Best Cycling Gloves Reviews 2017

Cycling is an art that requires great gears for you to get the most out of your cycling experience. Cycling gloves are one of the most important gear that a cyclist needs. It protects the hands and fingers from possible impact and injuries while on harsh roads. There are different kinds of cycling gloves, others are very absorbent and soft while some are extremely tough and has longer durability.

If you’re on the lookout for the best pair of cycling gloves, you’ve come to the right place. Below is our list of the top performing cycling gloves in the market.

Andyshi Men’s Winter Outdoor Cycling Glove Touchscreen Gloves for Smart Phone

This product right here is a cyclists’ favorite pick. The Andyshi Men’s Winter Outdoor Cycling Glove is one of those cycling gloves that are versatile enough to be used more than just a cycling glove. It is considered to be one of the perfect gloves for general daily use. The materials used in this pair of gloves are specialized nylon taslon, a fabric that can be used for a long time. This material is made of top-notch quality materials and has special features that you will surely love. The nylon taslon fabric is windproof, easily dries and has a breathable quality that won’t let your hands soak wet from nasty sweat.

The comfort that the Andyshi Men’s Winter Outdoor Cycling Glove is more than enough for you to pick this item. As the name implies, this product can be used in winter or in any season, it is tough and durable. It keeps your hands and fingers warm and dry so that you won’t need to worry about it being sticky from perspiration. This high quality cycling gloves will allow you to enjoy your sport in the best possible way while keeping you protected from harmful hand and finger injuries. The price range is also a plus point for the Andyshi Men’s Winter Outdoor Cycling Glove as it is not too cheap and neither too expensive.

Giro Bravo Gloves

A lot of cyclists are interested with this new cycling gloves from Giro. The Giro Bravo Gloves is attracting a good number of potential users because of its quality and toughness. If you’re eyeing on getting a good gloves to support your cycling needs, then this product is definitely a must for you. The Giro Bravo Gloves is made of breathable mesh that is easy on your hands and won’t strain them even when worn for a long time. You also get added extra feature with a low profile Velcro closure that secures your gloves in place. This product can be worn for other sports that may require a pair of gloves too, it isn’t only meant to be used for cycling but for other sports and performances as well. The Giro Bravo Gloves comes with a three panel design, making it unique among others. It has a sonic welded pull tab for easy use.

If you’re looking for cycling gloves that is easy to wear and very comfortable to the hands, choose the Giro Bravo Gloves. You will never be worrying about your hands while you enjoy cycling with this innovative product. It simply does its work, protecting your precious fingers and hands from possible injuries.

Vbiger Cycling Gloves For Men And Women

This product is another popular gloves among cyclists and sports enthusiast. The Vbiger Cycling Gloves For Men And Women can support all your glove needs. What’s best about the product is that it comes in different shades and colors that would definitely suit your cycling gear no matter how it looks. There are a lot of great reviews about the Vbiger Cycling Gloves For Men And Women, maybe because it is really one of the best products out in the market. If you’re looking for an everyday use gloves that won’t wear out easily, then you can pick the Vbiger Cycling Gloves For Men And Women.

The Vbiger Cycling Gloves For Men And Women is made from high quality synthetic and has a classic design that can make a statement. It is best used by recreational cyclists who loves using ordinary gloves with pads. The Vbiger Cycling Gloves For Men And Women is optimized by a gel padding that would keep your fingers and hands comfortable even in long wears. It also has a moisture-absorption feature and a 4-way stretching breathable mesh that won’t allow your hands to be soaking wet from perspiration. What’s best about the Vbiger Cycling Gloves For Men And Wome is that it can also be used as a microfiber cloth for wiping fogged surfaces like your eye gear or camera. The product is ergonomically built to be the best cycling gloves you can ever own.

Zookki Half Finger Cycling Gloves

The Zookki Half Finger Cycling Gloves definitely deserve as spot on our list. This highly unique cycling gloves provide incomparable comfort compression for cycling and other sports enthusiasts. The product is made of top-notch microfiber leather that makes it a great fit for the user. If you’re looking for a cycling glove that is elastic, breathable and can absorb moisture without having to smell awful, then you should definitely go for the Zookki Half Finger Cycling Gloves. It guarantees you optimum comfort and maximum protection from possible hand and finger injury. To add, the palm fabric used in this item is skip-proof and cannot be worn out easily. It has a thick palm pad that is shock-resistant so you will now have to say goodbye to the numbing feeling you get when you ride on bumpy rocky roads.

These cycling gloves are priced relatively lower compared to others on our list but they can give you the exact same high-quality from those you can purchase with a hundred grand. The special fabric on the back side of the thumb is made to aid you in wiping off sweat and liquids. The reflective grips on the product also makes it easy to be seen.

Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Gloves

The Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Gloves are one of those daily use gloves that are well-loved by cyclists and other sports enthusiasts. This product carries a lot of amazing benefits for its users. The Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Gloves is designed with specialized quality materials like top-notch PVC, polyester, cotton and nylon. These materials are tried and tested to provide the wearer with utmost comfort and ease on hands. The Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Gloves also has a superfine fabric that is slip-resistant so you’re assured that your hands stays secured in place while you ride.What the product boasts about is their 5mm gel palm pads that give you an extra buffer layer which provides relief from palm fatigue during long rides and long wears. On the backhand sides of the product is a mesh cloth that doesn’t allow sweat to be accumulated in your hands, releases them and cools your fingers and hands so that they stay fresh throughout your cycling journey.

If you’re interested, the thump cloth that the product carries can help you wipe away perspiration. It is washable and easy to maintain. Plus, the velcro locks on these cycling gloves will allow you to take them off easily without hassle.

Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Glove

What this product boasts of is its hook and loop closure system that makes the cycling glove stay secured on the rider’s hands. The Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Glove has a soft low-profile wiping surface on the thumb which makes it very easy to put on and off. This product is the epitome of a practical cycling gloves as it isn’t priced too high and neither is it too low. The Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Glove has an easy removal tab and a gel padding that stretches out over sensitive hand nerves so that wearer is assured of extreme comfort. This product is made from synthetic leather that is soft and cushy but can last longer than normal cycling gloves would do. It also has a polyester, nylon and polyurethane properties making the Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Gloves wind and weather proof.

The Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Glove also has a stretchable spandex feature than is easy on the hands and gives the user the best fit. This product can be used everyday and can be used for several other sports apart from cycling. It provides top-notch comfort and world class injury protection, guaranteeing users that their hands and fingers are safe with the product. The Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Gloves’ design will surely interest anyone who gets to see the product.

FIRELION Unisex Outdoor Gel Touch Screen Cycling Gloves

The FIRELION Unisex Outdoor Gel Touch Screen Cycling Gloves is something out of the ordinary. It has a gel padding gloves that are uniquely designed to give the user full coverage and optimum comfort while allowing minimal hand fatigue during short and long rides. The product is also touchscreen friendly so you won’t have to worry about using your phone even while you’re using the cycling gloves. These features allow users to have the best possible convenience in communicating without the need to remove the product from their hands. The FIRELION Unisex Outdoor Gel Touch Screen Cycling Gloves also prevents hand numbness on bumpy roads with its innovative technology.

This product is made from micromatrix synthetic leather that is both soft and tough. It works like an absorbent cotton that prevents sweat from soaking your fingers and hands. Brush away perspiration easily with the FIRELION Unisex Outdoor Gel Touch Screen Cycling Gloves’ soft absorbent thumbs. Made from breathable fabric, this product guarantees you of an enjoyable ride, be it long or short, while protecting your fingers and hands from possible damages caused by injuries. The FIRELION Unisex Outdoor Gel Touch Screen Cycling Gloves is as essential as your helmet so you probably should get one for yourself.

Giro Monaco Gloves

Here comes the Giro Monaco Gloves. This product is one of the best products from Giro. The Giro Monaco Gloves uses super fit engineering that gives users a contoured shape even before putting the gloves on. Your knuckles and palms are protected from hurting. Wrap your fingers around your bicycle bars and you’ll feel better about the Giro Monaco Gloves. This product is also made of Pittards leather for the palm and the heel and outside portion of the product carries a Technogel padding that alleviates pain and discomfort, so as numbness during long rides. The back of the gloves are strategically stitched in a breathable manner.

The Giro Monaco Gloves also comes with a hook and loop security and it simply is one of the best cycling gloves out in the market. This product has an elastic fiber that is designed to provide maximum grip without decreasing comfort. The nerve pressures are also safe with the Giro Monaco Gloves as it guarantees users the best protection from hand strain and fatigue. Better air permeability is also one of the best features of the Giro Monaco Gloves. If you’re looking for a pair of affordable cycling gloves that will make cycling an enjoyable experience for you, then pick the Giro Monaco Gloves as your top choice.


The main reason why you’re looking for a cycling glove is because you want to keep your fingers and hands protected from any injury while riding. But apart from that, these gears will also protect you from harsh weather conditions and will definitely give you the better grip on your bike. A pair of cycling gloves is thin and flexible enough to do a lot more than what regular hand gloves can. So while you’re at it, make sure that you pick the best cycling gloves for yourself. Remember that fit is the key, and that price should always be your last problem. As long as it gives justice to what it’s worth, a cycling glove is always a great investment.

With those items on this list in mind, you are now ready to take a pick and enjoy longer, more comfortable rides with your own cycling gloves. Be vigilant about knock-offs of these items as they will not serve you well. Purchase these products only from trusted sellers.

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