Best Cuticle Remover Reviews 2017

There are a lot of instances that can cause our nails and cuticles to look rough, dry and ugly. This is when we should enjoy little things in life like a relaxing manicure and pedicure in a spa or at home. And the journey to beautiful fresh looking nails starts with replacing the old polish with a new one, all you need to do is to use a cuticle remover to remove those old colors and replace them with any design or style your heart desires while keeping your nails healthy.

Below is our top-picks, you’d better check them out.

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

Landing on our first spot is the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. It is one of the best cuticle removers out in the market today because it can dissolve, dry, stubborn cuticles in as fast as 15 seconds. If you’re also worried about calluses on your fingers, the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover is made from a revolutionary formula that aids in breaking down whatever excess cuticle there is that may be a cause for calluses. It has moisturizing aloe oils and chamomile to soothe and smoothen your nails, too.

This cuticle remover is perfect for those who are too lazy to visit the spa and is wanting to do their own nails. All you’ve got to do is to squeeze ample amount around each of your nail bed and you’ll be amaze on how much dirt will come off from it. However, like all other cuticle remover, you need to exert extra effort in pushing the dirt away as it just won’t wipe off on its own. Don’t worry about having to leave the cuticle remover for more than 15 seconds, as it won’t do you any harm because of its gentle ingredients. Your nails will surely look healthier and younger even after the first use of this product.

Blue Cross Cuticle Remover

Blue Cross Cuticle Remover 6 Oz

Next in line is the Blue Cross Cuticle Remover, a professional cuticle remover that works wonders around your nail bed. It quickly removes dead skin cells from your nail cuticles and leaves them feeling smoother and softer compared to the moment before you use the product. This item is relatively easy to use, very much cheaper in price compared to other cuticle removers which are out in the market and it is a part of a company that manufactures a whole line of nail products that aim to make your nails healthier and stronger. It does triple what it is meant to do as it also prevents hangnails that causes a lot of pain, and furthermore, may cause nasty infections in your beloved nails.

You might be surprised that the consistency of the product is quite thinner compared to most, but you’ll be surprised at the amazing things it can do. You won’t need a lot of pushes and scrapings as the cuticle will definitely just come right off in a single application of the Blue Cross Cuticle Remover. With just small three to four drops on each nail, you can already have spa-like nail treatments. Your cuticles won’t dry up with this product, instead, they will look pretty and fab. Forget the pain of pushing and use the Blue Cross Cuticle Remover now.

Cuccio Revitalize Cuticle Oil in Pomegranate and Fig

If you’re looking for a professional product without having to pay such professional fee for the product, then this third item on our list is the perfect choice for you. Go buy yourself a Cuccio Revitalize Cuticle Oil in Pomegranate and Fig. This item is especially designed to maintain your young looking, healthy, fresh cuticles just like how those nail spa does and you don’t have to pay a fortune for it. This product does more than just remove dead cuticles but it hydrates and soothes the skin around it, while giving you the highest protection from calluses and infection with its pomegranate and fig extracts. The Cuccio Revitalize Cuticle Oil in Pomegranate and Fig is easy to use and it doesn’t tear or damage your cuticles.

This product will do the wonders that lotions and hand creams can’t. You can now say goodbye to dry, cracking cuticles and all those bleeding and hurting. The product is quite oily and a little time is required for it to be absorbed by the skin but it’s all worth the wait and you can use this daily. You also get a sweet smelling cuticle remover, you’d definitely want to smell all the time.

ProLinc Cuticle Eliminator

If thick, overgrown cuticles worry you to death, here is the answer to your problem. The ProLinc Cuticle Eliminator can help you avoid the nipping and cutting which harms your nails more than it does good. This is best for either manicures or pedicures and what’s even better is that you can use it for artificial nails. Those dirt build-ups under your finger and toe nails are easy tasks for the ProLinc Cuticle Eliminator to work on. You will say goodbye to nippers with this amazing product. However, you must be aware that the consistency of the ProLinc Cuticle Eliminator is a little runny and may spill all over so you should be careful while using them. There are instructions that comes with the packaging so you’d better read them before using the product. You should also know that leaving the product on your nails for more than a minute may start to give you a burning, stinging sensation.

If you’re a person who does his or her own manicures at home, then this product will give you more control over your cuticle problems. At such an amazing price, one can definitely not resist buying the ProLinc Cuticle Eliminator. Your manicures and pedicures are also guaranteed to last longer than they usually do with this product, so chances are, your nails will look younger and healthier for longer periods of time.

Vitae Love Your Cuticles

The Vitae Love Your Cuticles is more than just a cuticle remover but a cuticle moisturizer as well. It can repair dry and damaged cuticle with its top-notch natural repair therapy that is loaded with vitamin C, orange and almond oils which serves as food for the nails while making it supple and healthy. It soothes damages done by picking, biting and cutting cuticles from the nails and eases the possibility of having your nails infected by germs and bacterias. It has Shea Butter, Tea Tree and Argan oils too! This product effectively treats cuticle problems like a pro.

The Vitae Love Your Cuticles is the secret to a lovelier well-groomed nails. You can use it in the salon or right in comforts of your own home. This product accompanies your fresh coat of polish to make your nails look great and young. It removes those rough, scraggly cuticles. However, the results of using this product does not come in an instant as you need to wait for a couple of days to enjoy the outcome. Cuticle repair is now easier than ever. The Vitae Love Your Cuticles also won’t damage your manicures and will not soften any nail acrylics. It doesn’t dissolve polish unlike other cuticles you can buy in stores nowadays.

Sally Hansen Problem Cuticle Remover

This product right here is the Sally Hansen Problem Cuticle Remover. This item boasts of an aloe formula that quickly removes any thick, overgrown cuticles which may seem hard to manage. It has a balance pH formula that can dissolve your cuticle problems in no time. The world-class quality ingredients used to make this product guarantees to give your nails a visibly smoother, healthier looking cuticles. Your package will come in 2 natural wood manicure sticks that you can use to push back hard to remove dead cuticles. However, the product may do its work but you should be careful in using them as they cannot be left on your nails for more than 8 minutes and is definitely not good for daily use. It also dispense thick globs of the formula so it’s kind of hard to control.

This product is best for those who hires a manicurist to do the cleaning for them. It’s easy to purchase as it is relatively one of the cheapest cuticle remover you can find in the market. Sally Hansen as we all know does a line of amazing nail products and this one right here will not disappoint. You should definitely pick this one out if you’re actually heading to the salon to get your nails done.

Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover

A lot of nail spa and salons heavily relied on this product for fast and effective cuticle removing solution, and a lot of customers are also very happy about the results. The Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover is one of those you that won’t interest you, but you’ll regret not considering it afterwards. It comes in a cute little bottle that is enough for multiple applications. This product keeps your nails protected and hydrated, while protecting it from extremely painful hangnails.

This product comes in a little bit pricier for its size but it does more than what you pay for. The Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover acts like an exfoliating agent that softens hard, stubborn cuticles while removing all the rough stuff around your nail bed for a healthier looking nail. All you need to do is do one hand at a time, apply the Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover on your nails and wait for the cuticle to soften. Simply wipe and you’re good to go. The product gently removes away the dead cuticles on your nails leaving it nourished and moisturized. It is amazing in working on thick cuticles but is ultimately gentle for any skin and nail type. You’re getting a professional-quality product in every purchase of the Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover.

Esteemia Cuticle Away Remover

To use the Esteemia Cuticle Away Remover, you just have to spread the formula around your nails for 45 seconds and then push away all the dead skin cells and dry cuticles around it with the pusher. This product may land last on our list but it’s definitely worth trying. You can also scrub your hands with a soap and brush after using the product, so your hands feel and look younger and healthier. It can even solve even the worst cases of drying cuticles.

If you’re fed up with paying fortunes at a nail salon, you can definitely get the same effect and result of a spa treated nails with the Esteemia Cuticle Away Remover. You can have supple soft nails and fingers! It’s also very effective for calluses and protects your nails from painful hangnails. Convenience and affordability are the game of this item.


You must understand why you’re looking for a cuticle remover and once you’re done learning the basics about it, you can go shop for your own cuticle remover. However, before you do any clicks and picks, you should know exactly what you’re looking for so that you won’t regret buying something you won’t ever use. First, consider your budget as some cuticle remover may require you to pay a fortune for quality you can get. Second, if you have skin conditions, you may want to avoid products that can trigger allergic reactions. These products usually has harmful chemicals that may put your skin in danger. Look for products with natural ingredients as they are better in making your nails look younger and healthier.

Given the list above, you now have several amazing choices on which product to take and why you should consider the product. Weigh your options, assess your needs and assert your final decision, a great cuticle remover can serve you depending on your use and storage, so be wise. The choice is still yours to make. The best cuticle remover depends on your intuition. You can always switch from one to another, as long as you’re not satisfied with results. Keep trying, start your wonderful nail journey by picking any of the items above!

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