Best Crossbow Pistol Reviews 2017

Archery and shooting combined into one- Crossbow Pistols! There are a variety of options int he market when it comes to this item, and it’s always best to get a good read about anything you are about to purchase. On that note, have a look at this article containing information of the top crossbow pistols in the market right now to help you decide which is the best crossbow pistol the market has to offer you!

Ace Martial Arts Cobra System K-8025 Self Cocking Pistol Tactical Crossbow

This crossbow pistol brought to you by Ace Martial Arts has a draw of 80 pounds. The cocking system on this product is quick and safe so there’s no wasting time on slow reloading to avoid injuries. It can fire the bow at 165 feet per second. The self cocking design on this thing makes reloading a breeze, you just have to pull down on the arm lever to cock and turn on the safety lock feature.

This mechanism is built with durable plastic and a fiberglass bow. The handle has an imprinted design that will remind you of an actual pistol, making for a non-slip grip. Ace Martial Arts throws in an additional 3 arrows with metal tips which you can adjust for your tactical sight preference. You’ll want to grab some rail lube and crossbow string wax to keep your crossbow in great working condition and to protect your strings from damage, also have a screwdriver handy to tighten loose screws after several uses. All in all this Cobra System K-8025 Self Cocking Pistol Tactical Crossbow is great for beginners, target practice, and small hunting games.

Last Punch Snake Eye Tactical Pistol Crossbow

This is another 80 pound self cocking pistol crossbow, this time manufactured by Last Punch. The self cocking feature is similar to the one in the product discussed above, super safe and easy to use, so you can spend more time aiming and shooting rather than constantly reloading. The self cocking system is always a great feature to consider if you are a beginner as it makes cocking so much easier.

The whole body is a beautiful gold colored metal, and the strings have been placed so precisely to allow for great control over your shot, this mechanism also uses fiberglass production which has a big impact on those who are more focused on the durability of a crossbow. Last Punch gives you a pack of 15 metal arrows which will ensure for a long session of shooting with your pistol crossbow, and at 2.8 pounds, it’s pretty lightweight for less of a work out, and more fun!

Tactical Crusader Hand Held Hunting Archery 50LB Pistol Crossbow Gun

This pistol crossbow gun by Tactical Crusader is easy to assemble and the fun thing about this mechanism is that even kids can handle this with proper lessons on handling and safety. It comes with a free target so the whole family can aim for the target and shoot 5 colorful bolts all day long! This product is not so suitable for hunting but for target practice and a fun time, this is definitely one for the family!

This crossbow gun is not really for toying around with, everything is pretty much set in its ways and it’s best to not try to customize this product. With that, this is great for beginners and for those who just want to shoot at the included target. The strings can be replaced and a fishing rig can be attached but that’s about it. It can the plastic bolts to up to 25 feet. The strings that replace this thing is also only around 4 dollars, so it’s great for long term use and passing down to the younger generation in the family.

Prophecy 80 Pound Self-cocking Pistol Crossbow with Cobra System Limb

This self cocking pistol crossbow from Prophecy comes in two designs you can choose from, one is Black with a plastic body and the other is brown and black with a wood and aluminum design. The semi automatic cocking system makes it easier for reload. This crossbow gun has an 80 pound drawing weight meaning it can shoot its arrows for up to 165 feet away!

If you prefer to have a string on several arrows, you’ll have to buy an extra set for this as it only includes one string and two end caps. The power strike is at 6-4/5 inches. This isn’t ideal for hunting big animals such as deer because although it can kill one, it wouldn’t take it out right away and will have to take several bolts and some extreme sniper aiming. The three bolts included are 6.5 inches in length and are made of pure aluminum making them super durable. This product is also pretty easy to string so this is great for intermediate or advanced beginners.

Crossbow 50 lb Mini Crossbow Pistol Hand Held Gun Archery Hunting Crossbow

This mini crossbow has a draw weight of 50 pounds but can shoot up to 200 feet per second! The built in sights on this crossbow pistol are adjustable so you can be precise with your aim. This is so lightweight, it only weighs a pound so you can get into those weird positions without being weighed down by the crossbow pistol. The string length is 17.5 inches and you might want to consider grabbing some extra strings.

This mini crossbow pistol comes with 5 plastic arrows, and with proper education and supervision, it is safe enough to be used by kids. If you’d like to change the plastic arrows with metal ones for more heavy duty archery, that would be pretty ideal, make sure to grab your preferred strings that go well with the arrows as well while you’re at it. For hunting small animals like rabbits, make sure you use metal caps and are no farther than 15 yards away.

Ace Martial Arts Supply Self Cocking Draw Crossbow Pistol

Here’s another self cocking crossbow pistol by Ace Martial Arts Supply! This one also has a draw back weight of 80 pounds giving you a shooting speed of 165 feet per second. It’s about 19 inches long and weighs 2.8 pounds. The self cocking system has an automatic safety features and makes it a safe option for parents who want to teach their children target shooting.

This crossbow works with small game hunting such as with rabbits, so for a small crossbow gun it has great quality. This thing comes ready to use, no building required, just put on the string and the arrow and you’re all set to go! It has built in adjustable sights which help with windy situations. The self cocking system is a rear lever arm that makes it so much easier to use!

Last Punch 80lbs Self Cocking Crossbow

If you’re looking for a crossbow pistol with a built in scope, this is the one you’re looking for. It is fitted with a red laser dot scope that works for precision accuracy. It’s almost like a crossbow sniper! This has a draw back weight of 80 pounds and can shoot for up to 160 feet per second! The whole body of this crossbow is metal with a gold color and I have to say, this crossbow pistol look so cool it’s bound to add style to your small hunting games and target shooting sessions.

Last Punch also gives you 15 6 inch free metal arrows with this 3 pound crossbow gun which has a self cocking mechanism that makes reloading quick. This piece is easy to assemble and disassemble for transport. At a price like this, high performance is a fine quality, this thing is durable and such a powerful crossbow pistol.

BladesUSA MTECH USA DX-70 80lbs Fiberglass Pistol Crossbow

This 20 inch crossbow pistol by Blades USA has a body made of fiber nylon and has a self cocking system that makes use easier. It weighs about 2 pounds and has an 80 pound weight draw to give a shooting speed of 160 feet per second. Blades USA provides free technical support and advise you to watch the instructional video with information that is needed to keep your crossbow pistol in top shape.

This crossbow comes with three durable aluminum bolts that help make it accepted to use for small game hunting. The imprinted pattern on the handle ensures you get a good grip and the cocking mechanism is a lever on the back. This product is easy to assemble and customize. General sized red dot scopes fit and although this product is absolutely wonderful as it is, if you have experience, get crazy on making this thing represent your style!

Rogue 80 lbs Aluminum Pistol Crossbow with Built-in Arrow Holder

Rogue brings you a crossbow pistol with the options of two designs; all black ir TC Camo if you want to bring on the complete hunting vibe! 80 pound draw back weight and a shooting speed of 160 feet per second! Just like a lot of the products we’ve discussed in this article, the cocking system on this thing has an auto safety feature to prevent accidental triggering.

A really cool thing that sets this product apart from the others in this article is that it is built in with four holes that act as arrow holders on the under side of the pistol for easy access and storage! This crossbow comes with one string, three arrows and two end caps.

What To Look For

If you’re just getting started, opting for a crossbow that has a self cocking and safety auto locks is probably your best bet, and if you’re not down to assemble, there are a few products on this list that come already assembled, and there are some that are super easy to assemble, as well. You do however have to get information on how to properly align and attach the string.

If you’re planning on purchasing one for family time and games, where children will be using it, you can choose from smaller ones like the 50 lb Mini Crossbow Pistol Hand Held Gun Archery Hunting Crossbow by Crossbow and the Hand Held Hunting Archery 50LB Pistol Crossbow Gun by Tactical Crusader, both have a draw weight of 50 pounds, have auto safety locks and come with plastic bolts. Always make sure you give proper training, guidance, and supervision even though these are usable by kids, they can still be really dangerous.

If you’re pretty experienced with crossbows and are looking for a small one, the crossbow pistols here are pretty amazing. The MTECH USA DX-70 80lbs Fiberglass Pistol Crossbow by BladesUSA can be customized and is super durable, fit for both target shooting and small games hunting, there are several more items that are super durable and fit for customization.


The list is quite a wide range, from pistol crossbows that are fine for children to learn or a family pass time activity to crossbow experts that are looking for a smaller option that can be customized, there are plenty of options to choose from. Always read the instructions so you can keep your crossbow pistol in top shape. Make sure to purchase rail slide, string wax, and a screwdriver for maintenance of your crossbow pistol!

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