing honey lemon taste.

HALLS Sugar-Free Cough Drops, Honey Lemon

Halls is not just known for candies, they are also one of the top brands when it comes to effective and great-tasting cough drops. Whether you need relief from scratchy throat or cough that won’t go away, there’s a Halls cough drop for you. For those who don’t like sugary drops, the sugar-free cough drops in honey lemon are what you need. It’s formulated with advanced vapor action that works to give you fast and effective relief; it works within 10 seconds!

Aside from cough and throat relief, you can also count on this Halls cough drop to help you with your nasal passage problems. In fact, Halls recommend that you use the drop to compliment your allergy medication. You get instant relief from those pesky cough triggered by grass, trees or pollen. You can get this sugar-free drop in different flavour including black cherry, citrus blend, honey berry and mountain menthol.

Luden’s Honey Licorice Cough Drops, Resealable Bag

Another brand of cough drops that has existed for several decades is Luden’s. Created in 1879, Luden’s cough drops are manufactured to contain demulcents and oral anesthetics. What that means is that they are meant to relieve swelling or irritation in the mouth and throat. Each cough drop contains pectin, an active ingredient found in ripe fruits. Pectin places a coating on your throat to reduce swelling and irritation.

You get all these benefits from Luden’s honey licorice cough drops. This will be great addition to your medicine cabinets and first aid kits during the cold or allergy season. If you are working odd hours and are prone to sore or scratchy throat, the honey and menthol ingredients in this licorice drop will help you fend off those pesky coughs from coming while also giving a soothing effect.

doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Drops

Next on our list of the best cough drops in the market today is the doTERRA Breathe respiratory drops. Formulated from specific oils from the brand’s Breathe proprietary blend, this cough drop is known as a wonderful aid in clearing airways as well as helping support respiratory health. This product also claims to help clam the senses aside from helping maintain a clear airways and proper breathing – that’s more than enough reason for you to try this cough drop!

Although a bit on the expensive side, you can count on this drop to work like a charm when you need instant relief from pesky cough. doTERRA cough drops are made from combinations of long-trusted essential oils such as lemon, peppermint, cardamom, thyme, Melissa and eucalyptus. All these oils help clean and soothe airways and relieve sore throat. Make sure to keep this out reach of children as they are not meant for kids aged less than 5 years old. You need to consult a physician first.

Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops, Value Size, Wild Cherry

Pine Brothers started creating cough and throat drops in 1870; they’ve been in the business for more than a century! And the longevity alone is enough proof that their products work. So, our next cough drop is the Pine Bros. softish drops. The brand boasts of a proprietary blend of natural ingredients and the result is a great-tasting drop with the famed “soft drop” consistency. If you love gummy bears, then you will love this cough drop – they have the same consistency and texture.

The only downside to this cough drop is that you can’t actually use it for very bad sore throats. This cough drop brand, though, is very effective for scratchy and ticklish throats. It’s also very effective in keeping a dry throat or mouth moistened. Aside from Wild Cherry, you can also get other flavours like Natural Honey, Licorice and Lemon Lime.

HALLS Cough Drops

HALLS Cough Drops, (Mentho-Lyptus, 9 Drops, 20-Pack)

For the second time on our list, we have Halls cough drops. This time, we give you the original version (not sugar-free) that comes in mentho-lyptus flavour. Just like its sugar-free brother, this cough drop is meant to relieve sore throats and stop irritating coughs. The drops are also formulated using the signature Advanced Vapor Action of the Halls brand – guaranteed to take effect within 10 seconds of taking them.

If you don’t like sugar-free products, this cough drop is what you need. It is meant to help fight coughs, cool nasal passages as well as soothe your sore throats. The drop offers fast relief and will help you get through during allergy season from triggers that can cause scratchy throats and irritation of nasal passages. You can also enjoy this classic cough drop in other flavours including spearmint, honey-lemon, cherry, strawberry and tropical fruit.

Luden’s Great Tasting Original Menthol Throat Drops

Ludens Great Tasting Original Menthol Throat Drops - 14 Drops/box, 20 Boxes

Another Luden’s cough drop made it on our list. This time, it’s the original menthol variant. For being in the market of cough drops for several decades, Luden’s is well known for offering great-tasting products and this cough drop variant is no exception. You still get fast-acting drops with demulcents and oral anesthetics. Hence, you can count on this menthol drop to help relieve swelling and irritation in your mouth and throat.

Pectin is also an active ingredient in Luden’s original menthol cough drop. This is an ingredient found in ripe fruits and responsible for coating your throat with a protective layer to reduce swelling and irritation. This is perfect for people who don’t like the sweet taste of other cough drop flavours. The menthol in this product will also help in clearing nasal passages for when your cough is accompanied by the common cold and allergy.

HALLS Breezers Throat Drops, (Creamy Strawberry)

HALLS Sugar-Free Breezers Throat Drops, (Cool Berry, 20 Drops, 12-Pack)

Some people don’t like the super sweet cough drops while some prefer the non-mentholated variants. For the latter, we’ve decided to include the Halls Breezers cough drop in our list. This variant is perfect for those who don’t like menthol but still needs fast-acting cough relief. Halls’ Breezers are meant to soothe everyday throat irritation as well as fight coughs and help clear nasal passages.

Try this Halls Breezers in creamy strawberry or check out other flavours such as cool berry and sugar-free cool berry. You can get these either in a 25-drop bag or a box of 12 25-drop bags – you have the perfect options for personal use or to give away to family and friends.

Olbas Cough Drops Pastilles

Olbas Cough Drops Pastilles,27 Count

Next on our list of the best cough drops is one from Olbas; a European company known for producing herbal remedies sourced from the pristine lakes and mountains of Switzerland. Olbas Pastilles herbal cough drop offers maximum strength in suppressing cough while actively soothing sore throats caused by the common cold or allergy. It has oral anesthetics that provide soothing effects to mouth and throat pain. The cooling vapors, on the other hand, help to clear nasal passages.

Olbas promises instant relief using only natural ingredients and formulations so you don’t have to worry about being dependent on their drops. They are non-habit forming, gluten-free and contain no artificial coloring. These drops feature formula compounded from soothing herbs and help keep your breaths fresh too! You can give these drops to kids aged 3 years and above. Below that age needs physician’s recommendations.

Ricola Natural Herb Cough Drops Original

Ricola Natural Herb Cough Drops Original -- 50 Drops

Another Swiss brand is our next entry on this list of the best cough drops – Ricola. Founded in 1930, the company has been bringing cough relief around the world from then until today. If you are a fun of natural and organic products, you will love these Natural Herb cough drops from Ricola. The herbs used in their drops are cultivated in the Swiss mountains using natural farming methods – no chemical pesticides used!

This original-flavoured herb drop is made from a traditional blend of 13 herbs including burnet, elder blossom, peppermint, sage, thyme, speedwell, lady’s mantle, marshmallow, plantain, horehound, cowslip, mallow and yarrow. All these herbs are used for relief of colds, coughs and even hoarseness due to throat irritation. And hey, these drops are also gluten-free; just in case you want to know.


Whether you are into the sweet stuff or don’t like mentholated drops, there are products that will sure fit your needs. Different flavours are also available – choose from menthol or eucalyptus to strawberry or cherry. When it comes to choosing the best cough drops, it really boils down to personal preferences. Of course, it would also help that you get only the trusted brands. We hope we’re able to help you narrow down your options.

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