Best Crepe Pans Reviews 2017

Crepes are famous for theirthin batter and savory or sweet taste depending on the filling of your choice. There are a number of ways to make crepes, but the most popular method is either througha crepe maker or a crepe pan.

Crepe makers are specialized equipment and are therefore more expensive than crepe pans. So for those working with a limited budget, but cannot get enough of eating homemade crepes, a crepe pan is the only way to go.

Here are some of the best crepe pans for sale.

Calphalon Commercial Nonstick International Griddle/Crepe Pan, 10-Inch

Best Crepe Pans

This 10-inch well-known crepe pan brand is made of hard-anodized aluminum with a three-ply non-stick finish and is oven safe. Its surface can double as a griddle, which makes it useful not only for making crepes, but also for cooking omelets, tortillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes, and more.

This item is a little heavy, making flipping crepes next to impossible without the help of a wooden spatula. Still, its durability and even heat distribution should make up for it.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized Crepe Pan, 10-Inch

Best Crepe Pans

This is an inexpensive crepe pan made of hard anodized, nonporous aluminum with a patented non-stick surface reinforced with titanium and a solid riveted stainless steel handle for easy gripping.

The pan’s thickness is perfect for crepes and pancakes. The pan is shallow, around a half-inch thick, and quite heavy.

From the top crepe pan maker, you can create crepes in this without any help from a spreader. Just put some batter in and swirl it around. You’ll have a nice, thin crepe in no time.

Blue Steel Crepe Pan, 9-1/2 Inches

Best Crepe Pans

This cheap crepe pan is exclusively for crispy crepes. Unlike heavy cast-irons, blue steel is lightweight and easier to handle. But like cast-iron pans, you’ll need to season this new crepe pan material with oil (preferably virgin coconut oil) before using it.

It’s low skirt so it’s great for showing off your flipping skills to the kiddies and adults alike.

Paderno World Cuisine Carbon Steel Crepe Pan, 10 1/4-Inch

Best Crepe Pans

An affordable crepe pan made entirely of heavy duty carbon steel, which makes it an excellent conductor of heat. Its polished surface needs to be seasoned to make it non-stick, very much like the cast iron pans or those made with blue steel. Seasoning is being done by using a flavorless oil (i.e. Flaxseed).

A good crepe pan like this needs a proper and regular seasoning to make it last a lifetime.

Perfect Pancake (As Seen on TV)

Best Crepe Pans

This crepe pan costs a little bit more than others, but it boasts picture-perfect crepes and pancakes for your trouble. Made of aluminum, this pan’s design has a mirror-image lid so you can flip your crepes and pancakes without leaving a mess.

All you need to do is pour your pancake batter to cook one side, close the handle, then flip the whole thing over to cook the other side.

This crepe pan deal also comes with a heart-shaped pancake ring, a recipe book, and a no-drip pancake batter dispenser.

DeBuyer Mineral B Element Iron Crepe Pan, 11.8-Inch Round

Best Crepe Pans

When buying a crepe pan, it might help that the kitchen device also came from where crepes originated. This French-made crepe pan is made from pure iron and treated with beeswax to help against rusting and assist the pan’s seasoning.

It actually boasts being environment-friendly as no chemicals were added when making this kitchen device. A nice cookware to add to your kitchen arsenal.

What are Crepe Pans?

Crepe pans are kitchen cookware designed to make crepes over a gas stovetop. Since not everybody can afford a crepe maker, which costs considerably higher, crepe pans are a nice alternative.

Though some might argue that crepe pan is just another fancy name for frying pans, a big difference between the two is the size of the cookware’s Wales. A crepe pan is generally low skirt or rim and has a wall way thinner than a normal frying pan. Crepe pans are also flatter, which makes it more ideal to create picture-perfect pancakes and crepes.

What to Look For

Unlike crepe makers, crepe pans tend to have smaller dimensions with a 12 inches outer diameter already too big for an even heat to cook crepes.

To choose a crepe pan, you need to check the inner diameter and ask yourself how big your crepe will be if you use a particular pan. Remember that crepes are usually served with fillings – other savory fillings (like meat) or sweet fillings (like fruits), and the crepe should be big enough for folding over these fillings.

A 10-inch crepe pan is more than ideal since it can already produce and adequately-sized crepe without worrying about even heat distribution.

Like crepe makers, there are different metal materials that can be used to as a surface for your crepe pans. Seasoned cast iron pans are still prevalent though there are other materials like blue and carbon steel, or aluminum.

Crepe makers that are made of cast-iron, blue steel, or a carbon steel need to undergo pre-seasoning before use. The process of seasoning usually involves the treatment of the pan with a thin layer of oil to make the metal surface rust-resistant and non-stick.

The only disadvantage in using a crepe pan that needs to be seasoned is that you cannot use a dishwasher to clean them – only a manual wash with warm, soapy water will do to prevent unnecessary wear and tear of your crepe pan.

Purchasing a crepe maker that is made of hard anodized aluminum eliminates the need of a pre-seasoning ritual, but they are generally not as durable as these metals that required seasoning. With proper and regular seasoning, a crepe pan made of blue or carbon steel can be a potential beloved heirloom for your family’s next generation.

Typically, a purchase of crepe pans doesn’t need an additional procurement of attachments like a spreader or spatula since crepe pans can create a regular–sized and shape crepes just by swirling the batter and flipping it using your wrists for an even cooking. It’s not as easy as you might think, and can be messy enough for those new to flipping or have not enough practice under their belts.

The handles should never get too hot for you to hold and attempt to flip your crepes. Thus, an insulated handle will should be able to do the trick.

Aside from crepes, crepe pans are also useful in cooking other breakfast items such as pancakes and eggs. If you are planning to use your crepe pan on any other food aside crepe, be sure that lip or rim isn’t that shallow as a half-inch wall thickness might not be enough for your needs.

Additionally, crepe pans don’t usually come with lids so you might have to improvise a little bit in that area. Otherwise, it’s a useful pan to cook your favorite breakfast items with.

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